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What sorts of people read manga???

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From User Message Body
Post #552901
user avatar

10:49 am, May 26 2012
Posts: 31

Gender: The ones with the boobs (. . . oh wait guys can have them too haha)
Country/Continent: USA, California
Race: Japanese/ Puerto Rican
Main Personality Traits: I'm a generally lazy go with the flow kinda gal, who gets irritated with really stupid people, kinda loud, somewhat spacy, needs alone time and I'm innocently not innocent (which will probably only make sense if I explain in detail or you get to know me lol)
IQ: Average (but I think weirdly sometimes so maybe not haha)
Otaku or not: Well I have several posters, figures, and a bookcase filled with manga, but since I have so many interests I don't really consider myself one
Favorite food: Grandma's cooking biggrin
Height:between 5'5"-5'6"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown with red highlights (but right now blonde and brown)
Favorite band/musician: System of a Down, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Big Bang, Maximum Hormone
Favorite English Tv Show: Eureka, Supernatural,Once upon a Time, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead
Favorite Movie: My neighbor Totoro, Beauty and the Beast
Favorite English Cartoon: Regular Show, The Legend of Korra
Most Visited Website: Facebook. Mangaupdates, Mangatraders, Google
Favorite Actress: - Don't have one but my favorite model is Agyness Deyn
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
How many Siblings: An older sister and little brother (and I'm shorter than both of them D smile

User Posted Image
Post #553134
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BoReD OtAkU -_-

9:52 am, May 27 2012
Posts: 239

Gender: Female
Age: 13 will turn 14
Country/Continent: Asia, Philippines
Race: Filipino-Japanese
Main Personality Traits: Random, Clueless, Loud.
IQ: Above average.. I think, My classmates told me I'm the 2nd Albert Einstein. XD Though I hate to be called that way
Otaku or not: You can pretty much call me an Otaku but I'm not into on collecting figurines and stuff bigrazz
Favourite food: Chocolate, Strawberry
Height: 157 cm [5'2]
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Favourite band/musician: Have lots biggrin
Favourite English Tv Show: The Walking Dead, Glee,
Favourite Movie: Twilight XD!! Hunger Games, MIB
Favourite English Cartoon: Tom and Jerry, Teen titans bigrazz
Most Visited Website:,,,,,,,,
Favourite Actress: Shida Mirai [Japanese Actress] Kristen Stewart, Keiko Kitagawa [Japanese Actress]
Favourite Actor: Yamapi [Japanese Actor] Orlando Bloom
How many Siblings: 1

User Posted Image
Post #553144
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11:05 am, May 27 2012
Posts: 23

Well my turn I guess smile

Gender: Female
Age: A new adult where I live.
Country/Continent: Europe
Race: kind of an european african mix, but I'm considered "white"
Main Personality Traits: reserved, introverted, nice, ...
IQ: I think its around 130
Otaku or not:
Favourite food: cod with cream. (what a horrible translation)
Height: 163 cm, so that makes 5' 34" ? (i dont really understand that system..)
Eye Color: light grown with some green lines
Hair Color: dark brown almost black
Favourite band/musician: none
Favourite English Tv Show: none
Favourite Movie: The Lion King, perhaps
Favourite English Cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Most Visited Website: mangaupdates,
Favourite Actress: none
Favourite Actor: none
How many Siblings: 2, 1 sister and 1 brother

Well as you noticed I'm not really into movies and actors and television. I only watch what I deem important, so I don't really pay attention to who does what, as long as its well done smile

