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is anyone else annoyed???

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Post #191155 - Reply to (#173488) by ffleur
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10:28 am, Aug 15 2008
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I agree with maka and ffleur.

Well, if some of you really think it's still DRAGGY even after reading it in a whole chunk and still find it boring.
It would seem you really are impatient or just don't love the manga or you're just FORCED to read it.

I for one am a HUGE fan of this manga.
I always ALWAYS wait for the next chapter.
Even after learning about the anime...because I love the series too much, I've deprived myself of sleep just to know more about what I can find about the upcoming anime.
That would seem weird to some...but hey, you don't call an otaku an "otaku" for nothing.
If you really REALLY like this series -- of course it's normal to get annoyed coz of the slow pace of the story -- but still enjoy it and LOVE it unconditionally.

I agree to some that the way Nakamura-sensei develops the characters' personality in a realistic way is very nice.
This is one of the things I like about this series.
It would never grow old...not like some manga that would immediately realize their feelings for the guy/girl in a chapter or two...(I've read sooo many that it really is cliche and I'm tired of that) and NO character development at all!

You also can't expect the girl to immediately fall for the in real life, it takes time...sometimes, girls can even be slow, or doesn't know much about love at all.

Nakamura-sensei's also doing these seemingly, useless(to some) arcs, and dragging a bit because she wants Kyoko to fill the gap of the months until she can finally graduate from Love Me and debut. To fill the gap, she makes Kyoko develop her acting.
As far as I can see...the arc lately may seem slow (totally irritating xD), but it's ALL EXCITING at the same time! :'D
Hard-core fans of this series would most likely appreciate the hard work that the mangaka spent on this series.
I know I appreciate it, in a way that even though I've read this manga online, I'd buy all the volumes in any language I can find. xD
I dun care if I can understand it or not...but that's just how I love this series!

Plus...this is the ONLY manga I've read more than 10 times (actually I dunno how many times I've read it...but it's more than a dozen now...imagine after a few more months..xD)
So what I wanted to say clearly is...
if you LOVE the series like I do...(some of you may not know but there are a lot of hardcore fans of SkiBi out there)
You would most likely appreciate this manga even though it may seem to drag a lot.

//anyways..xD Ahh! Chapter 129 is going to be out on October! Dx I can't wait already...but...maybe I can do something to fill the gap until the next chapter and anime comes out. :'3//

PS. to tell the's hard for me when series as awesome like this ends soo quickly. D:
I'm glad it would still take awhile for this series to end.
Just hope they don't make the anime gay and end it in a STUPID way..if that were too happen...blood will be shed! LAWL xD

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5:37 am, Aug 21 2008
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yeah, I am getting annoyed because her relationship with Ren is going nowhere. I think after this many chapters, they could hurry up the plot a little more. I did like the arc they did with Sho and the Beagles, but the plot advancement kinda ended there. D: and I'm all caught up now, so I'm waiting forever for updates.

I AM excited for the anime, though. Hey- it may even become a live-action. :3

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8:04 pm, Sep 7 2008
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Okay...I am a DIE hard fan of Skip Beat! And I mean die hard. Everytime I go to a convention I try to get commissions of KyokoXRen...(don't always succeed because of the anti-fans)...I have tons of the pictures posted up on my walls and my own personal renditions of the characters. I've even written a fan fic or two with Skip beat as the theme. I love this series. I stalk this series. I eagerly buy up each licensed volume when it comes out, and have even ordered my favorite volumes in the original language because the licensed releases of those volumes wouldn't be for several months.

I love this series. There isn't anything about it that seems draggy to me. The only dragging part I can even think of is how long it seems to be between releases, which is no ones fault. I mean if the publishing magazine decided to wait a whole 'nother month to release the next chapter I shouldn't complain. (Chapter 129 due to release Oct. 4th).

I think that it may seem to drag if you read it one chapter at a time because you don't have that "flow" of reading it in bunches. I'm too eager for the next chapter to hold back and wait for a bunch of chapters to read. I look at the raws as soon as they come out and even though I have NO clue what it says I attempt to figure out what they are saying. And what is going on in the plot.

I'm really excited for the next few chapters and to see who else gets to interact withi Kyoko in this form. I keep hoping something happens with her family (her mother...heck even her father). Then again I also want more interaction with Ren and Shou. Even the Vie Ghoul guy Reine. Moko, Marie, Lory, Yashiro, etc. I mean there are so many possibilites and it keeps me on the edge of my seat.

I know not everyone feels this way, but I am an otaku and not ashamed to mention my addiction to this series. I guess maybe if you can relate really well to the plot theme that is accurring, you won't find that it is dragging on. I personally hope that is keeps going. I'd love for it to be the longest running Shoujo Series...(it won't be, but I always hope). It's already surpassed her Tokyo Crazy Paradise. I just hope it won't end abruptly with all the action and drama packed into a few chapters.

