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New Poll - Money

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7:20 am, May 13 2017
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This week's poll was suggested by pyrolobus. Many of you probably don't have an opinion, but just pick something.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: What sport would you most like featured in a manga / anime series?
Baseball - votes: 252 (4.3%)
Tennis - votes: 103 (1.8%)
Kendo - votes: 242 (4.2%)
Archery - votes: 508 (8.8%)
Track and Field - votes: 81 (1.4%)
Basketball - votes: 237 (4.1%)
Gymnastics - votes: 253 (4.4%)
Martial Arts - votes: 802 (13.8%)
Boxing - votes: 99 (1.7%)
Wrestling - votes: 48 (0.8%)
Judo - votes: 61 (1.1%)
Soccer - votes: 214 (3.7%)
American Football - votes: 80 (1.4%)
Table Tennis / Ping Pong - votes: 40 (0.7%)
Volleyball - votes: 164 (2.8%)
Hockey - votes: 163 (2.8%)
Golf - votes: 40 (0.7%)
Badminton - votes: 77 (1.3%)
Cricket - votes: 44 (0.8%)
Swimming - votes: 155 (2.7%)
Cycling - votes: 29 (0.5%)
Horse Racing - votes: 112 (1.9%)
Lacrosse - votes: 49 (0.8%)
Rugby - votes: 45 (0.8%)
Motor Racing - votes: 130 (2.2%)
Fencing - votes: 195 (3.4%)
Shooting - votes: 120 (2.1%)
Figure Skating - votes: 253 (4.4%)
Racquetball - votes: 12 (0.2%)
Surfing - votes: 78 (1.3%)
Snowboarding - votes: 81 (1.4%)
Skiing - votes: 47 (0.8%)
Skateboarding - votes: 103 (1.8%)
Rollerblading - votes: 69 (1.2%)
Video Games (E-Sports) - votes: 813 (14%)
There were 5799 total votes.
The poll ended: May 13th 2017

And e-sports has risen up above martial arts. The new has come, the old has gone away.

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Seinen is RIGHT

11:53 am, May 13 2017
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Which e-sports manga are we talking about though? The option only won due to "stuck in a game" crap as Swords Arts and all the rape-tastic web-toon with "Rpg-elements".

My bank is about 300 km way from where i live and my foreign account (the one that gives interest) is stationed god knows where. Digital money is thus technically my preferred choice, as i wouldn´t be able to transfer anything else on my accounts.

The classic strategy is to invest 1/3 in gold, 1/3 into (paper) money and 1/3 into goods, as land. That´s how you survive any recession, short of a war.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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12:33 pm, May 13 2017
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Well, I chose coinage because the idea of a chest full of gold coins sitting somewhere in my vault seems aesthetically appealing.

But in reality, this is another unfortunate poll that doesn't present the options clearly or correctly. The form of money that is most commonly used in this day and age is electronic, but is not cryptocurrency like bitcoins. The last option would have been the most appropriate, but it seems that the poll's author meant something else by it, and thus we are left with choices without a choice.

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2:14 pm, May 13 2017
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While Digital Currency is still my personal favourite, it still not at a position where you can call it highly convenient. So, Paper money wins it.

[off-subject] And Coinage (gold, silver, other metals) has the most 'riches' vibe, it's the oldest kind of material currency, where other forms of it other than metal exists (e.g. Stone, wood). And give and take system is even older.

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10:00 pm, May 15 2017
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While I really do enjoy digital money, throwing my bank card at stripper just doesn't have the same feeling you know?

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11:02 pm, May 15 2017
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Money is supposed to have value. Paper "Money" is not really money at all. It is a promissory note from the federal reserve that states that the paper has worth.

Post #691570 - Reply to (#691474) by Shadowlink

1:51 pm, May 18 2017
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When money has value you run into a problem of whatever commodity you tie it to gets tied up as money. Using a renewable resource (and as little as possible) for this seems like the best solution to me. That way you can actually use gold, silver and copper in the applications they are useful for instead of storing them somewhere.

It also allows increasing the size of the economy as much as you want. If you tie it to gold you have to increase the value of gold as people are born or have massive mining for "printing" more money. The classical issues before moving away from the gold standard was running out of money to expand the economy since there was no more gold...

Currently there is an estimated 171,300 tonnes of gold. There is around 7 billion people, which would translate to 24 gram per person... ZUNVds/_3.jpg
So then you run into coins with little gold in them (or whatever you pick out), which goes back to no value money.

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Post #691951 - Reply to (#691378) by cmertb

1:55 pm, May 27 2017
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Ooh you mind too much about me. I appreciate that. But just pick which you want most. Thank you.

Post #691952 - Reply to (#691474) by Shadowlink

2:59 pm, May 27 2017
Posts: 42

We note a promise onto a piece of paper. The promise itself that has a high value because it was under a great authority/ies witness and permission. The question is, a promise to/of whatconfused

Post #691961 - Reply to (#691570) by Sosseres

9:03 pm, May 27 2017
Posts: 42

171,300 tons of estimated gold that left. Then what about silver?

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