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Tips For Searchers (Updated 07/13/10)

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2:00 am, Sep 16 2008
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1.) If you're looking for something to read and you're not looking for something specific, read through the topics and see if there's anything that attracts you. Who knows, maybe someone else is looking for something you might be interested in?

2.) If you're looking for a specific type of manga, odds are someone else was looking for it too. So having said that, they probably posted in this forum looking for it. Thus, use the Search Forums link: at the top of the forum page. It allows you to search all the posts in every forum for topics containing words/phrases...

For example, if you went to it and typed in "survival manga" and then looked through the results for things that were in the "I'm Looking For..." forum, it'd probably contain what you're looking for.

But if you do make a thread, don't give it a broad name like "long shoujo manga" narrow it down if you can!

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No Longer Here

2:10 pm, Sep 17 2008
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3.) If it's a particular genre you want, there's a funky genre search function over this way:

You can set genres that you do/do not want to see and order the list by licensing/release/type/list etc.

4.) If you fancy reading something similar to a series you enjoyed, there is a recommendations field on each series page. Hit the More... button and you get a handy colour-coded list of related manga. Similarly you might want to browse works by the same mangaka or serialised in the same magazine.

What's more, you can directly see what other users who liked this series have on their lists, and how many of theirs intersect with yours (manga you share). On a series page, opposite the User Rating field is a List Stats section. Hit one of the bold numbers to bring up a Similar Interests? window. This will show people who have it on a particular list ordered by rating, hit their username to show their list and try some of their top rated manga.

5.) If possible, fill in your manga lists (via My Lists link on your right under Members) before making a request. Be sure to make them public! It helps us get an idea of what you like and what you have already read.

6.) Specifying a list of likes/dislikes are useful. There have been a couple of topics where somebody recommends Yaoi/Yuri, only to have the poster later post that they're only interested in Seinen. - story645

7.) If you are looking for one manga in particular, include as much information as you can remember, and a picture if you have one. After you've found the title you've been looking for, be sure to confirm it!

8.) If the picture comes from a credit page for some scanlation group, try that group's website/forum/irc/FAQ first and then say in the thread that it wasn't helpful. (Please mention if you know who the credit page belongs to because that will probably be one of the first replies to the topic otherwise.) - story645

9.) Search through our Categories. (ie. "Amnesia", "Strong Female Lead", "Unrequited Love" etc.) If the category shows up with a few titles, it's (not always) but most likely, all the titles we have in our database of that category. Contemplate this before making thread. - Rainy Days

10.) Before asking for the source of a image, you may also try using Google Reverse Image Search. - caozhi

Happy searching~

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1:15 am, Sep 18 2008
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To those who have more eligible tips, please PM me to have them added.

Otherwise, this topic will be pinned & locked to avoid spam/unnecessary posts.

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