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New Poll - Other Settings

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8:18 am, Feb 11 2017
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This week is another poll from 8-3. The list doesn't cover everything, but it should be enough choices.

You can submit poll ideas here (and try to keep them manga/anime-related)

Previous Poll Results:
Question: How should Chinese names in Japanese manga be translated?
Leave them as their Japanese pronunciations, just like the author did - votes: 1884 (33.1%)
Change them into their proper Chinese pronunciations for authenticity - votes: 1359 (23.9%)
Change them into their proper Chinese pronunciations only if the story takes place in China - votes: 714 (12.6%)
I don't care - votes: 1732 (30.4%)
There were 5689 total votes.
The poll ended: February 11th 2017

Opinions were pretty split on this one. Scanlators, whatever you do will please some people and piss off others. Lose-lose situation

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1:01 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Eastern Europe, as Japan´s grasp of Russian culture is something else. Most takes on foreign cultures actually didn´t evolve too much since Street Fighter 2. A gift and a curse.
I would say the same if this was about US comics. The 1000 Year Reich of Putin made them go back to the Red Dawn days too.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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1:07 pm, Feb 11 2017
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I don't really know, but it is middle east in my case. Usually those mangas have nothing to do with actual middle east, but i still like the setting of sheiks and stuff like that.

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1:11 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Western Europe, yeah.

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2:09 pm, Feb 11 2017
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For me, I don't have a particular setting that I prefer to read. But I just wish that whatever setting the author chooses, they do their research and depict the setting accurately. There are plenty of times I've read a manga where the setting was outside of Japan, but the author didn't really know about that setting. It's painful to read when you are constantly thinking about all the ways the setting is inaccurate.

By the way, what is 'Western Asia'? Isn't that the same thing as the Middle East?

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3:14 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Usually the only difference I've seen between them is that the middle east also includes Egypt. Here, since only NE and SE Asia are included in the poll, I'm guessing they mean anything west of China, what I would normally consider Central and Southern Asia like Turkmenistan and India.

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5:11 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Nothing in particular, so I won't vote this time. But I prefer works set in Japan, some other East or Southeast Asian country with a roughly similar culture, or else a fantasy world. I'm not fond of other real-world locations (especially if the main characters themselves are locals and not Japanese) because they very rarely manage to get them right. Understandable, since it's difficult - if not impossible - to correctly portray a culture that you don't have a good amount of first-hand experience with. So I prefer it when authors write what they know, and that doesn't apply only to Japanese fiction.

By the way, you have an option for "Western Asia" but not for Southern? Whatever happened to India and the like? As someone from that region, I'm a bit put out.

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5:43 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Everything is good as long as it is not North America, Europe or Russia - typical Japanese depiction of those settings is too shallow and makes me cringe.

As for the setting I'd "most like to see", I wouldn't mind more Amazons, so voted South America.

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6:59 pm, Feb 11 2017
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I don't really care to be honest. As long as the setting corresponds to the type of story, it's fairly accurate and it is not just a shallow, stereotypical depiction of the place, I'm fine with anything.

I really enjoyed Jormungand and the various places it shows. There was a bit of everything which is nice.

For manga though, Japan is usually the best setting as I believe it would be hard to have an accurate portray of a character in a country you haven't been in and know little about. I mean, it would be pretty hard to imagine the life of, let's say a young dancer in New York trying to get better, win competions and be successful, when you haven't lived there. That's if you want to create a realistic story of course.

Post #688433 - Reply to (#688420) by KaoriNite
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7:59 pm, Feb 11 2017
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Maybe Western Asia is West of Japan, these North West South East things tend to be confusing if the the starting/center point is unknown.

And yeah, I don't think I have one in particular either, though I do tend to enjoy ones based in the Middle East and Central Asia (as long as they're not fetishized).

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9:09 pm, Feb 11 2017
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All of them? I want a good story with interesting characters, I don't pick a series and think "Oh it's set in Japan. I HAVE to read this!"

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4:11 am, Feb 12 2017
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Sub Sahara Africa or South America. It wold be interesting to see what a Japanese author could do with that. There are already plenty of manga set in Europe/America, so yeah won't be voting for those.

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12:51 am, Feb 13 2017
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Should have included off planet options. Space is my setting of choice. Of the options given, Antarctica would be most interesting since I like penguins.

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5:54 am, Feb 13 2017
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As the poll is supposed to be all-inclusive, being without the "Other" option, I find it should be heavily modified.

1. Having the broad concept of Africa eliminates the need for "Middle East" as "Western Asia" contains all of Middle East (and more depending on the definition) with the exception Egypt.

2. Inclusion of the vague "Northeast Asia" is pointless, the region consisting mostly of East Asia anyway. Plus "Russia" is also an option.

3. On the other hand "East Asia" would be welcomed as Japan is excluded in the question. And the other region isn't covered by the other options.

4. "Caribbean" should definitely be the more broad "West Indies", or possibly even "Middle America" which includes them both and Central America (plus more).

5. I'd also separate Oceania to "Australia" (including New Zealand maybe) and "Pacific Islands". Those being entirely different setting-vice.

6. "Northern Europe" and "Mediterranean Countries" would be useful to add.

7. "Central Asia" should be included as none of the other options cover any of it.

8. As mentioned previously, space-setting choice should be there.

Personally I'd like to see Pacific Islands or Central Asia more. And space-settings are often interesting too.

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10:14 pm, Feb 17 2017
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And i'd have loved Atlantis to be included. Even if half the legends about it are wrong, there was enough truth to make it a fantastic place to live in back then.

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