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Detective Conan, and I thought Inuyasha was bad...

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Post #178928

4:19 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 8

I mean really if people want to think of long drawn out plots they think inuyasha but conan is 3 times longer and still going strong. the plot just repeats and the only thing going for it is the whole sleeping detective angle I mean whats-his-face is hilarious when he passes out. I invite all commentary lets start a debate!

So here are my questions

1) Is it ending soon?

2) When is Shinnichi getting his body back?

3) Are all the couples gonna get together in the end?

Post #178933 - Reply to (#178928) by shrubsareit
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Crazy Cat Lady

4:25 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 1850

Quote from shrubsareit
1) Is it ending soon?

2) When is Shinnichi getting his body back?

3) Are all the couples gonna get together in the end?

1) Probably not, it'll keep going as long as it keeps selling.

2) About the time it's not selling well enough any more. laugh

3) My guess is that it'll be ended in such a way that the couples aren't actually together, but you can tell they will be.

Really, though, this manga is NOT about Shinnichi getting his adult body back & getting together with the girl, and it's definitely not about character development or anything like that.

This manga *is* about all the bizarre and convoluted crimes they can have Conan solve, and the rest is just the set-up for the mysteries.

"[English] not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary."
-James Nicoll, can.general, March 21, 1992
Post #178937
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4:37 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 145

Detective Conan is so long and is probably not going to end until the mangaka dies...then we will never know what happens to Shinnichi... laugh

I surprisingly like Detective Conan. I usually hate drawn out Shounen stuff, but maybe I like this one because I jump around the episodes since it doesn't really matter where you start...everything is the same, but if I feel like a mystery I turn on Detective Conan (I don't usually read Shounen)...I also usually skip to scenes with him and Ran (that was her name right?) and anything that seems remotely

At least in the 2nd live action film he turned back...but then he went back to being a kid... roll eyes

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~Ikuta Toma~
"Ore wa Homo Janai!"
Post #178939
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4:54 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 641

There are far longer series than Inuyasha and Detective Conan, like Hajime no Ippo for example...

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Post #178943
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5:03 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 468

At least Hajime ages.

Conan should have already returned to being an adult since it has been 15 years since publication. Which means even if he was 5 he'd still be an adult now ....

The only grudge I have against Detective Conan is that it spurred a whole bunch of episodic detective mangas, letting them all feel that they could pass by with just repetitively restating (<----intentional) previous cases in different forms.

Post #178944
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5:09 am, Jul 14 2008
Posts: 38 about not knowing how to end a story...or perhaps not wanting to end it. laugh

I haven't failed. I have found 10,000 ways that don't work.

-Thomas alba Edison
Post #274183
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6:49 am, Apr 8 2009
Posts: 36

No one but the manga-ka can answer those! Inuyasha was great, it is not repeating itself, and you try writing those on-depth scenarios, then we can talk.

Transitive Guests Are We
Post #292576
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2:11 pm, May 28 2009
Posts: 5

InuYasha was fun to read, I don't find it repatitif at all.
and for Detective conan:

1) one day it has to

2) I don't know....perhaps

3) It's a manga...why do you even bother to ask. biggrin

Monstar Maalik
Post #293075
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10:49 am, May 29 2009
Posts: 1033

Hajime no Ippo has character and plot development, this doesn't....why some1 could read/watch this, i have no clue, you know exactly whats gonna happen, theres a mystery, he solves, next chapter, theres a mystery, he solves it....wth?, why read it? thats so boring

but back when i first saw this anime on adult swim, i thought it was great, untill i figured out that they had no intentions of doing anything with the story progression wise, i'm truly amazed people are able to read this

User Posted Image
Post #295614

2:20 pm, Jun 6 2009
Posts: 13

It is not meant to be a character development type manga. Think of it as a TV show. There's a weird storyline on every episode, but character developments are really slow. If that's what you're looking for, go for shorter mangas. But since I'm a mystery-freak, I'll keep reading as long as the mangaka keep writing!

