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Eternal is recruiting more Cleaners

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5:21 am, Aug 12 2008
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Eternal is a group that mainly scanlates manga based on video games and is seeking more Cleaners to spread out the between people and also have the option to be able to pick up more projects.

For Cleaners, you need to know how to do HQ cleans (basically experienced with this or skilled in photoshop). Cleaners should be using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro or GIMP to do their cleans (Photoshop users are preferred as the raws are in PSD, but PNG can be provided if the program you use cannot open PSD files). Cleaners should also have knowledge on how to use a FTP Client to connect to the FTP server to download and upload the raws (Not mandatory, but will make everyone's life easier if you do).

The raws that the group uses are currently all scanned by me with no gutter shadows at all, as I debind my manga to scan. I'm sure you'll enjoy working on them XD

Cleaner applicants are required to do the cleaning test below:-

Cleaning Test - Main

Cleaning Test - Double Page

Cleaning Test - Magazine Page

You need to clean the pages that are in the zip of the Main cleaning test (there are three). Then pick any one of the three double pages (you can do all if you wish) and any one of the three magazine pages (you can do all if you wish). You need to erase away the text and redraw any text that is on the background that is related to the main story (no need to redraw sfx, although I would redraw the easy ones). This is to see how well you're able to do basic cleaning and how well you can redraw. Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert at redrawing, even if you just know how to do basic redrawing, it's fine. This cleaning test is for me to assess your skill level. Also, it's okay if you can't do HQ cleans for magazine scans but you need to know how to do HQ cleans for tankoubon scans. The magazine scans cleaning test is there just in case I ever want to pick up a series that uses those type of scans and I know who I can turn to to work on them.

You can visit the website at for a list of projects that we're currently working on. The group mainly works on manga based on games (or anything I'm interested in). This mainly applies for Tales of Series games, Star Ocean Series games and Wild ARMs series games, although I might look at other game series also (like Final Fantasy).

I would also prefer if you're at least able to do HQ cleans at the speed of one to two chapters per month of approximately 40 pages per chapter or at a consistent pace. Most importantly, you must be easily contactable via e-mail and able to inform me if you're ever too busy with real life to do anything (like quitting, or on a temporary hiatus to sort out real life stuff, etc).

If you're interested in applying, either post here or e-mail me at (E-mail is preferred).

P.S. You don't need to redraw borders nor replace the greys, just be able to make the blacks and whites perfect and the grey color something like the original (preserving the greys). Also, you don't need to be skilled at redrawing, cause I have a pretty skilled cleaner/redrawer in the group and I can always ask her to work on those if you can't handle it.

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4:41 pm, Aug 26 2008
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Eternal is still looking for more cleaners! Apply if you're interested in the projects that we do =)


4:43 pm, Sep 9 2008
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Still looking for cleaners! DX


4:28 pm, Oct 21 2008
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Still recruiting cleaners! I really need some experienced ones that can handle the basic cleaning to lighten the load of the other cleaners.


6:10 am, Jun 8 2012
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If you guys need a cleaner, I'm interested to be one smile


8:01 am, Aug 14 2012
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I want to a be a cleaner!!! Especially after reading that you guys are doing Tales of Series ^^ sugoi neee!!


9:28 am, Feb 17 2015
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Hm... I want to try out. Is it still open or is it closed? I don't want to test and realize it was all for nothing.

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7:08 pm, Mar 5 2015
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Quote from kyoko908
Hm... I want to try out. Is it still open or is it closed? I don't want to test and realize it was all for nothing.

How did you find this thread in the first place? *-*
This thread was made in 2012.
Their last update was few days ago, it says to contact them through their email; according to their twitter page:
that's their contact email on that website.

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