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i cant remember this yaoi

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7:57 am, Jun 20 2017
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so i rememeber reading this one yaoi a while ago so if the explaination is all over the place, sorry.

i remember the uke having this "power" (i guess) that if someone were to look into his eyes they would fall in love with him and he was troubled by it i think
And the seme had the same problem but i think it worked on girls for him as well as guys too but im not sure about that one. And i think when the seme met the uke, the uke was surprised ythat he didnt fall in love with him and they got together in yhe end
it was a lot like Caramel Honey but like completed and the seme was like the desription i gave but all help is much appreciated

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12:43 pm, Jun 20 2017
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Isn't it "Crazy for You" by Araya Miki?
The description of that manga says:
"Takami has an 'eye power' that causes guys to fall in love with him by looking them in the eye and Ninomiya has a 'pheromone power' that gets both men and women fall in love with him. What happens when these two characters clash together?"

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6:13 am, Jun 21 2017
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thats it! thanks so much

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