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Psychometrer Eiji

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From User Message Body
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11:57 am, Oct 23 2008
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Psychometrer Eiji

Did anyone complete reading it or read alot of it? i got a question:

did fukami hook up with emi or did they have feelings with one another?

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12:09 pm, Oct 23 2008
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Moved to correct forum...

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1:36 am, Oct 25 2008
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ok , I havent read the whole manga neither do I remember the characters' names. but I saw the last episode of the dorama which
Spoiler (highlight to view)
doesnt end up with any decided romantic involvement but that doc who was hot on the female police officer got freed and was on the prowl. the main guy out of anger of something hurt his own hand badly to prevent his power either getting out of hand or to prevent it to be used in bad manner and I think this incident was caused by some falling out with the female police officer's use of his powers.

now the sister of the main guy started having the same powers as the guy and I may be wrong but I think the female police officer notices this and tries to use her power. Then the doc manages to capture the sister to lure out the main guy because he wanted to get rid of the only obstacle between the officer and him. brother comes to find kidnapped sister and rescues her after lots of mental pain due to his powers and she suffers too. Then main guy reconciliates with police officer and they try to find the doc. and there is a scene in the encounter where main guy and doc scuffle on a high shaft or something and then main guy looses footing and hangs by the injured hand or something and police officer rushes to rescue him but is prevented by doc who I think was using hypnotic power over her. but by screaming or something, main guy brings her back to senses and I think doc falls over and dies.

last scene is that police officer tries to submit her badge to quit the force but main guy steps in and convinces her not too.

This might be very wrong descriptn but I think it is marginally correct. I am a supporter of the police officer and main guy. as far as I kno in the dorama, sister still had the hots for her "brother" and thats how
Spoiler (highlight to view)
doc managed to kidnap her
. I am very sorry for my extremely poor description. Btw, the raws are in the net.

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Post #308603

11:22 am, Jul 25 2009
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From viewing the last raws it looks like it does have some sort of romance because the police officer gives a kiss to eiji on his cheek

Post #308632
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Yours Truly,

4:09 pm, Jul 25 2009
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Fukami & Emi?
is it Eiji's stepsis and her classmate??

If I'm correct, then here's the spoilies..
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Emi found out Fukami's part time job as a psychic..(fortuneteller) of some sort. @_@

Then, both of them gone out and Fukami told her about the Lover's comet, and that he believed in reincarnation. He told Emi that DECADES ago, Emi and Eiji used to be lovers and that both of them watched this comet together. Emi didnt believed him at first, then Fukami said he used to love her in his past life too, but he wasnt fated to be with her (because Emi love Eiji). Fukami also said something happened to Emi and Eiji (in their past life) that made them not be together and their strong love for each other caused them to be reborn in this era as STEPSIBLINGS with no blood relation.

Emi asked who Fukami was in her past life, and he teared up when he thought about it. Something tells me Fukami used to be the love rival or someone who loved Emi but it was a one sided love affiar. (This scene also implies Fukami's crush on Emi, he kissed her).

as for Vol. 25...(the ending)
Spoiler (highlight to view)
There's a scene where Emi sees Fukami in the class and there was no implied romance scenes here. Fukami only mentions that Akagi's ghost (that haunted Eiji) has gone.

and Author's side comments on vol.25..
Spoiler (highlight to view)
The mangaka mentions how Eiji and Shima will get married and have a daughter named "Eiko".

and Emi has gotten married to a msytery guy. We're not sure if she ended up with Fukami or the other guys like Toru and that geeky dude with glasses XD

Hope that helps!

Last edited by Hermit-chan at 1:22 am, Aug 1

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dark mage
Post #374918

1:58 pm, Apr 28 2010
Posts: 530

Can anyone please tell me the identity of the black-haired cop guy who loves Shima and they almost kissed in Volume 25, who later shot a policeman and was imprisoned? Shima seemed to have feelings for the guy as she was ready to kiss him back and kept blushing around him, and she cried and was very sad when the guy got jailed. Also she threw away a cross-shaped locket into the sea, which I am assuming, is a gift from the guy.

