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Make 'Exclude one shots' a separate option.

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7:47 pm, Jul 17 2017
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I often use this site's advanced search to find my next manga to read, and will often use the 'Only show completely scanlated manga' selection, which ends up being mostly one shots. I do not want to read one shots. They just leave me wanting for more. It would be great if I could separately exclude one shots while still looking for completed series. Thank you.

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7:46 pm, Jul 22 2017
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+1, came here to post the same thing

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9:47 pm, Jul 22 2017
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+1 I've run across wanting that feature too

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3:38 am, Jul 23 2017
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Agreed. In hindsight, I wish one shots was a genre option (could be selected or avoided) could ease all the one shot related options. Something else that could help would be a search by a max/min on releases, so if someone wants to read a 30+ volume series they could find it or avoid it. bigrazz

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An innocent

6:42 pm, Jul 24 2017
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Indeed, it is annoying. This is indeed a problem, when searching for complete series you also end up with one shots.
Can this function be added?

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