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New Poll - Good, bad, and the Ugly

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7:50 pm, Jun 13 2017
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I choose Okay, Great and Bad. For me is quite simple if i got bored or feel that the work is bad, i stop reading no matter what. I don't understand people who read stuff they feel its bad because for me it is something i do to relax and have fun.

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10:27 pm, Jun 13 2017
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Bad, Great, Okay is what I chose mainly because the middle is the longest and therefore it needs to be great to sustain a reader. A bad ending would be terrible since it always leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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12:04 am, Jun 14 2017
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I'm going with Bad, Okay, Great.
That way there's a nice ramp-up... and once I get past the bad stuff, there's no more of it that I have to worry about. laugh

Then I'll watch a bunch of okay stuff until the very end, which would end up being great, and the majority of my time will have been well spent. cool

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4:57 pm, Jun 14 2017
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I've never in my entire life read a manga with a great ending.
The nearest "great" endings are only considered as good only.
So, I chose the most probable answer - okay ending.
"Bad beginning, great middle (this always happens in my favourite manga(s)) but okay ending".

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8:22 pm, Jun 15 2017
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Definetly not bad middle or bad ending.
Middle being the longest part, i'll definetly drop the manga.
Bad ending will always leave a bad aftertaste when you'll remember it.

So obviously bad beginning. It'll be hard to start the manga but if you have an okay middle you'll saw some improvement and keep hooked.
And the a great ending will left you happy and you'll remember this manga as a fulfilling story.

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11:20 pm, Jun 15 2017
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A very interesting subject, and there was so many axed manga ^^

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5:36 am, Jun 16 2017
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So many chooses bad at beginning, I understand of wanting to "save best for last" but think realistically - if you find the beginning terrible, you normally don't know if it'll get any better later on. So what are the chances you'll simply drop it?
Therefore stories with bad start will just die without chances to make amends. I'd say it's better to have at least good at start and bad in the middle.

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1:39 pm, Jun 16 2017
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I agree with this, the decisive moment for me to drop or not to drop the series is the middle act.
A lot of my favorite manga began with okay or bad beginning, but when they have a great second act, it's fine even if the ending is not that good or they got axed.

I can't explain it well but t's like what matters the most is the journey, you know? And that journey is the part when it took most time, which is the middle part.

Post #692623 - Reply to (#692416) by Anima
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1:48 pm, Jun 16 2017
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There are a lot of great manga that starts bad beginning actually. What makes them popular is they have a great middle part. The middle part is what mostly makes up the manga, and people will start reading it because the "adventure" is great, it builds your anticipation to see how far can the manga goes.

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11:05 pm, Jun 16 2017
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Reminded me of Air Gear.
Great start with a lot of potential, then starting to shit around vol15 I think confused
I completely stop reading it.

There is also a lot of good one that got axed... no
Mx0 etc

sigh... none

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1:50 pm, Jun 17 2017
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This is why I am okay with a bad ending, because most axed stories end badly.

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