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is the main guy annoying???

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8:29 pm, Jun 15 2008
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For me he is really annoying i just can't stand him. HEARTLESS GUY!!!!! mad

how about you guys do you like him or admired him, if so tell me whyconfused

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7:43 pm, Oct 1 2008
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I AGREEEEE! uahhh... he's so mean to her..

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12:16 am, Oct 2 2008
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he is a bit irritating I agree, but it's been awhile since I've read the manga.
The main girl is pretty annoying though-- I think she should stand up for herself
sometimes and not always chase him around like that.

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2:16 am, Oct 3 2008
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well, I read the whole series, and I kind of understand why he acted that way, but I won't actually call him annoying, I think that term suits more to the main girl of the story, lol.

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2:52 am, Oct 3 2008
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He is (sometimes), because we are all for the heroine
But if you put yourself on the his shoes, you think she's annoying

anyway, he is not in love with her at the first place. He likes another girl so you cannot force him to just change his feeling in a matter of days

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11:46 pm, Dec 18 2008
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I think that Shuuhei is annoying for agreeing to date Seara in the first place if he was in love with Ayano. Guy's Rule #1: Don't date a girl that you don't like unless you are going to get sex. Shuuhei violated rule #1. Guy's Rule #2: Don't date a girl while you are waiting for another girl to become single. That makes you a jerk.This is exactly what he did. If he did not like her that way, then he shouldn't have agreed to go out with her! It's guy like him that give the rest of us a bad name! mad

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12:17 am, Dec 19 2008
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I think everything happened because of a HUGE misunderstanding...tell the truth for once!

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