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Gaki no Tsukai - Where can I buy them?

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Mr. Nerd

2:56 am, Oct 26 2016
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I've been trying to find the 24 hours Batsu games that they hold every year on Bluray/DVD but to no avail. What Amazon offers is not what I want... Since it's just not enough, which is why I'm wondering if there's anyone that know of a way to get a hold of them. Either by legally streaming(buying them officially, or through a Netflix-like media) or legally downloading them(such as when you buy a movie on Google Play) as I do not have a DVD/BlueRay-reader except for my PS4. If anyone knows of a provider of such a service I'd greatly appreciate it. (Also since Japan and Europe seems to be in the same region, Region 2, it should be fine to order directly from Japan as long as it's eng-subs.)

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