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Your Favorite Manga of all time (or maybe top 5)

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From User Message Body
Post #562
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2:50 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 32

Goddamn i wrote this before and i was just about to click 'Create New Topic' n then my comp crashed. --___-- neways enough ranting. I'm lookin for sum good manga so please tell me ur top five favorite mangas of all time. Sum comments would be cool also.
I'll start with my top 5:
1. Vagabond <-- Its just.. wins. Period. The art, the story omg! Read it now.
2. Shamo <-- The amount of character development is insane! Too many mangas are all plot and no character development.
3. Blame! <-- Ive never seen a manga soo amazing with so little text.
4. Berserk <-- The bible of action/adventure manga. Need i say more...
5. Love Hina <-- I no its old but it was the first manga i ever read so it has a special place in my heart lol.

Post #564

3:20 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 3

1. GTO, Onizuka is awesome.
2. Salad Days, Favorite romance series of all time. I never thought a 1 chapter story could be so good. (Salad Days is a series made up of short stories)
3. Pretty Face, Hilarious and I liked the art.
4. School Rumble, HAHAHAHA.
5. Love Hina, Funny and actually kind of romantic.

Post #565
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3:33 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 309

Only 5? blaaah, muri!

some good reading:
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (better than life.)
Ciguatera (slice of life seinen on its absolute best)
Kekkaishi (most underrated shounen manga ever.)
Piano no Mori (cause its my pet project ;D)
Koroshiya Ichi (a barrel of laughs and insanity)

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Post #566

3:59 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 91

for koroshiya ichi, was it manga->movie or the other way around?

Anyway, for me it is
1)Hajime no Ippo
2)Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
3)Slam Dunk
and then vagabond, one piece, real (im a huge inoue fan) and probably some others, but that top three is basically set in stone except sometimes when jojo has its truly great moments.

Post #567

5:18 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 49

Hmm, "of all time" is hard for me to pull off, given that I've started reading manga on a consistent basis only recently.

But here are my favourites so far (Complete work only):
Rough - This just pushes all the right buttons for me. Period. It's less known compared to Adachi's heavy hitters like Touch/H2, but I like this one best. Cross Game could surpass it however. Never would have guessed that an old light shounen romance would end up as my #1 favourite. One of the rare ones that I re-read from time to time.

The rest (in no particular order):
Tokyo Crazy Paradise - As a guy, this is what I look for in shoujo. The first chapters/volumes were so text-heavy (at one point it seemed that this should've been called a novel) that I almost dropped it. Almost. I'm extremely glad that I didn't. Nakamura's current Skip Beat! looks pretty good so far, but since I didn't finish it yet, it doesn't count.

Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari - Dark slice-of-life drama type of story. I hear that Confidential Confessions is pretty heavy on the stuff too (third story of book 3 especially seems to be mentioned on forums), but I haven't gotten around to grab those yet.

Parallel - Yeah I know that this is only the little brother to Pastel. Even though I prefer Pastel's art and story setting, the shortness of Parallel makes it less "draggy". Great ending too. Innocent (relatively speaking) ecchi shounen done right.

Sanctuary/Akira - I feel like I need to include a work from the past, and it was either Sanctuary or Akira. However, since I don't feel like splitting hairs over which and/or which themes do I consider more important, I'll give them a tie. Crying Freeman isn't up here because the abundance of sex often doesn't serve a significant purpose. Well, less than Sanctuary at least.

And then there are those I've yet to read like 20th Century Boys, Bastard, GTO, etc. that could potentially replace one of the 5 (6 actually bigrazz ) listed.

Last edited by Decel at 5:26 am, Sep 8

Post #572
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11:38 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 76

Blue Heaven
Girls Saurus

As You may or may not have noticed there is no shoujo on this list so I'll say Kare Kano

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Post #573
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11:59 am, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 21

Well... this is not probably what you want, seeing as you seem to prefer shounen (by your top 5, at least), but here are 5 mangas I really liked (not my favourites 'cause I haven't read that many manga)...

1.Hana-Kimi (For you in full blossom): 23 volumes, shoujo. Story of a girl who disguises herself to enter an all boys school. It's a great read if you like shoujo/romance stories. The pace is just right (23 volumes) and there's almost never a dull moment.

2. Ouran High School Host Club: 10+ volumes (ongoing), shoujo. Haruhi, a scolarship student in a very expensive high school, breaks a very expensive vase that belongs to the Host Club, and has to work for them to pay it. Hilarity ensues. Very funny. Also has the whole girl-dressed-as-a-boy thing. ^___^

3. Model: 7 volumes, shoujo. Jae, an art student studying in Europe meets a strange man one night and decides to paint his portrait. Manhwa with vampires. The story is a little... random at times, but it's cool.

4. Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers): 36 volumes, shoujo.Yet another shoujo manga, telling the story of Tsukushi, a poor girl that enters a high school for rich kids. A bit long, sometimes boring and the art in the first volumes is not that good, but overall it's a great shoujo manga.

