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is this safe for kids to read?

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5:19 am, Sep 17 2017
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I'm trying to find manga for my 7 year old nephew who is having issues with reading, I believe it's due to a lack of interest in actually reading. So would you recommend this for a kid?

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5:22 am, Sep 17 2017
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I would not. It gets pretty dark at points, and there's a lot of death in this series...

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7:11 am, Sep 17 2017
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I think fullmetal alchemist would be a bit too dark and gory in some parts, it's a bit more middle school and higher aged

I made a search list on here that might help, the first seven are ones i've read and think would be good for about that age, you can go through the others i'm not too sure about them. I think these all should have english books or you can always find the scanlations online this is the list

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7:29 am, Sep 17 2017
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A 7 year old? Oh God no, this one's way too dark for that young of a child. Some shounen like this will surprise you, some of the themes and story elements can be seriously disturbing.........this one's got human hybrids that literally eat humans and a mad scientist that uses his own pre-teen daughter for human experimentation.

Hell, I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just remembering it biggrin

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11:57 am, Sep 23 2017
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The original and darker anime is rated TV-PG in the US (Brotherhood is TV-14).
He is right on the boarder by that logic but ask yourself the question if your nephew is read to watch NolanĀ“s Batman movies. If yes then he is good to go for FMA, if not then stay away.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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