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MC is suddenly protected by a group or organisation and is given power n respect but has no idea why

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7:34 am, Aug 8 2017
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Male MC is a must and romance sub plot is preferred.

The Breaker New Waves (Its all I can think of lol)

A slightly different story is that the organisation is actually shady n there just using him for something else. He catches on eventually rebels. He even gains a few allys from the organisation itself to help him as they actually wish to follow him.

I can't give any examples for that kind of story unfortunately as I cant really remember any lol

Can anyone suggest anything close to these at all?

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9:52 am, Aug 8 2017
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Akame ga Kill kinda fits your preference ( Male MC, mysterious organization, bit of romance)

Gantz maybe? It has some mysterious power, steamy (?) romance and nice action scene

Also Big Order from mangaka of Mirai Nikki can be included.

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3:53 pm, Aug 10 2017
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Psycho Busters

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4:34 pm, Aug 10 2017
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Read just some chapters a long time ago, but I think Ratman had this kind of plot

My current top 3:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Pandora Hearts
3-gatsu no Lion
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