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No 4K on 50PUT6400 when connected to computer

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9:26 am, Oct 27 2016
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I recently bought a Philips 50PUT6400 TV.
I connected it to my computer through HDMI 1.
The computer recognizes the Philips FTV, but allows only 1920X1080 resolution.
Tried different connections on the TV and on the graphics card, different cables, still same result.

My computer:
CPU: i7
Memory: 32Gb RAM
OS: Windows 10 Professional
Graphics: AMD FirePro W7000 (4Gb RAM) - 4 Display Port connectors, one of which already supports a 27" Dell 4K monitor.

I am using HDMI to DP cables, so no in-between connectors that can degrade the signal.

I am using the TV as a monitor for my entire studio stuff to see what I'm doing, so it is essential for my workflow.

Help will be appreciated.

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3:10 pm, Oct 27 2016
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You're probably better off getting tech support on a tech-specific website, as there would be a lot more knowledgeable people there

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