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Best Ribon manga

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5:14 pm, Jan 23 2017
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To me, manga published in Ribon (Shueisha) are unexpectedly great; everything looks adorable because of the drawing style, but it is precisely not. Most of times the stories are more realistic than some directed-to-older-audiences manga, and I don't find the female leads annoying at all because of the plot, or some other character justifying their behaviour. If any of you still haven't read any of them I strongly recommend you to give a try to Nanairo Kakumei and Buddy Go!. Especially the last one.
Welp, topic. Just curiousity. Let's see how many Ribon lovers we have biggrin

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Seinen is RIGHT

5:54 pm, Jan 23 2017
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Ribon is about as boring as girl´s manga magazine gets. There are no huge drops but almost no highlights either. Certainly no realism. Cookie is what i call a good magazine, somehow teen targeted too. Now to answer the questions, after having a quick look at wiki: Probably Full Moon o Sagashite, the author´s one good manga.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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7:24 pm, Jan 23 2017
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Well, when I read shoujo I mostly do it searching refreshing romance, and so I still Ribon characters are the most rational and lovable ones for what I'm looking for :B Inside flowery shoujo I find almost every manga from Ribon untypical and dragging, despite being dedicated to a way younger audience than I am - maybe my taste is childish, can't help it. A different opinion is not unwelcome though
From Cookie I've only read Six Half, whose plot I found dragging because it wasn't the main thing. I started it thinking it would be a normal josei. Oh, how wrong I was.
I see, Tanemura Arina... I read Neko to Watashi no Kinyoubi but didn't like it that much. I'll read it anyways! Thank you!

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1:27 am, Jan 24 2017
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I don't usually pay attention at the magazine that publishes the series, but since you asked about a specific magazine I went to see if I had read anything published in Ribon.
It looks like I've only read 2 series from Ribbon
Aishiteruze Baby & Atashi wa Bambi

I can't say which I enjoyed more since its been a while, but I think I liked Atashi wa Bambi more.

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7:56 am, Jan 27 2017
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Yeah, for the combination of adorable art and good unexpected story, Ribon is one of the best. Many Ciao's story are too childish and Nakayoshi's are so easy to expect.

I also like how Ribon manga male lead are not the usual price charming that many shoujo have. Nanairo Kakumei has "doesn't give a damn" male lead, Buddy go has him as rival, Nekota is a cat faced boy, Honey lemon soda has cold-pull and push weirdo, Kimi dake's male lead is kinda stupid and childish, etc.

best art: Nanairo Kakumei, Kirameki Lion, Hakoniwa monster, Kimi dake
Best character: romantica clock, Nekota, buddy go, Nanairo Kakumei,
Best storyline: romantica clock, nanairo kakumei, Nekota.

I don't even wonder why Nanairo Kakumei is the top manga in ribon for three years straight, lol.

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1:44 pm, Feb 3 2017
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Gonna read Aishiteruze Baby, Atashi wa Bambi, Hakoniwa Monster, Kirameki no Lion Boy and Romantica Clock, as I've already read/I'm reading the other ones.
Thanks everyone! wink

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