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A poll on the most hated genre

What is your LEAST favorite genre?
Slice of Life
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11:49 pm, May 22 2017
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My least favorite would definitely be comedy.

What's YOUR most hated one?

Why am I like this
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Elysia Moonlight

3:48 am, May 23 2017
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Oh, comedy? Why do you dislike it? Hehehe, it's actually one of my favorite genre wink.

As for me, I tend to dislike harem and smut. Smut makes me uncomfortable (and usually doesn't drive the plot forward), while I dislike most harem shounen because I usually don't like the characters. I enjoy reverse harem though (a girl's guilty pleasure).

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9:26 am, May 23 2017
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Harem. It's mostly done in a bad way with tropes instead of characters and only exists to cater to otaku fetishes. Too few good harems out there.

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11:18 pm, May 23 2017
Posts: 24

I picked romance, but I'm not going to pretend I'm surprised by Harem's landslide victory.

I do enjoy unwanted harem comedies where the guy is stuck with a bunch of psychopaths, & BL harems are shockingly rare, but I'm not touching the serious dramatic angsty ecchi ones or Otome stuff.

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12:59 am, May 24 2017
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Gender bender. It's either fetishistic pandering, or an overdone way to spice up an overdone plotline. I can't say that I hate it because there has been stories that I liked with it in. However most of the time it ruins the story. It's weird to me that it's even a genre.

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*~God of Harems~*

4:25 pm, May 31 2017
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Probably ecchi or yaoi. Ecchi because there has to be something interesting other than boobs to keep me reading lol...and if it's a manga where I'm supposed to be taking it seriously and there's random panty shots everywhere, it makes it hard to take it seriously.

Yaoi on the other hand is because so much of it is the same. The characters aren't distinguishable from one manga to the next most of the time, and it's basically all sex (which btw a lot of it isn't even consensual so... no )

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3:13 am, Jul 9 2017
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As for me. I choose romance.

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3:23 am, Jul 9 2017
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Ecchi. It comes off as totally absurd to me.

Post #693383 - Reply to (#693382) by hkanz

3:48 am, Jul 9 2017
Posts: 89

Quote from hkanz
Ecchi. It comes off as totally absurd to me.

If its relevant to the point, sure. But most of the time, its only for fan-service, which I deem as unnecessary if the plot is good in the first place :l

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8:51 am, Jul 9 2017
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Ecchi, for sure.

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10:22 am, Jul 9 2017
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I'm with the majority here, harem for sure. The argument that there are good harems out there falls flat when you realize that they are good regardless of the harem theme. I have yet to find a manga that is good because it's harem.
Ecchi is a close second, since it doesn't do absolutely nothing for a manga, and can take the reader out of the story. But this one at least can be tolerated more easily, if it's not overdone and doesn't pop up in dramatic scenes.

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7:57 am, Aug 27 2017
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Gay and harem.

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8:00 am, Aug 27 2017
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Ecchi, absolutely. I can tolerate and even enjoy harem at times -if only because it means a lot of characters to explore and have fun with! Ecchi though, it's really just gratuitous.

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11:36 am, Aug 27 2017
Posts: 26

from this list i choose harem (but i like reverse harem)
Shounen: i don't read this genre, so i don't know if i hate it
Horror: just nope, i don't get close to this genre, but i have read a good horror manga once.
Others that i don't like: Mecha, Ecchi, Sci-fi, Martial Arts, Sports, Yuri, Shoujo Ai

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2:34 am, Oct 31 2017
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I'm with you dude comedy is the worst lmao its usually done wrong

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