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Mx0 Ending

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From User Message Body
Post #168500

8:11 am, Jun 9 2008
Posts: 1

I hope there will be another season out asap.
I was actually quite shock knowing that is the ending.

Post #168505 - Reply to (#157524) by greydrak
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8:38 am, Jun 9 2008
Posts: 16

Quote from greydrak
Quote from dhika
actually i dont really care how this manga will end.. I like it that much. Which brings me to another point, why is it coming out so slowly like this? I want at least one or two chapters a day. Guess i'm just asking for the impossible. And that latest chapter! OMG!! so exciting.. hehe

Are you talking about scanlations or the actual real chapters?
Since well, the real chapters takes time to make and clean up, it's not that easy to do good quality 18-20 pages a day...scanlations are just whatever, it's based on the groups.

As for the series ending, I can sort of understand it being Mx0 ending since they've been going towards him getting actual magic lately. That sort of defeats the purpose of the Mx0 card so it is still possible for the series to go on but under a different name...
Either way, we'll have to wait and see how this goes.

It would be nice if this were true and we saw this coming to fruition under a new manga name. Otherwise we solve this the way we solved Evangelion in the past... old fashion death threats letters.

Which makes me ask an odd question as to why Rosario + Vampire needs a second season manga when its technically the same manga still?

Post #168628

8:53 pm, Jun 9 2008
Posts: 180

maybe they will make an anime that will finish the story biggrin not likely but would be good.

Post #168695

2:28 am, Jun 10 2008
Posts: 4

Gahhhh the ending was kinda rushed,lol obviously....but i have to say this is a VERY GOOD manga to read but is it true that the author's manga got kicked out of the weekly magazines in japan because its not popular resulting in an abrupt ending?? Or is it he just wanna start his new project?? If the reason was not because of the "got kicked out" thingy then im really pissed off lol because he could have gotten further until taiga's final year in seinagi and why would he wana start a new project when this is one of his best manga after pretty face so far and i doubt that its going to stay longer after he begin his new manga.

Well even if his new manga is likely to be better than this and us fans/readers are starting "to flow with his new rhythm" lol he will just ended it with the "shotgun" ending just like what he did to us in this manga lol coz thats what he does best, "making it cool and short" which im not amuse by it...damn he's so fortunate that im not his neighbour otherwise he's gonna keep hearing someone knocking on his window every midnight.

But if he really got kicked out then we should make our voice reach those bastard editors of the weekly magazine just because the author gets less "inside vote"(japanese people) doesnt mean that us "outside vote" (non-japanese people) dislike his work because im very confident that after reading thru all the forums about this manga in many websites we will sure pawned that "inside vote" lol but i doubt that our voice will reach him

OMG ive been typing too much dead

Post #171116
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5:52 am, Jun 19 2008
Posts: 224

I just finished this one up and, knowing it was a rush job, I was more or less satisfied with the ending. It was open ended, but pointed you in the direction enough to assume what happens after it ends.

I would have liked more conclusive relationship resolutions too, although the romance was really not too much of a focus in this story anyway. As far as following him on his road to the gold plate goes.... Meh I don't need, or really care to, see that.

It was a story about his life inside the magic world as a non magic user. To me the whole thing was about the clever ways he got out of situations without the magic. After he starts to use magic properly it would likely just turn into another typical shounen, "power up", title, so I think it's fine to end it with him starting to really learn magic.

Post #172409
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4:25 am, Jun 25 2008
Posts: 49

For as rushed as the ending was... I didn't feel completely let down...

You know... all I really wish for is the chance to send the author a message asking him how things would have turned out if he were allowed to continue, something deffinate so I don't have to wonder.

And I honestly wish that mangas would be distributed in the US at the same time as Japan so that our opinions would matter. Granted I read them free on-line... but only because I can't buy them. When they DO finally get translated and published over here, I always buy the series I enjoyed.

