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Angel/Magical Girl Romance Manga

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4:42 am, Feb 2 2017
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Hi all. I'm looking for a shoujo manga I read in 2006 that I got from Barnes and Noble. It has some angel and/or magical girl in it who has a secret angel/goddess identity no one knows about? It's also heavily romance-focused. The cover has a pink background and she is on the front.

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2:34 pm, Feb 2 2017
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Could it be Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne?
I didn't read it, however it might fit your description. smile

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9:12 pm, Feb 2 2017
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Card Captor sakura?
Wedding Peach?
Full moon o sagashite?
Alice 19th?
Pichi Pichi Pitch?

Hopefully it is one of these. At that time there were way too many magical girl shoujos out there and a lot of them were licenced as well -.-

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