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8:38 am, Jul 14 2017
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Hi, I don't know what sparked my sudden interest but I was reading a manga and suddenly, another manga popped into my head but I'm going crazy trying to find it.

so what I remember from this manga is that there's a little nudity in it, nothing crazy and nothing extremely revealing. The most prominent thing I remember is that the mc is female and she is shy or a mute, i don't remember. But she attends an art class and she arrives late. This art class is basically a modeling class where they sketch people nude. The volunteering model at the time is like a renowned doctor or his family is.
back ground information on the model, apparently he shamed his family with a high school incident where he was found drawing a girl nude. If i remember correctly, the girl was pretty manipulative and the volunteering model was like obsessed with her and couldn't stop drawing her...
Well, as soon as you know it like three chapters later when the mc and the volunteering model's relationship is developing, the girl from high school shows up and she's a photographer now at the art class.
OH, another important piece of information. The mc has short hair and an elder sister who is kinda crazy. I think they had issues with their parents were they werent close or they passed but the elder sister took care of the mc to the point of a sister complex developing. She would brush her hair every night and give her baths. And at first it was normal but then she got all possessive talking about how her little sister belonged to her.
Side note: I distinctively remember a conversation about her breast and how they were a lot larger than her older sisters and it caused some kind of complex as well. LOL

anyways, someone pleeeease help me find it!! it's bugging me so much. As far as im concerned, when i last read it, possibly 1-2 years ago, there was only like 9-12 chapters updated. I really thought that the genre would belong to Josei but I legit looked up every manga that was updated for the past 4 years under that tag.. I mightve missed it but who knows.

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10:11 am, Jul 14 2017
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Bone and Flesh?

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11:44 pm, Jul 14 2017
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@realist YES THANK YOU SO MUCH!! it has literally been killing me all day you are a hero

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