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Ashita no Joe Inspires New TV Anime With Orignal Story

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4:22 pm, Oct 13 2017
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Ashita no Joe
Ikki Kajiwara (pen name Asao Takamori) and Tetsuya Chiba's Ashita no Joe manga is inspiring a new television anime series that will premiere in spring 2018. The anime is titled Megalobox, and while it is based on Ashita no Joe, it will tell an original story.
The anime is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original manga. In the new story, a man called JD (Junk Dog) participates in fixed boxing matches in an underground ring in order to live. Today, he enters the ring again, but he encounters a certain person. JD wants to take on a challenge that risks everything. -joe-manga-inspires-new-tv-anime-with-orignal-story-in-spring-2018/ .122668

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