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New Poll - Good, bad, and the Ugly

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1:25 pm, Jun 10 2017
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I'd rather not read anything with "bad" part. I won't read something with bad beginning because I will immediately drop it. a manga with bad middle is boring. you have great expectation for a manga because it has great beginning, but because the middle part is bad, you just stopped reading it altogether. and if I know that a manga has a bad ending, I will definitely avoid it.

if I have to read something with "bad" part no matter what, then I choose bad beginning. growing into okay middle, and ended great. so that I wouldn't have big expectation of the next part.


2:38 pm, Jun 10 2017
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Can we just leave the Bad out? Really a Bad beginning is not going to hook me into a story especially if its a TV show or manga. If I'm at a movie theater I may have no choice to sit and watch it all the way through, but its definitely going to color my impression of a film. A bad ending is a little easier to accept if the middle was great, but a slow slide from a great start to crappy ending tends to leave me feeling disappointed. I'm better if its something like OK->OK->Great or OK->Great->OK or even Great->OK->OK. Hell, I'm good with OK->OK->OK. Bad is just well, BAD and sometimes stories can't recover from that no matter where its placed.

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3:11 pm, Jun 10 2017
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I prefer them getting better with time. If it goes downhill or stale at some time compared to the past, there's the risk of me losing interest and not finishing it, even though the finale may be fantastic, which would be a shame. So bad->ok->great is my choice here.

You can do so many great things when you have characters, lore, world all developed.


3:52 pm, Jun 10 2017
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Went with Bad Great Okay

If I have to choose any to be bad, it's definitely the beginning. Read plenty of manga with bad beginnings that were great afterwards. Now, I would normally read a few more chapters before deciding to drop it, if not, I'll often pick up back on manga that I've dropped to try it again.
Great middle as it's normally my main motivation to continue with the story, especially with the long series. Okay ending... cause I'm used to manga with pretty normal ending or even questionable "is that even a proper ending?"

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4:12 pm, Jun 10 2017
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well, it's also a question of personal preference. E.g. someone considers the beginning to be great, recommends the series to me, but I find it to be atrocious. I continue out of respect to this 'someone', and warm up to it.
It's not about manga, but have you read The Headless Horseman? I've started it like 10 times, but never could get through the beginning, until I dropped it entirely and found the novel to be a great read.

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4:24 pm, Jun 10 2017
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As to "Now I'm curious about a combination of this poll and your age" - we're all from different countries smile
I'm 27, I don't even earn enough to rent my own place (which is not that strange here), and delivery cost is atrocious. Really. Sometimes it's even pricier than the thing that I want to buy. Not to mention it's risky, because the mail services here are not that great too.
So when I want to buy something, I have to think that I'm giving my money for something that will just stand on my shelf, and I will pay big money for delivery. And I have to remember that there's a chance that it won't even get to me...
In the end I always prefer to keep the money for my education. Because that's the thing that can give me a chance to have more money later.
The only things I DO buy are: games (Steam, almost always with ~90% discount, no delivery biggrin, 100% chance), and, very rarely, something from Chinese sites (cheap), and only if it's not sold here and I really want it and know what I'm going to use it for.

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12:05 pm, Jun 11 2017
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Well I can't read something with a bad beginning because I'd drop the series immediately. There's no guarantee it'd get better, and I wouldn't want to continue when the story was poorly planned from the beginning. And a bad ending is unforgivable in my book. No matter how good a story was in the beginning or middle, if it has a bad ending it leaves me frustrated and unsatisfied. So I'm stuck between okay -> bad -> great and great -> bad -> okay. While I appreciate a great ending, I have the feeling that if a story started out just okay and then went bad, I'd likely stop reading in the middle.

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3:54 pm, Jun 11 2017
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For me, the start should be at least okay. Otherwise I will never get to the parts that may be good.
For the rest, it depends on how bad it is. It needs only one really bad chapter for me to never look at it again.
For exapmle Bleach. The beginning was good. The majority of it was kinda okay. I read it, because I wanted to know the rest. Then came the fight between Ichigo and Aizen. Never again did I read a single page of Bleach.

