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5:59 am, May 21 2008
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I find it funny that some of my msn friends come and tell me :
See! I told you! I knew Itachi was a good guy.

A good guy? A guy who betrays his clan and kills them all, including his own family. That's not a good guy in my book.

Whatever, now that Madara's here, let's hope that he can replace Sasuke entirely. He's miles better in every category.

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6:18 am, May 21 2008
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so what would you consider a good guy, to sacrifice the few to save many, he did advert war which would have probably killed thousands so the whole concept of good and evil doesn't even apply...

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10:48 am, May 21 2008
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Two other unconfirmed spoilers~

Spoiler 1:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
basically starts with madara in a flashback asking why Itachi spared sasuke / left one alive... Itachi claims that he left sasuke alive to grow into his spare pair of eyes / EMS power, etc. After that there's an explosion or something like that, and you see Naruto and Kiba showing up at the safehouse where madara is keeping sasuke and the rest of the rescue party is close behind... and supposedly the end of chapter shows sasuke start to bleed from his eye again. I guess it could be believable.

Spoiler 2:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Tobi's recollections.

Madara says that because Itachi was sick, Itachi couldn't fight long. Before the end of the battle, Itachi gave his powers to Sasuke. One's Mangekyou is opened when one kills another with Mangekyou (something like that?). Sasuke starts screaming, and at the end Sasuke's eyes becomes Mangekyou.

source: animenewsnetwork

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sleepy ghost

3:22 pm, May 21 2008
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Can't let Dr. Love have all the fun. Another spoiler for everyone's amusement:

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Blood is coming from the left eye
This is new power that Itachi gave you, eye pattern of the Itachi's mangekyo
If in future Sasuke will obtain MS, left eye will automatically became EMS.
"Amaterasu is the only technique Itachi implant into your eyes" Madara says
There was a high risk in this surgery
*some important part I didn't get, so I'll just leave it for now - something about the key*

Both are silent
Madara continues with the story
He set up Deidara vs Sasuke battle to weaken Sasuke
Then immediately fighting with Itachi - released Orochimaru
This was the only way Itachi could transfer techniques
Sasuke: "I don't need it"
He raises "I don't want this power"
"Because of me?" "he killed himself...?" "That's a lie!"
"My eyes..." He remembers Itachi
Chapter ends with that whisper Itachi did "This is the key".

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
- Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain
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3:50 pm, May 21 2008
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Then I'll join in with the fun again. bigrazz These seem legit spoilers, so~

Spoiler Pic 1

Spoiler Pic 2

Spoiler Pic 3

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Sasuke: It’s ridiculous. He tried to kill me countless times.

Madara: If he was serious about killing you, he would have already.

Sasuke: He even used his eye techniques to try and kill me!

*Flashback to the scene where Itachi uses Amaterasu.

Madara: Your reaction to his attack was a part of his plan. He knew he had to push you into a corner.

Madara: You must have figured it out by now, right?

*Sasuke remembers back when Itachi finished off Orochimaru

*Madara looks at Sasuke’s neck

Madara: To release you from the cursed seal. And the death of the one closest to you…the fight was just as much about forcing you to unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan.

Madara: All of it was part of the fight Itachi planned. He put on the act of trying to take your eyes up until the very end.

*Sasuke is silent

Madara: Have you taken it all in?

Sasuke: You’re lying! Itachi said that you were the one that unleashed the Kyuubi on the village!

*Another flashback to what Itachi said during the fight

Sasuke: To give the Uchiha a bad name! To play games with the clan!

Madara: I said it before, but that is a lie. Itachi feared that I might tell you the truth. In order to prevent such a possibility he lied to you so you wouldn’t trust me and even rigged your eyes with Amaterasu.

Sasuke: You think I can believe you?! Itachi was evil! He was a criminal made so by Akatsuki!

Madara: He took on the burden of a crime that cannot be erased and even in leaving the village joined Akatsuki, an organization considered a threat to the village, to monitor its activities from the inside…thinking of the village…and of you. When the 3rd Hokage, who had promised Itachi he would watch over you, died Itachi immediately appeared in the village.

Madara; It was as a warning to the village elders…he thought of you above all…

Sasuke: Stop it!! It’s a lie! It’s all----

Madara: Because you are still alive!

*Sasuke makes more about to pass out/crazy freakout faces.

*Flashback to a scene in the fight between Sasuke and Itachi

Madara: In the end your eyes couldn’t see through Itachi at all. Your eyes couldn’t see a single thing. But Itachi…he killed his friends…his superiors…his lover…his father…and his mother…but you were the only one he just couldn’t kill. (Wow, Itachi had a girlfriend? o.o Playa! xD)

*Madara cuts Sasuke’s ropes with a kunai

Madara: The man who while shedding a tear cut away all his feelings and killed his fellow countrymen for the sake of the village…couldn’t kill you. Do you understand the meaning behind that?

Madara: To him, your life was even more important than the village.

*Sasuke has his pretty boy face on again

Madara: In his dying he did it to pass his power on to you and in being defeated by you avenge the Uchiha clan—and make you a hero by defeating him.

*Flashback of scene where Itachi spits up blood

Madara: Even as he felt his own end coming from the disease eating away at him he took medication to keep living…for his brother who he loved most dearly…

*Flashback of Itachi’s death scene

*Then the candles in the cave/room go out.

*He had to die in front of you during your battle with him.

*Scene changes to Sasuke staring out at the sea.

He, for the sake of the leaf village and for the sake of you, wished to die as a criminal and a traitor.

He traded honor for a sullied name…he traded love for scorn...

…and even with all that, Itachi died smiling.

*Last panel is Sasuke

*Itachi kept you in the dark all this time to pass on the name Uchiha to you…

source: animenewsnetwork

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6:21 pm, May 21 2008
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Such a caring brother, it seems.

i guess he really did love Sasuke.

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