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Will I still like 7 Seeds even if I hate multiple povs?

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1:36 pm, Dec 4 2016
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I most absolutely adored Tamura Yumi's manga, Basara. It is probably my favorite manga of all times, which is why I decided to read her other works. But, the whole multiple protagonists thing with 7 seeds is throwing me off a little. the story seems very interesting, but I don't like having to root for or focus on more than one or two main characters. The story seems interesting enough, but do you think I would like 7 Seeds if I gave it a shot? also, I am not for the whole love polygon. I like love triangles, but not huge, complicated love polygons. But I'm thinking of giving it a try since ppl ,say that the plot and characters are good. What do you think?

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2:52 pm, Dec 4 2016
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Well, from what I gather, your main concerns are:
Multi-protagonist story:- it'll actually make you understand each character's background and context and put things in perspective. Initially, you stick to one group at a time, so you won't feel like you're suddenly being thrown off when the switch does happen. In any case, rather than a hindrance, this'll be a boon as you'll see later when their stories intertwine.
Love-polygon:- There is no love polygon, only people coming together to appreciate and love and cooperate with each other in mostly platonic manner. There may be crushes, or people you want to ship, but the story itself is NOT one of polygons. "Romance/Love" is not the centre of this story, but only a complement.

Lastly, it will certainly help expand your genre universe and you'll be willing to take more risks with your choice and not stick to stereotypical stories. smile

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12:42 am, Jan 12 2017
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I think you worry too much, while it's true that 7 seeds have relatively huge pool of main characters, there are few major ones who get into spotlight the most. I also have this tendency to skip some chapters (I ended up reading the whole thing though) that don't show my favorite characters, but I find that even stories about characters that I don't like could be interesting.

About the love polygon, I don't think there is such thing in 7 seeds. This is not a deep romance story like Basara was, mainly because the characters are mainly concerned about their own survival rather than building some romance story. There barely is a romantic scene until later on so rest assure.

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2:04 am, Jan 12 2017
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I think 7 seeds is a wonderful and deeply immersive series. There are multiple POVs but it doesn't usually switch around every chapter, you usually get a whole arc about one group and then it switches to another. Also, I would say there are like 3-4 main characters with other characters getting short leads occasionally. In the beginning it might seem overwhelming since there are so many characters that each get a detailed personality and background but as you read the series and you begin to recognize the characters it all meshes together well. It's a lot like Basara in that way.

As for love polygons as the others have said their isn't really any drama about romance in the series. Maybe a tiny bit way later on. There is one devoted couple and some other feelings here and there but it is rarely the focus. I'd say the major tension comes from wanting the seperated groups to meet up, and wondering how they are going to overcome obstacles.

I look forward to finding out what happens in every chapter even though it is so long. However, if I wasn't so impatient I might wait until the whole series was finished because there are many many cliffhangers.

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7:21 am, Jan 12 2017
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I understand your concern with the multiple protagonists in 7 Seeds. I personally dislike having multiple protagonists in a story as well and I'll admit there are still portions of 7 Seeds I don't care for simply because I don't care for the character the story is following at those points.

All that said, I like 7 Seeds a lot and would still recommend it. It may not be as high up on my list of favourites as Basara, but even so it's on my list of favourites. As others have said, the pov doesn't change constantly but more or less goes an arc with a character before switching and there are only a handful of characters that it centers on. Basically, I think you should give it a shot though it is very different from Basara, so if you aren't enjoying it after reading some, there's no harm in stopping.

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3:59 pm, Jan 12 2017
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so hurm
i mean
why not
here is an idea
try reading it... on any of the 100of sites that you can read manga online from
andi f u like it
you like it
and then if you like the first 2 volumes
buy it or whatever
if you hate it
stop reading it

it takes like 20 minutes maybe 30 since its shoujo and a wordy mangaka
to read 1 volume
why not just give it a chance and decide urself

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Seinen is RIGHT

4:08 pm, Jan 12 2017
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You won´t like the manga if you can´t care about having half a dozen protagonists of near equal importance and others occasionally being focused on in specific chapters.
You also get multiple (lengthy) flashbacks, without 1 to 1 carryover to the present in term of charters. This is basically Lost the manga and her best work. 8,5/10
(Why am i not surprised that a certain member has no idea how demographics work and clearly didn´t read the manga. This one is slow to read at times. )

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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