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Incest stories that actually have an incest couple ending

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2:47 am, Jan 21 2017
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At least look into the other ones I recommended.

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5:49 am, Jan 21 2017
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One of my favorite genre hahaha. Because the series have been said by many, maybe oneshot? Some that I really love

Kago no Naka - a chapter
I reallllllly love this. Beautiful art and such a twist.

Nanadome no Gomenne - a chapter
I like it, but the truth was quite fucked up and sad

Ani no Chuukoku - some chapters

Btw, I just can't grasp cousin x cousin to be incest just as much as sibling x sibling like many westerners (or just USA?) thought... Where I live, marrying cousin is totally legal (by country's law or religion), so... I just never count that as incest... Japan also doesn't count that as incest AFAIK.

Doesn't mean that no one here thinks their cousin as their siblings though, most people do thought of them like that, so am I. Surely we will "ewww" when we were told we would marry him/her, but the level of "ewww" is just on the level of when someone told you to marry a friend/best friend/other people you've been thought of as family, not on the level of "ewww it's incest, forbidden by law, etc WTH!!!". Hmmm hard to explain that...

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12:45 pm, Jan 22 2017
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No one metion OreImo?

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