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New Poll - Manga into Anime

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5:46 am, Aug 5 2017
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This week's poll was suggested by Karonhioktha. The poll probably doesn't have the option you want, but oh well. I feel like anime based off manga are generally alright anyways. Now if it was a movie based off a game, I'd be a lot more fearful.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Do you think that scanlations should continue after a series is licensed?
Yes, always - votes: 2078 (36%)
Only if I'm reading that series - votes: 358 (6.2%)
As long as the scanlations keep ahead of the published licensed volumes - votes: 1754 (30.4%)
Continue until there's an actual DMCA complaint - votes: 1100 (19.1%)
Never. Scanlations should only be for unlicensed series - votes: 478 (8.3%)
There were 5768 total votes.
The poll ended: August 4th 2017

This last poll really divided some people...

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7:59 am, Aug 5 2017
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"Poor voice acting decisions" is probably only applicable to foreign dubs lol. It's quite rare that an anime in the original Japanese dub would have crap voice acting, so that's the only thing I have to worry about the least. Although when it does have bad voice acting, it stands out. Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e from this season comes to mind...

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10:31 am, Aug 5 2017
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Storyline changes, rushing and censorship. Poor animation is usually just comical, and I can just skip filler. Voices don't really matter, since even after so many years I can't tell good from bad unless it's really bad.

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10:44 am, Aug 5 2017
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A few choices here, let´s go with rushed story and/or skipping chapters.

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10:58 am, Aug 5 2017
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Well I really dislike storyline changes but I can't say that I have seen character changes much so I went with the rushed story and/or skipping chapters option.

I've come across a poor voice actor in Nana Maru San Batsu I really can not watch it because the girl that voices Mari has such an annoyingly slow voice. All in all I am glad some of my favourite manga got an anime adaptation but some were just not enjoyable if they rush through the material.

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12:10 pm, Aug 5 2017
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Darn, this is tough. Most of these are mood-killers, but I'll go with storyline or character changes. It's less common than the others, especially "rushed/skipped story," which is almost ubiquitous, but I've seen it happen occasionally and the result is appalling. I suppose you could argue that manga and anime have different audiences and so changing the characterisation or plot accordingly is a sound choice, and maybe that's true from a financial standpoint, but as a fan, I'm not interested.

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12:42 pm, Aug 5 2017
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All of it.

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3:03 pm, Aug 5 2017
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I generally dislike adaptations, be it a manga, a novel or anime. Seeing how the story changes gets on my nerves.

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5:47 pm, Aug 5 2017
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Urg... it's so difficult to choose only one of those choices.. But I went with poor animation, because if it's poorly animated I wouldn't even watch the adaption to begin with so I wouldn't know if there would be any of the other things, and thus wouldn't care.

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6:22 pm, Aug 5 2017
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This was a tricky one. I don't have a definite choice for this poll.
I don't worry mostly (closed to NEVER), but if I actually consider doing, then it would be for more than one prospective.
In such case I gotta worry about Storyline or character changes, Filler content, Censorship, Rushed story and/or skipping chapters, Bad quality in general.
Guess I'll be voting randomly (maybe multiple times) this time around.

P.S. Yosh! Pirates WON the war on last poll. Keep going Brothers and Sisters. Bring happiness to masses at the price of sacrificing Few (hopefully 'VERY' Few).

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6:34 pm, Aug 5 2017
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I went with Rushed story and/or skipping chapters. Both happened already in a recent anime.
They rushed through the equivalent of 6 chapters, and then skipped a whole arc in just 4 episodes already. It's one of my favorite manga being adapted too, so I'm disappointed.

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12:18 am, Aug 6 2017
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Storyline or character changes

Compare Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri manga and anime.
Anime version is a watered down version of manga.
Its good but a bit disappointing. none

All the other points is also concerning for me to be honest. smile


2:56 pm, Aug 6 2017
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My number one choice would be Rushed Story and/or skipping chapters. When they try to stick a whole story arc in like 1-3 episodes it usually bites hard or when the whole show just rushes thru material to just be able to fit something in a 12 episode season. The result often is the story barely making any sense.

Second choice would probably be Poor animation. However, it has to be pretty ugly throughout the entire show not just an episode or two for it to tick me off. The 2016 Berserk! did that it was so fuggly that it didn't matter that the story was still relatively solid. I thought my eyeballs were going to rot out of my brains.

Art style doesn't transfer well doesn't bother me because I'm ok if the art changes somewhat as long as it and story work I'm good. Poor voice acting usually only concerns dubs, so its not a worry for me. There's no way of knowing if there will be filler content in a new anime ahead of time, so why stress over something that may not happen? Censorship? Usually they remove that for home video releases, so rarely bothers me unless its obnoxious like Terra Formars anime (giant black circles and bars sometimes obstructing entire frame!).

The only other thing that might bother me is Storyline or character changes. I don't mind if the story or a character gets changed some (it might even improve it!) unless its really drastic or if its one of those bad ambiguous endings because there's not enough chapters for a real one.

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9:06 pm, Aug 7 2017
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I would have liked Storyline or character changes by the author because unless if it's like one punch man were animation is a big part of the hype I don't want to read 2 times the same story.

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5:58 pm, Aug 9 2017
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An adaption can never be a perfect copy of the original. An anime will have to leave out some content and may have to rearrange some scenes. That said, I hate drastic changes to the story or characters with a passion.

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