Only then does Shima seem to recipocrate Eiji's feelings abit and later kisses him on the cheek. So I guess when people say that there were hints throughout the manga that Shima and Eiji had feelings for each other isnt really true. Because although Eiji did show he had feelings for Shima, Shima rarely showed any feelings for him, instead she seemed more hung up on her dead EX, and was attracted to the brilliant Psycho killer Sawaki, and later showed strong feelings for this cop-guy-with-black-hair. I dunno how she later develops feelings for Eiji so suddenly to kiss him on the cheek and later even marry him.

BTW, I liked Shima more than Emi from the beginning and I loved her interactions with Eiji as they seemed so compatible despite their age difference. But it still bugs me a little that Shima kept showing more feelings and had more sexual attraction with other guys than what she had with Eiji.

So Emi finally gave up on her Eiji and started dating Fukami? Because in the spoiler above the poster said Fukami kissed Emi.

Last edited by dark mage at 2:08 pm, Apr 28

Post #381996

6:10 am, May 29 2010
Posts: 18

Hi, i'm just sharing my two cents, sorry for not using spoiler, I'm new to this, bside the threads title clearly stated it's for the ending so i won't bother using one anyway (will try learning it some other time, so do excuse me)... biggrin

I've read the complete volume and I loved this manga alot, might not be the best out there but glad that somebody finally scanlated it and hopefully they won't drop it halfway throughout, wud love to see more fans on this series...

I forgotten most of their names aside from the protagonist, but if am not mistaken the ending was kinda open-ended in the manga, i don't know why, but after I wiki-ed, the author of this series turns out to be the same author for kindaichi, so I guess it kinda make sense if it's the author's style to leave series semi-concluded... (i.e. kindaichi, eiji, get backers(maybe.. didn't manage to finish it))

@dark mage
if u still need the answer, I think the black-haired guy who almost kissed shima in vol 25 is actually her "Dead Ex", he feigned death to avenge his partner who I think is another psychic, thus Shima was shocked to find him to be alive and well. and the cross necklace was his gift to her... (do note, that I'm assuming we're talkin about the same guy here, I haven't reread the whole thing, my collection is stored back @ my hometown) none

and yes I do agree, that somehow throughout the series, shima actually seems rather attracted to other guys (i.e. sawaki, the ex) rather than with eiji. but well in the end she did kiss eiji on the cheek (i forgot if she did it romantically or just casually though), which is why i said the ending was left rather hanging. also we're not shown or given any idea (except that eiji decided that he's aiming to be a cop) about what and how thing goes with the other two major psychic (the badass, moustache-bearded dude, and the dead partner of shima's ex) since it seems that they and sawaki are somehow related to a bigger, major "case" (hinted??).. confused

also @seth69
and as for fukami (i'm guessing fukami is the young psychic kid, schoolmate of emi??) and emi, i'm not sure if there is any development between them (yet another open-end), but the way the story goes it sort of suggesting that they are heading to that direction...

hope it helps, but if it's of no use any longer then nevermind my rambling haha3 biggrin

I dunno if the author's plannin or did make the sequel (heading to the sequel thread), but if anyone knows, an information is duly appreciated thx...

dark mage
Post #671698

4:24 pm, Sep 17 2015
Posts: 530

So a sequel has been released. Will there be a hope for ShimaxEiji this time? Or will it be open ended again? I hope they end up together; and if not with Shima atleast with some other girl. I don't know if I should be happy with the sequel or not? I mean at the end of Psychometrer Eiji, even though it was open ended, when Shima kissed him on the cheek I could imagine a good ending for them eventually in the future especially when the authors were joking around and said these two will have a girl named Eiko. But now in the sequel we saw Shima and Eiji haven't even met up in a while. And IMO the author doesn't want them together because if he did, he would've made Eiji work in the police force instead of having him repeat his high school year. At least if Eiji wasn't a high schooler he wouldn't look so much of a brat in Shima's eyes.

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