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2 one shot mangas

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8:30 am, Mar 16 2017
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I`m looking for 2 one shots,I have read them long time ago and i cant find them again.
the first one is about a married woman who kind of neglect her self and she goes to this clothes shop and ask the seller for help. the lady in the shop give her a white button shirt and tell her it will help her become more beautiful. and it does as the woman must always take care of the shirt -not get dirty or wrinkled-.
the second one is about first love. a girl keeps having a dream about a crying girl but she never get to see the girl face. the same girl meet with her ex-boyfriend and obliviously have some feelings left. at the end the girl in the dream turns out to be the girl herself.
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10:00 pm, Mar 16 2017
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I'm so sorry but I remember reading the first one you're looking for...if only I had put a "married couple" tag to help me find the title. T.T

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2:25 am, Mar 17 2017
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The first one is Rabu Kare - Gokujou Men Dokuhon! #5

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2:58 am, Mar 17 2017
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Omg I read your description and knew exactly which manga you were talking about for the second one (at least I hope it is otherwise I'm gonna be pretty embarrassed haha eek )

Is it Miyuki no Ori?

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6:54 am, Mar 19 2017
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Yes, Thank you ! biggrin biggrin

Haha no need to be embarrassed `coz thats the one I was looking for. Thank you so much. biggrin

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