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7:31 pm, Jun 11 2017
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Yea i choose Bad beginning, great middle, okay ending, Mainly because most series go on like this anyway. Some may start great but a lot start out with a slow or not that great beginning then develop into a great story then have just an okay ending. My breakdown is this:

Great part: I rather have this the most in the middle cause the "middle" is usually the largest part that has the most important content thats developing in the main core of story. Im seeing this as the beginning being one arc to start the series then the middle is the several in between arcs (for a long story) or the core arc (for a short one) then the end is the last arc (for a long one) or just the how it ended (for a short one). so of course i want the biggest or most important part to be great.

Bad Part: I feel like the "bad part" should only be at the beginning cause thats the only portion of a story i could except being a little bad cause its just starting and i usually give the beginning of manga a few chapters or so to get good. It would suck if the Middle or core of the story was bad, cause thats usually the largest part like i said. Plus having the end be bad would ruin the whole series for me cause i wouldn't want to reread it knowing it was ruined at the end. I know a lot of series that started off not so good but developed pretty great later. Trust me a bad ending does ruin a series for you. i have a few examples of series that i liked but a horrible ending or last arc left a really bad taste in my mouth for them. And i cant think of them the same anymore. Its easy to override a bad beginning with the rest being better but a bad ending can override the whole series for you.
Plus people take the "bad" word to the extreme. It could also be just "not as good" not "terrible" like people are saying. What one considers bad can vary.

Okay Part: Its nice to have a great ending of course but most just end in an okay way anyway so i can accept that. Most endings dont go exactly as you would hope but to me okay means it at least did what it was suppose to do and at least satisfied me..
So overall i still want the middle to be great versus all the others.Also no one whats any part to be bad of course but if you have no choice but to pick out of the three then the beginning is definitely the way to go and the one that can be ignored the most if its bad.

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9:59 pm, Jun 11 2017
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Probably bad beginning, great middle, okay ending.
The enjoyment comes from immersing ourselves while the story progress.
I'd likely forget or drop the still ongoing series if the middle part is too boring.

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10:20 pm, Jun 11 2017
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I already knew that most people in manga community are obsessed with endings, but these results are still very sad. So many great series were bombarded with bad votes just because people choose to ignore everything that happened during 90% of those manga and only rate the ending.
Objectively, if you enjoyed most of the series, then regardless of the ending your evaluation should still be positive. To put it another way, that positive experience you already had is still there, even if conclusion was not to your liking.

As for me, if the series has bad beginning, then I probably won't read it at all, unless someone whose opinion I value recommends it. If it has bad middle, then it's very likely to be dropped sometime during that part of the story. If the ending is bad, it will diminish my enjoyment and opinion, but it's not something critical. And the part between beginning and ending is usually the longest one, so naturally I would want it to be great. Which leads me to this: okay-great-bad.

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10:53 pm, Jun 11 2017
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It's hard. I would like a great or okay ending but who'd stick with a bad beginning? If the beginning is bad I might just not read far enough to get to the good part and if the middle is bad and drags on to long I might also not feel like reading the rest...

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7:51 am, Jun 12 2017
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I simply won't reach the ending if the bad part is in the beginning or the middle biggrin

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2:03 pm, Jun 13 2017
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Great beginning, bad middle, okay ending

Certainly my first choice was Bad beginning, okay middle, great ending but then again to be honest; Im the type of person who judge what I read/watch from first impression so I'd prefer to be wowed with a great start. Full of potential and whatnot to expect. Im okay with an Okay Ending even tho its not that great. I never seen a great ending anyway. Its almost always mediocre closure but Im not complaining.


4:33 pm, Jun 13 2017
Posts: 25

Okay beginning, great middle, bad ending
this is the most reasonable choice, because if the beginning is bad i won't continue reading, if the middle is bad i give up, and the ending is usually very short/fast so it doesn't bother me that much if it's bad.

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