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Who should Negi choose?

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Who should Negi choose?
Kagurazaka Asuna
Miyazaki Nodoka
Yukihiro Ayaka
Ayase Yue
Izumi Ako
Karakuri Chachamaru
Sasaki Makie
Someone else
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From User Message Body
Post #281457
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8:10 pm, Apr 26 2009
Posts: 4

Eva ('Like father, like son'), because it would be twisted, age and appearance don't matter for someone like her. At least she's among the few that don't go lovey-dovey/embarrassed around him.
I felt surprised at first when I found out Nodoka was such a popular character, then I remembered tvtropes. I usually don't dislike shy librarians, but she doesn't seem like someone suitable for Negi, shyness and telepathy aren't exactly what an uprising Magister Magi needs in a 'permanent' partner. The undying love she has is however among the few things going for her.
I preferred Ayase back when she wasn't head over heels in love with Negi
Spoiler (highlight to view)
(and that means right now too)
But still she
Spoiler (highlight to view)
shows some promise as a mage, has access to all magical knowledge, and rants about philosophy occasionally.
So she's not that bad I guess.
Other pairings don't interest me as much. But of course we know what he's going for. Asuna
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Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushialolwtf,
a long name can make anyone look cool, no?

Baka Rocky
Post #290384
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3:24 am, May 22 2009
Posts: 9

GO Nodoka!!!! She's the Hinata of Mahou Sensei Negima! They are both shy and awesome! They look sorta similar too... but it's ok!! laugh

Post #290386
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I am the Devil

3:30 am, May 22 2009
Posts: 2083

eva. dont care if shes like 500 years old

Post #290395
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Sam the Eagle

4:05 am, May 22 2009
Posts: 351

I vote for Nodoka. I would say Eva, but I get the feeling that she would just eat him or something. Also, I realize that this topic started a couple of years ago, but should Asuna still be on the list?

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Fate has returned her to her original self now, so this Asuna does not even care about Negi, right?

Post #290399
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4:22 am, May 22 2009
Posts: 227

asuna, evangeline, or the cosplay girl ( who look like asuna and who is almost alway with negi ). i don't know witch one so i chose other.

Post #290405

4:45 am, May 22 2009
Posts: 16

personally, i like chisame and yukihiro but i know both of them don't even have a slight chance...

Post #299247 - Reply to (#290395) by orpheus17
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7:53 pm, Jun 18 2009
Posts: 13

Quote from orpheus17
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Fate has returned her to her original self now, so this Asuna does not even care about Negi, right?

That's a disturbing thought, orpheus. I really hope that doesn't happen, otherwise there will be an extra-long arc in which the love begins anew (or something like that).

I voted for Iincho, since I find her to be especially attractive in that motherly way (since I tend to like that sort of woman myself <_<), but I can say with some certainty that Negi will not end up with Iincho. I'd say she'd be a good match for Negi, since it seems like she'd be able to take care of him in the real world, but I seem to be the only one >_>

But, more importantly....
Spoiler (highlight to view)
it seems like Asuna qualifies as Negi's 'aunt', meaning his mother's sister. It seems like a 'forbidden' love may be developing,...feheheheh.

Last edited by hamburgers at 11:33 pm, Jun 30

As you can see, I like to write run-on sentences. My title is spelled correctly.
Post #312274 - Reply to (#234941) by zerstorer911

8:59 pm, Aug 9 2009
Posts: 320

Quote from zerstorer911
Nodoka *Sigh*

I saw this poll thing while I was surfing the net. When I saw what people said I registered on this site just to post a reply.

I see that a lot of people are saying that Asuna will likely be the one but I have gone to lots of other forums and other people like me say that if he ends up with Asuna the manga will end up being too much like Love Hina and that is not a good thing. It would look like a recycled plot.

I also see that some people here have a problem with relationships that have too large an age gap or one that involves student and teacher. I have always been a believer of love is blind. I hate society's unwritten rules. To me age is not a problem. Today we think couples with different race, religion or nationality are fine, so why not couples with an age gap?