I forgot this existed... I'll keep it here for old time's sake.
Post #174311
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8:17 pm, Jun 30 2008
Posts: 2

too lazy to read through every page, but the feel of things is that the publisher decided to axe the series based on its limited success in japan, but they way it "ended" definately had a "to be continued" feel to it so maybe the artist is attempting to find another medium to continue the story on as there was an awful lot of character building and rather interesting plot it would be a waste to just see it scrapped as it was. anyways seeing how i had way too much time and just read it all over the weekend it seems the whole thing was over before i ever discovered it. this situation has left me in despair.

Can you tell I'm lazy yet?
Post #178324
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4:04 pm, Jul 12 2008
Posts: 1

a way to rush ending ;/
I hope this would contiune T.T
to show us more advance in their realationship,more goals to complete,to obtain the golden plate ,and help Aika to see her mother again ;;
I only hope for a continue...

Post #178834

11:13 pm, Jul 13 2008
Posts: 1

hmms checked out the artist of Mx0 on wiki and under Works u see a series named MP0 their is no info about it on wiki so could it be something that getting worked on or is it just a really old 1shot manga?

wiki link

Post #178835 - Reply to (#178834) by h0ran
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11:14 pm, Jul 13 2008
Posts: 2506

Quote from h0ran
hmms checked out the artist of Mx0 on wiki and under Works u see a series named MP0 their is no info about it on wiki so could it be something that getting worked on or is it just a really old 1shot manga?

wiki link

It's a really old oneshot. I've read it.

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Post #178841 - Reply to (#178324) by Sargey123
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The Coolest

11:33 pm, Jul 13 2008
Posts: 891

Quote from Sargey123
a way to rush ending ;/
I hope this would contiune T.T
to show us more advance in their realationship,more goals to complete,to obtain the golden plate ,and help Aika to see her mother again ;;
I only hope for a continue...

i feeel the same way...its too open-ended i thought...his trainin and its suppose to be for 1 year and than come how can it end wit him leavin and not gettin the Gold Card...for most of the manga his goal was to learn real magic and get the card...i cant believe it ended like that...i hope it has a Part 2 to it...hopefully in the future

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Post #179963

10:47 pm, Jul 16 2008
Posts: 320

I've read both sides of the argument, and both make sense. Now, it will kind of defeat the purpose if Taiga learns to use magic, since the title is Mx0. However, it's still possible to continue the story under a different title. Honestly, the way it ended kind of made it seem like it was the end. However, I would like to see a least a little more closure than that. Mainly, did he ever obtain the gold plate, and who did he end up with? That's something that can be answer by continuing the series (under a different name of course). Although it wouldn't be as interesting as seeing Taiga solving problems without magic, it would still make for a decent manga.

Post #186210

6:11 pm, Aug 2 2008
Posts: 1

Do u think they'll have a secand one where kuzumi make aika's wish to see her mom come true?

Post #187660
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9:21 am, Aug 6 2008
Posts: 91

SOMEONE please tell me its actually on hiatus...if DNAngel could do it, so can Mx0! (make a comeback that is)

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Post #191525

1:15 am, Aug 16 2008
Posts: 2

This is a great manga. It became one of my favourites (one of my other favourites so called, school rumble. similar rushed ending to both mangas, but at least school rumble z is continuing it biggrin) I really hope they continue this manga, new title or keep same old Mx0. Even though i haven't read most of the posts (too much ~.~) i agree with one of the posters saying that the author did a great job in the end, although he was in a rushed situation, giving him possibilities to start from where he left off.

This is one of the things i'm clinging onto for hope that this manga will continue on. All in all, this was a GREAT manga (in my opinion and others too) and i hope that this will continue till it reaches a more EPIC ending where conclusions will be met.

Hopefully, this thread will continue on while hoping for a continuation.

If there is a way to help (letters/petition/etc) get this manga continuing, i'd like to contribute my share (ill hopefully buy this series if i find it somewhere near me and when i get more money).

So POST anyway to help get this manga continuing! (im tired of rushed endings, makes me feel sad ~.~)

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