Post #553149
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HanaTsuki Hime

11:31 am, May 27 2012
Posts: 225

Gender: Female
Age: 19 (i'll be 20 this fall)
Country/Continent: Europe, Latvia
Race: European/White/Caucasian/Eastern (Middle) Balt/Latvian
Main Personality Traits: cheerful, forgiving, quiet, determined
IQ: i've got no idea, but um, well above average i guess? cuz i'm not the smartest but close to that, in some fields i am
Otaku or not: more like i am than not or pretty close
Favourite food: juicy fruits, chocholate, milk(the real deal not fake one in shops), meat
Height: 172 cm or maybe a bit more, not sure anymore ;p
Eye Color: Chestnut brown / light chestnut brown
Hair Color: Chestnut brown
Favourite band/musician: Within Temptation, Linkin Park, Prāta Vētra, Kajiura Yuki, Hans Zimmer
Favourite English Tv Show: Game of Thrones, Roswell, Nikita, Dr. Quinn
Favourite Movie: Inception, Elizabeth, Source Code, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Titanic, Gladiator, POTC, Black Swan, Eagle Eye
Favourite English Cartoon: Tom & Jerry, Simba
Most Visited Website: bakaupdates, google biggrin , twitter
Favourite Actress: Natalie Portman, Catherine Zeta-Jones
Favourite Actor: Johnny Depp, Ian Somerhalder
How many Siblings: 1 older brother, 1 older sister & 1 younger sister (25, 24, 11)

Favourite sports: snowboarding, figure-skating
Favourite books &/or authors : A Song of Ice & Fire, Judith Mcnaught, Kat Martin, Interview With a Vampire, Pride & Prejudice, Hamlet, Faust, The Master and Margarita, Hunger Games, Legend, The Host

Last edited by Rouzmary at 11:49 am, May 27

Nothing is Eternal but Eternity

Enjoy Life as Much as You Can
And do Whatever You Want
Because it May be Only One
Post #553157

12:59 pm, May 27 2012
Posts: 106

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Living in Oslo, Norway
100% Atheist

Race?: White Norwegian/Brazilian

Background: Lived in Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, France
Language: English, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian

Occupation: Student! 100% Law student (3. year Master in Law) 50% Business and Administration student (2. year in bachelor) Aiming for Master in Law and a master in Business and Administration

Love to exercise, love animals, love sience and tech, love to travel, to read, to watch movies, to dream about the future.

REALLY want to travel to japan! Im trying to learn japanese and my dream is to live and work there in the future.

Love mangas about romance and that have psychological debt. Slice of life mangas.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) - "Man is more ape than many of the apes."

Jean-Paul Sartre - "You are--your life, and nothing else."

Henrik Ibsen - "The majority is always wrong; the minority is rarely right."
Post #553399 - Reply to (#11765) by SirGir
user avatar
Eye See Me

12:19 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 50

Quote from FuN!

IQ: 40 (I shit you not this is what I got on an IQ test they gave me in high school)
Yeah, well, they were lying. The following is from wikipedia:

Quote from Wiki

IQ score ranges (from DSM-IV):
* mild mental disability: IQ 5055 to 70; children require mild support; formally called "Educable Mentally Retarded".
* moderate disability: IQ 3540 to 5055; children require moderate supervision and assistance; formally called "Trainable Mentally Retarded".
* severe mental disability: IQ 2025 to 3540; can be taught basic life skills and simple tasks with supervision.
* profound mental disability: IQ below 2025; usually caused by a neurological condition; require constant care.

You wouldn't be able to write coherent sentences if your IQ was 40. So the test was garbage.

Maybe he mixed up 40% tile with 40 IQ? I know when I got my IQ checked, they also gave me the percentage I was "located" at compared to others my age.