Look at it this way:
83 year old man + 88 year old woman
Not weird right?
How about...
10 year old boy + 15 year old girl
Why do people think the second one is weird? Both situations involve a 5 year age gap. It is the same banana.

As for the student-teacher thing, why should it be wrong if the student truly loves the teacher and is not doing it to raise his/her grades and the teacher isn't doing it to take advantage of the student.

I hate conservatives.

One major difference between your two examples. It's a 10 YEAR OLD BOY. It is not the same banana. A 10 year old has such an undeveloped mind, that it does not even compare to a 15 year old. I do agree that love is blind, and that age is just a number... at a certain point. Want proof? Meet an 18 year old still in high school. Get to know them, blah blah blah. Now keep in touch with them after a semester in college. They would be different.

You learn things as you get older. So many things that a change in environment such as high school and college (or elementary and high school to fit your example) would change a person significantly. I completely changed from elementary to middle school, and the same things for middle to high school. Of course, the same thing happened in college although it wasn't that big a change.

See, I agree, there's nothing wrong if a man is 25 and he has a 30-35 year old partner (or the other way around). If they really love each other, there's no problem. But if you tell me that a 10 year old is going out with a 15-20 year old, then that's a big difference. I would be slightly more open to a 15 and a 20 year old since a 15 year old is MUCH more mature than a 10 year old, but I would still find it a little unsettling since in all likelihood the 15 year old is still growing and does not know who he/she really is yet.

Also, society has never had a problem with age. Look at history, you had 15, or even younger, girls being married off to much older men. And even now, you'll be hard pressed to find couples who don't have an age gap. My step mom has about 4 years on my dad. Same for my grandfather. And my brother has a girlfriend 3 years older than him. If that's not enough, my old friend's dad is about 15 years older than his wife. So you see, age is not a big deal in society, if the youngest in the relationship is at a reasonable age. Also, I would bet that couples of different race, religion, or nationality have a tougher time than those with an age gap. Just look around you and you'll see.

Also, it's not a conservative thing. You'll find people from both extremes who would disagree with you.

As for the manga itself. If Negi ends up with Asuna, it won't be the same as Love Hina. Whatever similarities are already present, that's about as similar as it'll get. They are two completely different stories. Like someone pointed out, there's no childhood promise between Negi and Asuna.

Post #314855

3:53 am, Aug 20 2009
Posts: 522

in chapter 260 we got a hint about who negi might end up with...
Spoiler (highlight to view)
It's possible to be Ku-Fei...because the girl from the future who claimed to be Negi's descendent...looked kinda chinese...

Post #319026
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3:19 am, Sep 7 2009
Posts: 458

I think he should end up with anya. Why? cuz she is actually the same age as him. Also I dont think girls should end up with their teachers, even if he is younger then them. Of course him ending up with kotaro wouldnt be so bad..... sad

Post #423091
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insomniac Kagehime

11:35 am, Nov 11 2010
Posts: 2706

the last post on this topic was one year ago -.-"
i´m for nodoka or chisame. i´m still wondering why so many people voted for asuna
Spoiler (highlight to view)
i think akamatsu will chose her, lbecause he mostly choses the main heroine

eva-chan should become a couple with nagi^^

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #423093
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12:10 pm, Nov 11 2010
Posts: 1424

In the beginning I was for NodokaxNegi. But for some reason now I prefer Yue. biggrin But that's just meembarrassed if negi will chose someone it will probably be Asuna

User Posted Image
Post #423097
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1:01 pm, Nov 11 2010
Posts: 773

most harem manga .......the hero ends up with the 1st girl he sees in new environment

so asuna

though i love iincho wih her shotacon.......and wonder why she doesnt have pactio....she is shown adept at aikido

best shonen manga couples :

shinichi X ran
natsu X erza
ippo X kumi
naruto X gaara
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