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Shingo's Mother?

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4:13 pm, May 30 2008
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Every time Shingo's dad mentions his mother, Shingo has an angry outburst. Just for speculation, why do you think that is? Is she dead/alive?
I'm starting to think that Toujou, being the BM containment director, used her for some kind of experiment and she's either dead or horribly traumatized. I'm only seven volumes in, so feel free to correct me.

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1:28 pm, Sep 23 2008
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She's dead. She died in the first part. Shingo always blamed his father for pushing her away with his coldness.

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8:01 pm, Jan 10 2011
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its because she was against creating the BM the entire time, she later on was the first person to die in a BM experiment, and shingo feels as though she was the one who was right all along and his dad was wrong for continuing the BM experiments

why because i am the president of the student council of course

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