Post #314461

7:59 am, Aug 18 2009
Posts: 4

god knows why people still scanlate this and not something better like golgo 13.

Post #316801

11:43 pm, Aug 28 2009
Posts: 113

Think about this manga as the simpsons. They've been going for over 20 years and Lisa and Bart are still the same age as ever. They've had an special christmas episode every year and yet, the time won't flow in their world.
Indeed, as MissRaw said, this is not a character development manga, i really would like to see the flow of time here, but if such aspect were to be considered, of course Ran would've given up by now, and who knows what might happen with Conan, whether he stays small because of the drug or he actually grows up.

Post #328810

12:41 pm, Oct 19 2009
Posts: 22

I just follow the Detective Conan anime, movies and manga and I can say it's really good. I will never get tired of them. Every story is unique, the mystery/detective elements never get old. I can also praise that the most of the detective Conan movies are very well done, especially the last 13th movie, awesome plot, the story follows the canon of the anime tv series for a large part, that is why it is so good in my opinion, much better than the movies of Bleach and Naruto with their inconsistencies.

As for the manga itself, I like it very much, the characters are well designed; my favorite characters are Ai Haibara and Vermouth and really like the comical pairing of Takagi-san and Satou-san.

The Detective Conan franchise proves to be that good and that many still love it, that's why it's still here after 25 years, unlike others which had to stop so abruptly, e.g. ToLove-ru or Shaman King.

Post #348795

5:05 pm, Jan 12 2010
Posts: 46

First of all sorry if I'll made some mistakes in spelling.

Detective Conan is normal detective. Do you read Agatha Kristy novels? For example about Poaro? How old are you think he was? If start to calculate, in the first book he was about one hundred years old! But why nobody say "It's stupid! Those books are bad because don't match with real facts"?

Or remember "the greatest detective in the world" - Sherlock Holmes. Lets analyse him. He was a terrible smoker that takes heroine every evening. How this type of person could be so smart?! And the knowledges he has? How real men can know so many science in the same time so good? He mas a chemist, biologist, anthropologist, geologist, know several fighting styles, and more and more. And again the last case! When he finished it he must be about one hundred years old, but he still was not older then in the first book

Conan is not serious manga. It's great manga for a boring day

About many merders. Well ones I read an old interview with Agatha Kristy. And she says something like that: "Thieving are good for small stories, but if you want to make readers feel excitement you need a murder"(Sorry, if translation incorrect, but its really hard to correctly translate into English Russian translation of English text. But the main plot of phrase I save)

Post #348807
user avatar
Perfect Prosecutor

6:37 pm, Jan 12 2010
Posts: 23

All you people hating on Detective Conan need to appreciate the brilliance of these murder mysteries. Gosho comes up with the best ways to kill people. Some of my favorite DC murder weapons include a finger nail, a fax machine, and a wig. True, I eventually stopped reading it because every time I thought the series was ending the men in black got away and the series went back to weekly mysteries. But everyone should give it a shot because it is a very fun series.

Lets analyse him. He was a terrible smoker that takes heroine every evening. How this type of person could be so smart?!

I'm pretty sure Sherlock Holmes took cocaine, not heroin, but either way I'm not sure how that's related to his intelligence. Cocaine is an upper, so it shouldn't effect his mental capacity. And they weren't aware of the long term side effects of many drugs in the 1800s. Only Watson is concerned about how much cocaine Holmes uses.

In Study in Scarlet, Watson points out that Holmes disregards knowledge that most of us consider common sense, such as that the world is round and stars are made of gas. He's also antisocial. So even though Holmes has a frightening amount of intelligence, it's at least balanced out with negative qualities.

Conan kinda begins to lose this balance as the series progresses, and I think that's another reason why I gave up on reading it. He just becomes too flawless. I started cheering for Kogoro towards the end.

Last edited by peppermintmoose at 4:05 pm, Jan 13

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