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Liscensing Clarification

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Ore Sanjou!
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11:37 am, Sep 4 2006
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As there is no Note feature, yet, I will add this information here for other users to read.

In regards to Fist of The North Star's liscensing, it is no longer liscensed.

It was previously liscensed (the first time) by Viz, but they gave up the liscense, and it then Gutsoon Entertainment had it.

However, a few years back, Gutsoon all but disappeared, and recently, all of their liscenses have expired (I read that somewhere, I will look for it to post for verification). So, anything previously liscensed by Gutsoon is no longer liscensed.

Not much else I need to say. I updated the picture to something from the manga (Before, someone had a picture that look like it was edited in Photoshop on there), and I updated the Description, but I did that stuff the other day, so, yeah.

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3:10 pm, Sep 4 2006
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Ok thanks... Rather then add the notes function for this though, I think I'd rather just expand the licensing feature to allow multiple licencees. I'm not sure yet.

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12:54 am, Sep 16 2006
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Expanded the licensing thing. You can now specify multiple licensing companies.


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