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3:19 am, Apr 30 2008
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From what i just read in the first 2 seemed to me Mattie "loved" her brother... in a different way

Since i just could not continue....nor feel compelled to...I dont know if I am right

If I am wrong or right please openly put ur response

(i actually most probably did not feel like continuing most probably cuz this was bothering in the back of my head)

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5:41 am, May 16 2008
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you're certainly right, it just becomes more and more obvious as the manga progresses. maybe they aren't blood related? but it says they are twins so...until further notice I'd assume they are blood related. unless the claim that they are twins is a lie in the first place. I'll get back to you on this as I read it if you even check back on this, heh

maybe someone else has some better insight, if so feel free to share opinion

kinda reminds me of the Korean manga "Zero" cause of the overly close brother and sister

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11:32 pm, Jun 20 2008
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They are certainly twins... so far, it's even stated that their mother (Lui) was submitted to some sort of ritual so they could become as powerfull as they are (have the Black Blood and become the beacon of the Luciffis) as they call it. In the next chapters it gets a little more sugestive. If everything goes according to plan, there will be 2 chapter release to end volume 2 by the end of the month^^


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5:30 pm, Jun 30 2008
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sounds good thanks a lot, just downloaded ch12 today gonna read it soon

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