Gender: female.
Age: According to my father, I will be 14 in 26 hours and approximatly 49 minutes. According to the doctors, I will be 14 in 26 hours and about 38 minutes. I was born around midnight. Doctors won. Obviously. But every year, my father gives me a choice for when I want my birthday to be. All this is according to the time on my laptop.
Country/Continent: Canada/North America.
Race: French/English/Swiss, but I don't have the same accents and I don't speak or understand Sweedish.
Main Personality Traits: I'm not very good at describing myself, but if I start writing about it, I'll want to write paragraphs on my entire life and then I'll get mad at myself because it's too long and I wasn't able to fit everything. By that time, I would have given up and been very disapointed. I would rather explain everything in person so that I can go on, and on, and on. Good answer? Long story short. Even this has many holes.
IQ: I got my IQ tested 5 years ago. At that time it was at 137 (97% tile). Now I have better grades then back then.
Otaku or not: That depends on your definition.
Favourite food: It depends on my moods.
Height: 5 feet and 4 inches. My growth spurt came early. According to my pedeatrician I won't get any taller than this. So sad.
Eye Color: Green, brown, and blue. I have my father's eyes.
Hair Color: Blond, brownish, and a tint of red.
Favourite band/musician: I don't particularly have one. I just pick out songs a bit everywhere. But if I would have to pick 1 or 2 that I like most songs of, it would be Queen and AC/DC.
Favourite English Tv Show: I don't watch T.V. anymore.
Favourite Movie: English? Honestly? I don't know. I watch a movie once and that's it for me. The movie's very lucky if I watch it more often. Then it would become a favorite, but you would still have to jog my memory. There are too many stories in my head.
Favourite English Cartoon: Scooby-Doo and Batman, though I haven't watched them in a long time, I'm sure I would still love them!
Most Visited Website:
Favourite Actress : Don't have one.
Favourite Actor: Same as previous.
How many Siblings: 1 younger sister.

Last edited by lambchopsil at 1:30 am, May 29

Live your life, don't just pass time in it.
Post #553415
user avatar

3:03 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 8

Amazing this post is still active after 5 yrs...

Gender: Female
Age: 26 (to be sometime this yr)
Country/Continent: Poland & USA
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: saying sociopath, klutz, but still life-loving I guess would be hitting it close
IQ: average
Otaku or not: was in the past
Favourite food: something that would not be a soup
Height: 168 cm
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: dark blond
Favourite band/musician: hmm.. XX, Joe Hisaishi, Dj Tiesto, Myslovitz, Daft Punk, etc..
Favourite English Tv Show: Who's Line is It Anyway?
Favourite Movie: I don't really have one, but the close ones are Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Taxi (French Series)...
Favourite English Cartoon: like a series? in English? no
Most Visited Website: this one smile wink grin
Favourite Actress: Angelina Jolie if any at all
Favourite Actor: maybe Morgan Freeman
How many Siblings: 2, older brother and sister

Post #553429
user avatar
Manga Eater

5:12 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 442

What the hey, why not.

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Country/Continent: Canada
Race: Caucasian (though my heritage is VERY complex... seriously there is everything in my ancestry)
Main Personality Traits: Stubborn, honest, humble, extremely playful... only with those I know, though.
IQ: Hell if I know. Academically, I'm not very smart, but I have enough common sense. I'll guess around 100-115.
Otaku or not: Never have been, never will be.
Favourite food: Salmon
Height: 5"6
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Favourite band/musician: Annuals, Jonsi, Passion Pit
Favourite English Tv Show: Meh, The Office? I don't really have one, I like too many.
Favourite Movie: Too many that I like to have just one favourite... Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sliding Doors, Pygmalion, Thief of Baghdad, and Spirited Away to name a few.
Favourite English Cartoon: Uhm... Simpsons?
Most Visited Website: That's a toughie. Friendly Atheist, DeviantArt, and Tumblr are probably the top three. Then Facebook.
Favourite Actress: Fff another toughie. Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly, Audrey Hepburn.
Favourite Actor: Jimmy Stewart, Christopher Lee, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tom Hanks
How many Siblings: 4

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
Repeat after me: I am free.
Post #553434
user avatar

6:00 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 1

Gender: Male
Age: 39 (I think I am probably too old to post, but I have a thing about data pools)
Country/Continent: Southern/USA
Race: Caucasian (mostly Irish some German)
Main Personality Traits: cynical/sarcastic
IQ: 136 (I was only tested in 6th grade & and as a psyc study in college)
Otaku or not: no (I wouldn't insult the dedication of true Otaku's to say that I was one of them)
Favourite food: Crawfish Bisque (can you guess what state I'm from?)
Height: 6'4" (193cm)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: light brown (going grey though)
Favourite band/musician: The Dickies (hard question, but they are my all time fav)
Favourite English Tv Show: Naruto (these days)
Favourite Movie: Auntie Mame (another hard one, I would think this question's answer would change depending on the day & my mood.)
Favourite English Cartoon: Ren & Stimpy
Most Visited Website: facebook until I deleted my account for auto timelining me
Favourite Actress: Juliet Lewis
Favourite Actor: Anthony Hopkins
How many Siblings: 3 (but raised as an only child)

