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Alto should end up with: Sheryl Or Ranka? THE BIG QUESTION!

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10:17 pm, Jul 5 2008
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The title says it all.
Which pairing do you ship?



I personally ship Alto/Sheryl. ;D Ahaha.

For future references, Alto DOES look like Kanda from DGM.

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10:21 pm, Jul 5 2008
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I would like to see the Alto/Sheryl combination however if it follows similar to the original Macross then hes not gonna get either.

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10:27 pm, Jul 5 2008
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I surprised myself by liking Ranka more. Sheryl often annoys me for some reason.

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11:27 am, Aug 9 2008
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Ranka's built like an 11 year old....

Sheryl on the other hand is built like a woman.......with that said i'mma have to go with Sheryl > Ranka.......

but with that aside, Ranka's brother is his boss and he has a sister complex....and Ranka's just slightly whiney, so i'd like to see him with Sheryl (although i doubt it'll happen)

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11:35 am, Aug 9 2008
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Alto should end up dead... IMO.

laugh laugh

Seriously, I've dropped Macross F (cheesy idols irritate me).... but I'd probably go with the green haired chick.... despite her loli looks.... I'm basically goin with the one that's annoys me less.

Not really bothered who the Kanda lookalike ends up with.... as long as the damn show ends.... waste of good anime money IMO.... money that could be wisely spent on a better, less-cheesy show, perhaps.

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1:18 pm, Aug 9 2008
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Maybe you should have made this into a poll?

Anyway, I'm also rooting for AltoxSheryl

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Alto DOES look like Kanda from DGM. Hah.

That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Alto

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7:10 am, Jan 23 2014
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In Sayonara no Tsubasa, the second version of the film (An alternate version of the TV series) there is a conclusion to the love triangle. At the very end he calls out to Ranka, but tells her that he cannot return her feelings. He is sorry, but tells her thank you as well. Alto turns to Sheryl and starts to tell her how he feels, but gets get off before he can (though it is pretty obvious that he was saying I love you). The movie ends with Alto MIA... whether or not he returns is left up to your imagination

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