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New Poll - Converting for the Fandom

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7:41 am, May 20 2017
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This week's poll was suggested by F_J. Have you ever managed to convince someone else to try out anime/manga, and they became a fan for life? Or maybe it's just a secret hobby that no one else knows about...

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Previous Poll Results:
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Commodity (beads, alcohol, grain, gold, etc) - votes: 377 (7.5%)
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Electronic / digital money (bitcoin, etc) - votes: 1404 (27.8%)
There were 5058 total votes.
The poll ended: May 20th 2017

I wonder if paper money will ever go away

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8:00 am, May 20 2017
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Well, Maybe. I made people watch anime time to times and build up the interest for some. But, most of my peers had watched anime from a little to much more one way or another. I mean, most people around me have watched Pokémon or BayBlade or Dragon Ball series or FMA or Doremon or Shinchan or any other they showed on Animation related channels. Being an Asian country, starting from pure breed Anime Channel AniMax to cartoon channels such as Cartoon Network, Disney etc, every channel shows some anime here. So, yeah! Kids naturally get to watch Anime unknowingly here anyway.

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8:08 am, May 20 2017
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Yes, over 10 times too but don´t ask me how long they lasted. I am currently doing something similar right now too.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Lone Wanderer

9:11 am, May 20 2017
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It's mostly a secret hobby, but one of two people who know about it -- my younger sister -- became an instant fan of anime. Not that I tried to convert her, though; she forced me to give her all the episodes I had on my HDD, discovered AniDB by looking through my Firefox bookmarks, and pretty much converted herself laugh

Sure is nice having someone right at home to talk about it, though. She doesn't read manga right now, but I think she'll get into it soon enough: recently she's been showing a lot of interest in MU.

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1:55 pm, May 20 2017
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Oh yes, several. The trick is to show them something related to their interest. They'll either love it and look for more, or hate it, complain how they got their hobby wrong, but still read it to the end, then look for another one to see if they do it correctly. Either way, another has joined the fold biggrin

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Just an Old Timer

2:46 pm, May 20 2017
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I did convert one of my friend with "Wanko to Kurasou"
he ended up being more interested than i imagine he would....

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3:21 pm, May 20 2017
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Yeah biggrin My bro, cousin and aunt bigrazz
I've been busy lol

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5:36 pm, May 20 2017
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Let me tell you all a true story from the past, long time ago when One piece and Naruto were almost New and where I changed the view of someone who hated anime to a anime lover.

It was a hot summer day in June where i was arguing with my older brother who was 5 years older than me. At that time I was in my 13/14s, and as i a kid i was kind of skinny, however my parents raised us to never back down from our beliefs even among elder piers. My older brother was also at least triple the size of me which made him terrifying, however, i was brave as a Viking and stood my ground.
This summer day is a day i still remember clearly, it was breezing in the room due to the open windows; my room was kind of small, as i shared rooms with my younger brother. You could hear the noise from the computer fans and cricket sound from outside. We had the computer in our room and both of our beds took so much space that we couldn’t almost fit anything else. My younger brother wasn't home that day it was only me, my brother, his girlfriend and of course mother, who spoke in the kitchen. My mother usually speaks loudly and where you can hear her from streets away and know whose coming. We were arguing about one piece and Naruto, i was trying to prove a point that One Piece was a superior anime/manga and how great it was, however my brother loved Naruto due to the Rock Lee scene and felt backstabbed by me for raising one piece above Naruto.

This summer day was kind of special; my brother doesn’t usually bring his girlfriend home especially to my room, I hadn’t seen much of her or even hear her speak. In those days my passion for Anime and Manga was huge, I spent months reading or watching anything related to anime/manga. I had big influence over my older brother and younger brother of what they watched and read. She, however, she was a mystery to me as aliens in the sky and we had never exchanged words neither had we stayed in the same room for longer than a few breaths.

That day while we were arguing my brother started showing his passion for anime/manga in front of his girlfriend, little did he know what awaits him. While we were talking I heard an unfamiliar voice, a female voice, the words were quiet however it didn’t come from my brother, I looked at his girlfriend in disbelief, not from hearing her voice but from what she said. “Anime how can you watch that, that’s for children, are you a child?” My brother wasn’t used to talking up for himself against girls he liked, he just said “I guess, however these are different”. I however took it personal and got almost furious, how could someone come in to my home, my room, sit on my bed and belittle one of my biggest passions. I behaved badly and just said “get out of my room” her response came quick and stabbed kind of hard “no I’m not leaving, and you can’t make me” I asked my brother to remove himself and his girlfriend out of my room. He just shrugged his shoulders and they were glued to the screen watching pictures. While all this happening I was furious couldn’t send them out neither could I curse at her due to my parents upbringing. So I asked, “what’s so childish about anime?” have you seen anything after you were 9? And don’t count sailor moon”.

She responded by just staring first at me for a while, I could see my brother was getting kind of nervous, his girlfriend was having argue in an unfriendly tone. However I wouldn’t back down and didn’t seem to be a pushover as I thought she would be, She proceeded to talk about how all anime are the same and it doesn’t matter if she hadn’t or not, she already knew what anime was.
I came with an idea of watch Naruto with my older brother, and if you don’t feel any change of thoughts after watching at least 50 episodes than come back and smack talk.
At this age I hadn’t watched the more grown up anime as ninja scroll/berserk or Ghost in the Shell.

I removed myself from the room and we split apart that day with a bad taste in my mouth.
That summer I hadn’t seen much of her afterwards she came once and a while, however, I wasn’t home those days or I tried to avoid her.

A couple of months later my brother and his girlfriend came back to the room, she started the conversation quickly with, Do you know any other anime than Naruto?

Edit: made a post of this in General, for anyone wanting to talk about this story

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HanaKana Fanboy

6:50 pm, May 20 2017
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Yes. One person actively, another as "collateral damage". Some years ago, I gave private tutition to a girl from the neighboring village. Since I had quite a bit of free time while she was working on her math homeworks and whatnot, I read manga, dusted my figurines or browsed the internet. She eventually took an interesst in my hobby and I lent her some of my stuff. Time skip. After her graduation, I took her to a medium-sized convention. This year we attended the very same convention together for the third time. She now not only collects manga & figurines, SHE now lends her stuff to ME. Wtf. She's also somewhat trying to push her interests onto me: Last time she was at my place, she told me "You need figurines with huge tits!" Is Kashiwazaki Sena not considered "huge" anymore...?? Anyway, she also infected her BBF from school, who started following us to said convention. This is their first attempt at cosplay (first girl on the left, BFF on the right). Next year, all three of us might cosplay One Piece characters as a group.

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11:40 pm, May 20 2017
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Directly one, if family counts. Indirectly who knows...

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9:32 pm, May 22 2017
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Nope. I keep my hobby to myself, I don't really like the idea of pushing my interests on to others.
My sister and brother are also into anime/manga, but I never really asked how they got interested. If anything, I'll try introducing them to series they may be interested in.

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12:53 am, May 24 2017
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Not that i am aware, but i am pretty sure with the number of time i talked about manga and anime on social media that i have converted a few peoples.

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