Kinda weirding myself out with this, but in my defense:
I have a steady 6 figure job.
I have a wife of 16 years, and we are raising a wonderful 7 year old.
I do weigh 200 lbs, but only have a 32" waist.
No, we don't live in my parents basement, LOL
If you would have meet me on the street you would never figure me for the type to be into Manga/Anime. But, I am an old man, I have loved this stuff for many years (I was about 12 when Robotech dubed was playing after school). I know that I am a nerd, but I would never make an excuse for that. I am very comfortable with who I am. Hell, I still ride my skateboard. Sorry for the long explanation, but after seeing a lot of the other ages in this data group I was feeling like Pedo bear (._.)

Post #553437

6:38 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 1

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Race: I am a mix so i cant say
Main personality: I can be a tsundra but i am told that i can be calm too. none
IQ: I have no idea, but i do know that i am one of the tops in my class
Otaku or not: hmmm i dont really know.
Favorite food: Rosemary Chicken
Height: 5'1" (Ugh i am sooooo embarassed)
Eye color: Grey (they change color, they love to go to Blue or Green but they usually stay Grey)
Hair color: Brown and blonde strips (They are natural, i dont dye)
Favorite band/musician: Three Days Grace
Favorite English Tv show: Inuyahsa ( I dont watch tv anymore so this is my old favorite)
Favorite Movie: Hunger Games
Favorite English Cartoon: Dunno maybe Naruto
Most visited website: Mangago or Facebook
Favorite Actress: I cant remember their names
Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler
How many Siblings: By blood I have 0. But by half blood I have 4

bigrazz This was fun lol.

Post #553438
user avatar
Crazy Cat Lady

6:41 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 1850

It's been over five years since I last responded to this, but I'm still here~~

Time to mess with the statistics again! laugh

Gender: Female
Age: 41
Country/Continent: Western USA
Race: Caucasian - mostly northern European as far as I know, but could be a little of anything in there
Main Personality Traits: Quiet, both cynical & idealistic, stubborn
IQ: no idea
Otaku or not: nah, more "manga & dorama junkie" than otaku
Favorite food: depends on the day
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: green/brown/hazel
Hair Color: dark blonde/goldish brown
Favorite band/musician: Arashi
Favorite English Tv Show: don't watch TV
Favorite Movie: too hard to choose, plus I don't see movies much these days
Favorite English Cartoon: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic...which I only see because my kids make me watch it...but it's funny <g>
Most Visited Website:,, MU
Favorite Actress: not sure
Favorite Actor: Matsumoto Jum
How many Siblings: anywhere from 1 to 12, depending on how you count (full sibling, halves, steps, in-laws, long-term significant other but not married....) but I'm primarily the younger of two and the middle of three

"[English] not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary."
-James Nicoll, can.general, March 21, 1992
Post #553451 - Reply to (#553434) by apathy
user avatar

8:15 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 124

Gender: Male
Age: 25
Country/Continent: USA
Race: Half filipino, half white
Main Personality Traits: friendly, charismatic, flirtatious, a bit cynical
IQ: 129 last I checked
Otaku or not: didn't pass the otaku test, even tho I saw Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Favourite food: I think I might like salad the most...
Height: 5 ft 6.5 in
Eye Color: Brown with orange specks but apparently turning hazel
Hair Color: Blackish brown with a silver hair here and there
Favourite band/musician: Clazziquai Project
Favourite English Tv Show: Whose Line is it Anyway? Yes, I know, it's old, but no other show can make me laugh so hard I cry so often.
Favourite Movie: 5 Centimeters per Second
Favourite English Cartoon: Metalocolypse
Most Visited Website: MU, Facebook, and Anime44
Favourite Actress: Julia Roberts I guess
Favourite Actor: Harrison Ford or Morgan Freeman
How many Siblings: 3