5. Trigun: 14+ volumes (ongoing), shounen. Story of Vash the Stampede, yadda, yadda. One of my favourite shounen series (probably the only one...). Really like this manga, although the fight scenes are a little... confusing. The overall story is good and the characters are all mad (as I like them). The art is not that good, but oh well.

Also recommend these: Bleach, Girl got Game and Goong.

Post #578

12:56 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 35

None of my favorites have completed their runs, but I like them all the same.

1) Fruits Basket -- I saw the anime first and loved it. So it was only natural to go to the manga to get the whole story. Tohru is such a sweetheart. ^_^ I think this is one of TokyoPop's best-done titles.

2) Negima! -- I gotta say that starting with volume 3, this series got good. I'm not a fan of the lolicon ecchi content, but I've been surprised at how the story has entertained me. Plus, Chachazero just totally rocks!

3) xxxHOLiC -- While this series is taking its time (from what I've read, which are only the Del Rey releases), I rather enjoy the journey that Watanuki is on. We'll see where this goes, but for now, it is good stuff.

4) School Rumble -- I saw the sample pages on Del Rey's site, and I was laughing within a few pages. As such, I knew I had to own this. That lead me to watch the anime, which has been a hoot as well.

5) Genshiken -- I loved this from the moment I picked up a copy at the bookstore and thumbed through it. Since it was a Del Rey title, I was interested in giving it a look-see without knowing a thing about it. As soon as I learned that the series would deal with the otaku culture in Japan, combined with the fact that I immediately liked the crew of the Genshiken, I scored it. It has been pretty good stuff ever since.

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Post #579 - Reply to (#566) by NeoShweaty
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1:52 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 309

for koroshiya ichi, was it manga->movie or the other way around?

It's manga > movie.

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Post #582
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5:22 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 3

1) Hikaru no Go - My favorite of all time. This got me back into anime after leaving it behind in high school. The manga is even better. (Anything drawn by Takeshi Obata is great.)

2) Hajime no Ippo - I just really like this one. It's a shame that the chance of it getting picked up in the US is almost zero.

3) Beck - The story is good, but what I really like is the art. The charachters seem so much more real to me than in some manga.

4) The Kindaichi Case Files

5) Haru wo Diate Ita - For the yaoi fangirl in me. The art takes some getting used to. However, the love story between the main characters has to be one of my absolute favorites.

Also, just about anything by Boura Naono.

Post #583
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5:41 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 29

1) Great Teacher Onizuka - my favourite manga title of all time biggrin

2) Negima! - I wasn't a huge fan of Love Hina and didn't really expect to get into this series either, but I'm glad I did. Volume 3 got me to keep reading when I was about to give up and the Kyoto arc turned me into a fan bigrazz

3) Seikai Trilogy - My favourite anime series of all time in manga form! Fanboyness aside I thought they did a fairly good job of condensing the anime into the manga form, and eagerly await the novels that are coming out soon biggrin

I realise the next two are manhwa rather then manga but I they do rank over the rest of my reading list none

4) Ragnarok - Love the setting with the norse mythology and the character designs as well as the story. Too bad only volumes 1 - 10 are available in english T-T

5) Chronicles of the Cursed Sword - Main draw of this series for me is the chinese - esque setting, but I do like the majority of the characters in this and find the plot fairly interesting.

If 4) and 5) had to be mangas:

4) Air Gear - Didn't expect I would be so into this title but im pleasantly surprised.

5) Chrno Crusade - Manga was better then the anime and I love the setting for this series as well as the characters.

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Post #589
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8:05 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 2231

Hmm, you guys have some good suggestions. I'll have to check some of these out.

Post #592
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8:23 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 325

hmmm 5 you say ('-' )(._. )( '-')( ._.)

dont really have a top 5 but lemme just think which ones where the most memorable off the top of my head
(in no particular order)

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)
Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)

Salaryman Kintaro (only a few chapters were scanlated.... but on the bright side there is an anime that you can easily leech off the net)
Legendary Leader Shou (only a few chapters were scanlated....)

why back in the day we didn't 'download', we had to swim to japan if we wanted fresh anime and that was only if...

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Post #593
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11:07 pm, Sep 8 2006
Posts: 555

One Piece
Love Hina
Nodame Cantabile
Hayate the Combat Butler

I have dozens upon dozens and I'm too indecisive. I don't think I'll change my mind about the above, though.

Salaryman Kintaro was great but the anime really just seemed like it was cancelled. I wish someone started doing the manga again... along with Jinrui Nekoka and Hayate the Combat Butler.

Post #614
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1:20 pm, Sep 9 2006
Posts: 18

Gotta go with:
Love Hina - me first manga man
Negima - yeah the feeling is there
I's - a better ending
Ichigo 100% - ending kinda a let down
Berserk - been my #1 but not finished yet

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