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Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

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7:29 am, Nov 12 2016
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If you are from US and think the US election result by electoral collage is wrong as the winner Trump is not the winner by popular vote. Clinton beats him by more than a half a million by popular vote. Then please sign this petition so electors get to vote by popular vote instead of state. utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

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9:58 am, Nov 12 2016
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You are naive and stupid.

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12:23 pm, Nov 12 2016
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Sharing this comic I found because I think positivity is really important in times when people are genuinely and rightfully afraid for their lives, their loved ones, and their country. tional-week-i-wanted-to-share#notes

Kudos to you for spreading the word. Even if the electoral college doesn't change its verdict, we gotta remember to stick together. smile

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12:24 pm, Nov 12 2016
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What a bunch of sore losers.

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12:47 pm, Nov 12 2016
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you cant change the outcome anymore......just accept reality

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2:23 pm, Nov 12 2016
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Too bad this election was truly a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. As a foreigner I'm glad that the douche won. Here's hoping that the douche, with Putin, will destroy the whole fuckin' Middle East.

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Seinen is RIGHT

3:30 pm, Nov 12 2016
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The US deserves what it got this year, the system may need to be ripped apart before it can rebuild. South Park predicted it all last year though (but they did expect Hillary to win in the end):

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Post #685619 - Reply to (#685615) by residentgrigo
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4:39 pm, Nov 12 2016
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I understand your frustration, but I hope you're referring to the people who voted for Trump or refrained from voting and not, say, people like the Muslim American women who voted for Clinton as if their lives depended on it and are now afraid of wearing their hijab in public. -.- Over half of the people who voted, and over a quarter of our population that's eligible for voting, made the saner choice.

Also, voter suppression is, unfortunately, a policy of our Republican party. Case in point: voter ID laws in Republican-dominated Texas allow citizens with gun permits to vote, but student IDs are a no-no. All the more to keep left-leaning youngsters out.

Ripping apart an established system and rebuilding may work for countries like post-WWII Japan and Germany, but those two countries had factors like homogeneity (esp in the case of Japan), a people accustomed to deference to authority, and lots of outside aide ($$$) working in their favor. Oh, and a people very tired of war. Can't say the same for America.

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Piss Ant

5:49 pm, Nov 12 2016
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The electoral college is there to make it very difficult to rig a presidential election, popular vote will never be used to determine presidency. Period. It's not going to happen no matter how many tearful, butthurt college kids you get to sign it. It's shitty, but we got the president we got. Respect the system in which we choose and give this giant orange asshole a chance. If you kids knew politics AT ALL, you'd know to take what nominees say during the campaign with a grain of salt. For example, back in 2008 Obama was running on shutting down Guantanamo Bay and pulling out every soldier from the Middle East (or at least Iraq and Afghanistan). Never happened. What seems like a wholly good idea may be more complicated than it seems and what seems like an awful idea may have a more positive outcome than previously predicted.
Americans made their own bed and now they have to sleep in it. Nothing is going to happen by crying about the outcome. Quit acting like children and get on with your lives. You people are acting like death squads will come for minorities laugh laugh

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5:59 pm, Nov 12 2016
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As a student of an elite university that celebrates diversity, the response of people around me was fairly dismal (some professors even cancelled class), but after that initial shock, the belief is that we have to stand strong in the face of the number of Trump supporters who applaud his racist and sexist personality, and to make America great again by ourselves.

Yes, it is 4 years, and while that may seem like both a long and time short in some people's minds, it is important that we [Americans] continue to fight for our beliefs, and for greater equality. I am not particularly concerned that Trump will destroy the nation, for instance, but I am concerned that already there are people ostracizing others due to all the above race/gender/religious/sexual orientation, and that is not okay. So while many may be sad at the events of this historic year, I do not think the pledge can do much. We just have to wait and see what Trump plans to do.

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The Kuudere

1:28 am, Nov 13 2016
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Trump is the president and there is nothing you can do about it.

No matter how much petitions you make Clinton isn't going to be the president.

Sorry, but this is reality.

