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New Poll - Lunar New Year

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7:32 am, Jan 28 2017
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Today happens to be the Lunar New Year (or for me, Chinese New Year), so why not have a poll about it? You guys ever celebrate it? If you do, what kinds of customs does your family follow? For me, it was just relatives coming over for dinner (must have a fish dish) and getting the hongbao. Didn't dress up in red or decorate the house though.

You know, I had just assumed that Japan celebrates the Lunar New Year since most Asian countries do, but apparently it's not as big of a deal as it is in China, at least according to a quick Google search.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Live action adaptions of anime/manga?
I generally look forward to these - votes: 363 (6.2%)
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I'd mostly avoid them - votes: 2405 (41.2%)
I always dread them - votes: 1357 (23.3%)
There were 5831 total votes.
The poll ended: January 28th 2017

So much apprehension about them. I recently saw the trailer for the live action Full Metal Alchemist, and I'm not quite sure what to think...

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8:49 am, Jan 28 2017
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I'm not chinese but i used to celebrate them with my friends. Every year we'd rotate and go to one of the houses after everyone is done with their respective reunion dinners, get the beers and snacks rolling and play a couple rounds of mahjong till the next morning. Nowadays though, everyone is busy with their own family and work, so no more CNY gatherings.

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12:41 pm, Jan 28 2017
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Never have, never will. I only know about Lunar New Year due to pop culture, as the latest issue of New Superman.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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5:56 pm, Jan 28 2017
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Is this like "Are you Chinese?" worded in a different way?

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6:21 pm, Jan 28 2017
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LOL XD. That's possible, but like I live in California, and some asain rich cities hold lunar festivals where anyone can come to see the stalls and the dragon parade at the end (usually held in the mornings, and ends at 12pm). I've gone a few times and I've seen more than just chinese having fun. so, basically, i think this question is more like do you do anything differently on when the lunar new year rolls around?

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7:13 pm, Jan 28 2017
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never celebrated the Chinese new year but we do use a lunar calendar in India but the lunar new year is in late march or early April for us. Would that count ?

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7:54 pm, Jan 28 2017
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I want to, but I am currently far away from my family so I can only wallow in jealousy. smile

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8:06 pm, Jan 28 2017
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Never have and most likely never will (unless I end up with a partner(a beauty please!) or community who observes Lunar New Year, it could be a nice experience).
There is no such custom of celebrating Lunar New Year in my Country/Region and it's an Asian country. : - )

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9:52 pm, Jan 28 2017
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I celebrate the Lunar New Year, partly because China is my country's neighbor, so we essentially absorbed a lot of their customs.

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Post #688076 - Reply to (#688058) by cmertb
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11:35 pm, Jan 28 2017
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A lot of other countries (Korea, Japan, Malaysia, etc.) also celebrate the Lunar New Year, so nah.

I'm Chinese myself, so I do celebrate it. I've been away to college for the last four years, though (where I basically spent the new year eating Chinese food with my friends), so it's nice to finally be back home to "officially" celebrate it.

Usually, we would invite some relatives over for hotpot, but me and my mom were both tired of always having hotpot on holidays with the same relatives, so we decided to just have a low-key new year with the two of us. And we basically just ate some fish for good fortune and some niangao this morning. Oh, and we also went grave-sweeping. The usual.

Anyway, happy new year to those who celebrate it!

Post #688080 - Reply to (#688076) by Suxinn
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2:38 am, Jan 29 2017
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Japan doesn't celebrate Lunar New Year. Chinese or Korean communities in Japan celebrate it, but the general Japanese population doesn't. According to japan-celebrates-western-new-year-but-china-still-celebrates-chine se :
When Japan adopted the Gregorian solar calendar in 1873, the country was pursuing westernisation very comprehensively. The belief among elites at the time were that Asian practices were inferior to Western ones, and ought to be replaced by the latter (脱亜入欧). Thus no provisions were made to perpetuate a dual-tracked celebration system like other Asian states deployed. When the old lunar calendar was phased out completely in 1910, it also largely died out from daily life.

Post #688084 - Reply to (#688059) by F_J

7:00 am, Jan 29 2017
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Yeah, I agree.biggrin The area of southern California that I live in has a very large Asian presence/population. I know for certain there are Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese celebrations around here and many of them are open to the general public for free. I've been to a few of them myself and it's fun to just walk around enjoy the shows/exhibitions, purchase souvenirs/food from stalls. It's been a couple years since I've been and I was planning on going this year, but my whole household got really bad colds/pneumonia. cry So, not this year.

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8:11 am, Jan 29 2017
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I used to eat a big dinner with my family while watching the annual new year celebration show. After my family moved to America, we just ate the big dinner. I'm now living alone and had a work shift on new year. none feelsbadman


9:36 am, Jan 29 2017
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Should I say used to? Since going to college, I haven't been going back home for celebration and it doesn't feel like new years celebration here (it's so hodge podge). To purposefully go to a chinese restaurant just because it's new years feels kind of insulting to me. Not to mention legit chinese is hard to get around here.

Also I'm sure other people celebrate it besides chinese people. Anyone who uses the lunar calendar basically.

Post #688108 - Reply to (#688080) by KaoriNite
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3:42 am, Jan 30 2017
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Oh, I didn't know that. My Japanese-American friends have always celebrated it, so I just assumed it was also a thing back in Japan. Guess not. No wonder their Gregorian calendar New Years always seems so extravagant compared to China or Taiwan's.

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