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7:11 am, Sep 20 2008
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hmm...i am starting to feel like it's dragging on....=__=
sorry to say, the beagle and sho arc, i didn't really care. it was all right but now, kyoko doesn't have that hatred she had for him in the, it's like, one of those 'friends' fight. (you know, in those shounen manga, where two friends are going to be rivals, and they're gonna be cool about it or something)....
really do not like Sho.......even though in the beagle and sho arc, he's much better than before but STILL. don't like him. -__-;;
sometimes, i think skip beat is like naruto. one chapter for naruto has about 17 pages, which usually just contains long, LONG thinking and flashbacks. so i feel like they are just dragging on with all of that.
skip beat feels like that sometimes. like, they're just putting some stuff in there to make more chapters.
but i still love skip beat. of course, the end of a chapter always leave you freaking hanging!

SORRY ; looks like I'm only into ninjas, shinigamis, wizards and alchemists.
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9:14 pm, Sep 20 2008
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I think the reason it feeling like it's dragging because only one chapter comes out each month- like we wait all month for 20 pages. Not as many people really got into the manga until it was already in it's 2nd or 3rd volume and more fans came on board with each volume- so there is more and more of us who got through the beginning in a flash and are just waiting each month. This is how I felt with Ouran High School Host Club- I became at fan when scans up to volume 8 or 9 came out (so I read through 8 volumes in one go) and ever since then, I've been waiting, chapter by chapter. The waiting kills the flow and makes me forget what happened in the last chapter to lead up to the next. When I think about Fruits Basket- which I read in one go- I don't know how people could have stood the wait.

Yes, at volume 20, it feels like Kyoko and Ren should have expressed their feelings for each other and be all lovey-dovey-especially when she managed to finish her previous series, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, with all it's action-packed goodness in 18 volumes. But that could be because we're so used to shoujo having the characters fall in love with each other so fast. I like how Skip Beat only allocates about 15% of the story to romance and love.

And I like how Nakamura is taking the time to explore Kyoko's different challenges in the acting industry and how that can help Kyoko discover things about herself. Though I do think the party-arc had too much of a space-filler quality, I really look to seeing this current arc pan out- where Kyoko has to put Ren's dad's wisdom into practice. And Kyoko's only 17- maybe Nakamura is thinking about her previous Tokyo Crazy Paradise characters being 13 and acting like hardcore 30 year olds involved in the underground society. Maybe she just wants Kyoko to be a 17 year old girl who is not-a-girl-but-not-yet-a-woman- with problems and solutions developing in REAL time.

And it is probably hard on Nakamura to think about how Ren and Kyoko will deal with love while in the entertainment industry. You know in Asia- fans prefer that their celeb idols are single and sometimes it's better for sales. Some entertainment comps even discourage dating. Unless Kyoko can establish herself solidly as an A-rated actress, i don't think she can think of Ren as more than a mentor and as a peer, with whom she can have a love relationship with. Or fans will accuse her of using Ren to get famous, etc.

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3:53 pm, Oct 3 2008
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Skip Beat is so unlike other shoujo's ant that's what make it what it is.

Sure, the party- arc was just a filler and a real bore. But now it is as great as ever. I love how Koyoko gets lost in her character. And I love the caring and protecive side of Ren.The perfect Ren is himself for not hitting on Kyoko, and Kyoko wouldn't be Kyoko if she suddenly realized her own feelings.

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10:17 pm, Oct 6 2008
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I will say that Skip Beat is one of the better long term shoujos. After 120 chapters i still want read, the characters are still strong and growing, plus it's still funny. The author [[in my view of things]] has a direction and a point that isn't simply not a girl. see girl. she sees boy. oh no! their hardships!! Love Conquers!!! And what i love is that there is no lets go to do a chapter that doesn't apply to the storyline at all but wait she learned to deepen his/her love. There is a little recently, like the birthday but i think that was just closing on maria's life and to have ren and koyoko relationship to grow....

