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New Poll - Dere

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3:23 am, Dec 18 2016
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nondere! xD

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3:53 am, Dec 18 2016
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Where's my "none" option?
Where's my "I prefer characters with actual depth" option? laugh

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4:19 am, Dec 18 2016
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Yandere all the way xD

Post #686794 - Reply to (#686775) by Sogno
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4:24 am, Dec 18 2016
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Yandere is love, yandere is life!

Post #686795 - Reply to (#686769) by residentgrigo

5:58 am, Dec 18 2016
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Quote from residentgrigo
Only Kuu, Tsu and Yan can be counted as "actual" tropes. The rest are TV tropes rubbish.

Don't go talking baseless rubbish about TV tropes!
TV tropes just has pages on kuu, tsun, yan and dan.
All real and valid tropes. I don't see what the problem with dandere is supposed to be.

They have nothing on goudere (which appears to be just the one character, and thus not notable), kamidere (again, just the one character, and doesn't even describe any character traits. Though your link includes it, it has no place there), mayadere (which is an interesting sub-type of tsundere. A fully valid trope, IMO)
The page you also mentioned un-dere... That's just deredere.
Oujidere... Is that even a thing? I don't know that I've ever encountered it.
Himedere... That's just an ojou-sama/hime, who is a bit tsundere. The hime part, has nothing to do with the -dere aspect of things.

As to "Coodere"...
I tried looking it up, but the only descriptions I found, were all the IDENTICAL copy pasted description, that describes various -dere forms, including what is obviously kuudere, just spelled with a C.
It's quite absurd that this description of various -dere types, is often presented as a description of just "coodere"
...and, at least once, had Haruhi as an image illustrating "coodere", despite the fact that the description actually refers to her as tsundere.

You know that shit went of the rails if people as me have too look up "fan-terms".

"Fan terms"?
What, like "fourth wall", "Damsel in distress" and countless other essential terms, that one needs to know, to properly talk about fiction?

These terms are created to be able to properly explain, understand and speak about works of fiction.
To dismiss them, because they are invented by fans (as these terms almost exclusively are) is ridiculous.
Any course on film, theatre, and/or literature, requires that you learn such terms (well, not so much manga/anime specific terms, as yet, due to a lack of academic study, of those media forms, but...)

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Screaming Fangirl

9:00 am, Dec 18 2016
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Yandere as long as he's the seme in a yaoi manga.

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9:43 am, Dec 18 2016
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Well, just your normal regular average people. Those, who can put on a casual front subconsciously without any effort on their regular interactions, which should be their normal for them.

Well if that's not possible then Kuudere maybe...but, I'm still doubtful of my type here. So, not voting for the time being.

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Post #686805 - Reply to (#686768) by RoxFlowz
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2:42 pm, Dec 18 2016
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I doubt Misaka would be categorized as Tsundere, really.

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2:45 pm, Dec 18 2016
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Coodere is the most normal out of all of those. I practically hate all those characters, and whenever I see a Tsundere I drop the manga to the void. Really hate those mtrfkrs tsunderes.


7:44 pm, Dec 18 2016
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NO-dere is the best sadly this option is not available smile

Post #686811

10:37 pm, Dec 18 2016
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Probably my favorite type is a Mild Yandere (as long as they dont kill the MC or go completely insane in the end lol) just nice to see a super devoted chick and makes the story interesting. Though i am quickly starting to like the newer mayadere cause its an interesting dynamic to win over a villian or someone who was trying to kill you at first. lol i dont know i just like the more interesting deres now. Dandere and Kuudere are nice to see sometimes if its not too overly done. Dont know much about goudere and coodere.
Lastly Tsundere is just the most overly done and annoying one to me at this point. I only like a few of that where they actually show more "dere" side then the "tsun" side cause a lot of the current tsunderes are the opposite. They are usually like 80% Tsun and straight up act horrible or abusive to the MC most of the time. It may be for comedic use some time but to me its still not to enjoyable sometimes.


2:47 am, Dec 19 2016
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To everyone who has no idea what these terms mean please visit the below links and maybe you would find out.


Just because only one character exists for the Goudere type doesn't mean it doesn't count. I know multiple people who adore this dere type.

Just because your favorite Dere type is not on here or the "None " option is not on there doesn't mean you have to complain about it.

With that out of the way, sorry for the mini rant, but I had to let it out, I am sorry xD.

Also, the maker of the poll, Homura_Heart, did nothing, but suggest an innocent poll that asked what your favorite Dere type was.
She did Nothing, but yet you guys are bashing her for suggesting a poll you guys didn't have to vote on or comment on.
If you have no idea what these tropes/personalities/archetypes/whatever are then why bother voting for it or commenting in it. You are just making yourself look stupid and immature.

First of all, all of these are real tropes and they do exist in anime.
If you actually did research instead of just searching up one of the terms, finding just a picture of a character that was not that dere type, and coming back here complaining about it all of you are just a bunch of whiny babies.

Note: I am not trying to be rude >.<

Finally, have a nice day and stop getting ticked off because you happen to not know any of the terms mentioned. I am sorry, but get over out.

- Lily

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The Kuudere

3:23 am, Dec 19 2016
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My favorite would have to be " Coodere ".
I like Coodere because they are far more interesting than any other dere type ( or archetype ) I have seen.

A Coodere is basically a character that can be nice at times, or cold at times with a rude side in them.
I am super sorry everyone confused it for a Kuudere.

Also, I am very sorry for not including Deredere or Yangire.
I kind of forgot about them xD.

" I might be cold, but I do have emotion "
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6:18 am, Dec 19 2016
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Just to make sure I am understanding Goudere right. Basically someone who loves you and is willing to rope others into loving so you gain a harem? like momo deviluke from to love-ru

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Post #686848 - Reply to (#686831) by Draega20

7:49 pm, Dec 19 2016
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Quote from Draega20
Just to make sure I am understanding Goudere right. Basically someone who loves you and is willing to rope others into loving so you gain a harem? like momo deviluke from to love-ru


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