Quote from apathy
Kinda weirding myself out with this, but in my defense:
I have a steady 6 figure job.
I have a wife of 16 years, and we are raising a wonderful 7 year old.
I do weigh 200 lbs, but only have a 32" waist.
No, we don't live in my parents basement, LOL
If you would have meet me on the street you would never figure me for the type to be into Manga/Anime. But, I am an old man, I have loved this stuff for many years (I was about 12 when Robotech dubed was playing after school). I know that I am a nerd, but I would never make an excuse for that. I am very comfortable with who I am. Hell, I still ride my skateboard. Sorry for the long explanation, but after seeing a lot of the other ages in this data group I was feeling like Pedo bear (._.)

You sir, are awesome. I want to be like that in 14 years, except not 200 lbs and I doubt even 14 years will get me as big as a 32" waist. And obviously I won't be married that long, and my kid will be 14. But yes, wife, good job, wonderful kid, anime/manga, being a nerd. You give me hope.

"This year, they should give the Nobel Peace Prize to the inventors of cancer and accidents, because research shows those are the main causes of disarmament."
Post #553452
user avatar

8:17 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 140

Don't recall if I ever answered this thread... but here I go. smile

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Country/Continent: Mid-West USA
Race: Pakistani - 100% pure blooded from what I know
Main Personality Traits: Quiet, shy until I'm out of my shell, funny, responsible, humble, and honest
IQ: Never took a test for it
Otaku or not: Not really, read manga but no anime and collections, etc for me ^^
Favorite food: Rusmali
Height: 5'10"
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Favorite band/musician: B.o.B (his old stuff is amazing) and tupac (truth!)
Favorite English Tv Show: don't watch TV
Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Favorite English Cartoon: family guy >_>
Most Visited Website:,,
Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie I guess
Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr. as of recently smile
How many Siblings: I have four siblings (all brothers)

Post #553470
user avatar
Psycho. Cracked.

10:16 am, May 29 2012
Posts: 166

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Country/Continent: Germany, Europe
Race: carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an ape
Main Personality Traits: rebellious, perfectionist, a bit sarcastic, independent, out-going
IQ: I guess above average, never bother to take a test though
Otaku or not: nope, I like to read graphic books in general
Favourite food: at the moment it's cold soba with ebi tempura
Eye Color: black (?), actually very dark brown, since there's no black eye-colour
Hair Color: black
Favourite band/musician: Gorillaz
Favourite English Tv Show: Prison Break
Favourite Movie: too many to name, Fight club, Solomon Kane, The Dark Knight, Seven Swords, La Haine, City of God etc
Favourite English Cartoon: Justice League, X-men the animated series
Most Visited Website: Google
Favourite Actress: none
Favourite Actor: currently Christian Bale
How many Siblings: none

Last edited by giinko at 10:55 am, May 29

Man is more ape than many of the apes.
Post #553476
user avatar

12:33 pm, May 29 2012
Posts: 343

Hmm I think in general where I come from hardly anybody knows what manga is, but those few people who do manage to come across it fall in love instantly.

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Country/Continent: England
Race: English
Main Personality Traits: Erm...impatient and lazy lol that's all I can think of
IQ: No idea, was in the highest set in school and now a University student studying Japanese.
Otaku or not: Guess so, read enough manga to qualify me bigrazz
Favourite food: Pasta (specific sauces of course but won't bore you with that)
Height: Arounds 5'6
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Not sure what you'd call it - a cross between blond and brown, not quite either lol.
Favourite band/musician: I tend to really get into a song but not care much for who sings it...
Favourite English Tv Show: Naming series that are running right now, it would have to be Merlin/Sherlock both by the BBC
Favourite Movie: Too many to list but I have to say no matter how many times I watch 'Don't mess with the Zohan' it never gets old.
Favourite English Cartoon: Avatar the legend of Aang/last airbender
Most Visited Website: FB lol, then a whole bunch of manga websites and youtube
Favourite Actress: None
Favourite Actor: Rowan Atkinson/Colin Firth
How many Siblings: 2

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