What is dragging the story is not the story but the way it's told and it's interesting many people don't use it. But if you notice that many chapter are a set up to the next chapter... she does a whole chapter that can be summed up in one or two pages but i think it suits, it sucks [[because it take longer to get the point across]] but it suits

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12:35 pm, Oct 13 2008
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yup yup i agree the recent volumes seem to just drag you said the start was awesome and gave a very good first impression but lately i feel things have been pretty boring....hopefully the mangaka will spice up the story abit more in the future ^^

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5:53 pm, Oct 15 2008
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err. to be exact..I'm EXTREMELY annoyed with this manga. Apart from being draggy, I don't like the female character, she seems to overly react due to her revenge, and her innocence seems fake to me.
It was interesting at first, the plot is quite new, but this should be made as a drama rather than manga to me, how do I put it, the revengeful feeling is not well conveyed, instead it is made in to comedy with those "flying spirit", poster and dolls and seriously I cannot laugh. I'm not into the main guy character either, he has strong feelings for her yet restrains it, I think he will explode someday. I don't like Sho Fuwa either, but he seems more man
I stop reading it regularly, when I run out of things to it, I check it again, and again confirmed it is annoying for me
Just personal opinion

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3:32 pm, Oct 16 2008
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Well... if you really think that Skip Beat! is annoying, then why don't you just stop reading it? - Nobody will hinder you.
I think that every arc has its charme and why should the mangaka remove some when it actually is related to the story.

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7:17 pm, Oct 18 2008
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Not at all really. I'm loving how the mangaka is slowly showing us that the purpose of the story isn't really to get revenge on Shou as was first thought or to get together with Ren, but it's to help Kyoko find her true self and to do so through the creation of herself as a powerful actress. Nearly every arc has been devoted to some aspect of her honing or acquiring further skills in the business. And this latest one has been no different. In fact, what she's learning now is arguably one of the most important tools that she can use in her future career. So, for me, reading the latest chapters has been one of the more exciting times in the manga.

As for whether the story as a whole is starting to lose out in pacing, I'd say no. Maybe it's just because I've read a number of works that span at least 200 chapters, but each sidestory seems to have a definite purpose and necessity to fully create these characters into three dimensional beings. The time spent seems to be equal to their importance in this area. And, I've never felt that any pages or panels were being wasted.

I'm also not surprised that there has been a lack of confessing on the part of Kyoko or Ren. I mean, seriously, they spent how many pages showing us her naivete and his reticence/emotional trauma, but they are suddenly going to throw that all away without any further explanation for steamy makeouts? That's not good writing; it's just blatant fanservice that poor writers use to compensate for the fact that they don't know how to develop a character well.

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10:28 pm, Oct 18 2008
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Well said halfhearted, that's how I see it as well. But it seems that there are people who don't like it that way - why are they reading it then? Is there nothing else that they can waste their time with? - How can someone invest time in something that they don't even like? If they just got annoyed with the manga, then why don't they just stop reading it instead of making a huge fuss about what they don't like about it? - The magaka won't change it because of anyones criticism -- thank goddess! -- It's her manga afterall. ^^
Criticism is okay, but this topic "is anyone else annoyed?? ?" is just too much. Well I won't say a thing anymore to this mad
(this topic is just dragging on about nothing at all)

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6:37 am, Oct 23 2008
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i just want kyoko to get with ren already. i'ts taken way too long for them to develp feelings for each other and even though i love knowing what kyoko and ren do on an everyday basis, i really really REALLY want to see them getting steamy

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6:36 am, Nov 2 2008
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I totally agree that the manga just drags and dragggssss on forever. It's like, what, 20th volume, now? It's been cool and funny and all that at the beginning cuz we get to see all her cool acting abilities, but then the romance is so dull. The guy doesn't confess, like u said, and instead acted "sort of" like a parent to her.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Except the scene where they were on the kitchen floor. That scene was... well, exciting...
I think it's starting to get better when Kyoko meets the evil actress in 129..
I'm annoyed, yes, but I'm willing to read on. It seems as if the manga will sometimes gets really good, then slows down, then gets really good again. so...~~

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12:20 pm, Nov 23 2008
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Like what halfhearted said...
this series isn't really concentrating on Kyoko's revenge just coz it started from that...or her and Ren getting together.
But it was more of finding herself. Something she can be proud and was made by her own strength.

It may drag a bit but I'm not annoyed at the whole series just for that fact.

So I'm truly anticipating for more from this series and my favorite mangaka.

To those people who do NOT appreciate this series.
C'mon! You people who comment this series is stupid...please act like a grown-up, I can tell you're just saying this because you dunno anything about Skip Beat!.
Sure, maybe you've read a chapter or two or even a volume...
but that's not enough for you to criticize this series. (I know some people around here who reads series not even worth big points...and yet gives Skip Beat a score unworthy of it. Tsk tsk...all I can say is, you're NOT being fair AT ALL. -shakes head- You're nothing just coz you said Skip Beat! isn't worth the read. I've seen a LOT of guys read this series and love it to the point that they talk about it a lot and always stay in a forum about it. Nope, they're not homosexual either. O_o Pure men. -nods- They know how to appreciate a good story right in front of them...other than some out there... -shakes head-)

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