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1:31 am, Nov 13 2016
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Although I don't think the electoral college system will be eliminated any time soon, I think that it could happen in the future. This has happened 4 times already where the popular vote went to the losing candidate.

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2:32 am, Nov 13 2016
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First...that half a million votes equates to a 1% difference in votes, whereas the electoral votes is about a 21% difference. But even ignoring this, if a petition is to actually work, you would need petition levels comparable to those that actually voted in the election, meaning 100 million votes or more. If you think a 1% difference in popular vote is ignoring the wishes of the people, then what is 4.5 million people signing this petition (if it can even get that many) compared to over 300 million people? More importantly, the petition cannot be done online unless it can be PROVEN that every person who signed the petition is an american citizen and not someone from a foreign country weighing in. This means you're far better off going door to door getting signatures rather than pandering online. Lastly, EVEN IF a petition somehow manages to get enough proven american signatures, it won't make Hillary president. AT BEST it could call for an official referendum to redo the election.

Post #685667 - Reply to (#685625) by That3rdGuy
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2:59 am, Nov 13 2016
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Quote from That3rdGuy
If you kids knew politics AT ALL, you'd know to take what nominees say during the campaign with a grain of salt. For example, back in 2008 Obama was running on shutting down Guantanamo Bay and pulling out every soldier from the Middle East (or at least Iraq and Afghanistan).

Quote from That3rdGuy
Americans made their own bed and now they have to sleep in it. Nothing is going to happen by crying about the outcome. Quit acting like children and get on with your lives. You people are acting like death squads will come for minorities

You're equating shutting down a torture facility and ending a war with...

- A candidate who complained that water boarding isn't tough enough
- A candidate who called for surveillance of American Muslims, not ruling out specially required IDs, and banning immigration until some unspecified period
- A candidate who wants to deport 11 million + undocumented immigrants, something that would require 15,000 arrests every day for two years and would rely heavily on racial profiling and the sacrifice of basic human rights in order to accomplish
- A candidate who chose a vice presidential running mate that wants to redirect federal dollars from Planned Parenthood to LGBT+ conversion therapy

Okay. roll eyes

Also, the problem is that Trump's most rowdy supporters take what he says very seriously and are already harassing and assaulting others (often lone women of whatever group they happen to despise...) in his name. Most people aren't dumb enough to begin worrying about their quality of life only until execution squads begin mobilizing, but I guess your complacent ass is an exception.

I don't think Trump is going to be able to follow through with many of the (few) policies he actually established during his candidacy, mainly because they are flat-out unconstitutional and the ACLU is already ready to pounce on his ass if he tries anything, but I worry about the ultra-conservative judges he plans to put into our supreme court over the next four years. And the filth he currently has lined up to fill his cabinet positions, who are very much apart of the "establishment" his voting base loathes.

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8:21 am, Nov 13 2016
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Also: Trump has the backing of a Republican-controlled Senate and House. The first time in decades. He has the power to pass whatever laws he want, in contrast to Obama who had to work with a Republican-controlled Congress who hated all Democrats on principle. Like, I'm also not a fan of Obama, especially his foreign policy, but even I can admit that the responsibility also lies with our Congress who hated him.

I'm hoping that the moderate Republicans will stick to their guns and continue to oppose Trump like they did during his campaign, but it already seems like that's just a pipe dream. Already, most of them are toeing the party line and taking back their previous disagreements. It's disheartening to see just how partisan America really is.

Honestly, though, as much as I dislike the electoral college, I don't think a petition will do much to change anything. Generating popular support is important, but what we really need is to target the government directly. We need to contact our congressional representatives (or even our local government) and urge them against complacency. Even if we can't fight the electoral college, we can still fight Trump's policies. Get our state/local government to enact better environmental management laws, knowing that Trump won't. Try and convince Republican delegates to be more bipartisan and vote against the worst of Trump's racist policies. There's still a lot we can do, even if this petition doesn't pan out.

(And while I can't imagine Trump being at all competent in government, Pence seems scarily politically savvy. And also just plain scary in his politics. We need to do our best to stop his policies from becoming reality.)

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