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What sorts of people read manga???

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10:27 pm, May 31 2012
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Gender: female
Main Personality Traits: kind, half leader type, intelligent( maybe a little), lazy(sometimes), responsible, sometimes shy,fall-in- love a lot type, calm, clumsy, passionate, determined(depends on mood), loyal, easily bored, jealous,
IQ:i really don't know... but i know i make B's in school
Otaku or not:i read manga, but i don't draw them
Favorite food: asian food... what can i say, i like asianess a lot
height: its been so long since I've checked my height so i don't really know
eye color: brown
hair color: black/brown
favorite band/ musician : i am stuck on Korean but if i had to pick one i would pick Big Bang...Taeyang
favorite English TV show: Dr. House, Supernatural
favorite movie:too many... i no clue
favorite cartoon: none
most visited site: mangahere, animehere, youtube, facebook, manga-go, gogoanime (sorry for the anime ones, i know this a manga kind of page)
favorite actress: IDK
favorite actor: IDK
how many siblings: 1- an ANNOYING and MEAN brother... younger than me

biggrin eyes smile

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10:29 pm, May 31 2012
Posts: 104

Gender: --
Age: Early 20s
Country/Continent: USA
Race: Caucasian (family background is mostly Italian and Irish)
Main Personality Traits: Very introverted, I'm not a social person at all and I prefer my bedroom to any other location. I am about 90% hikkikomori.
IQ: I was tested as a kid to determine my learning problems and they found I was moderately above average which meant school not challenging enough or something. Honestly, I doubt the test as I have difficulty with very basic concepts, so I would say I'm at least average...
Otaku or not: Definitely an otaku. My obsessions turned into collections, and those have taken over my life. I have a decent amount of manga on my bookshelves, but have a ton of manga on my external hardrive: approx 160Gb. My main physical collections are figurines and Gloomy bears. Both I have spent a ton of money on. ;_; I can't say no to a gorgeous figurine, even if it costs $80, it's almost shameful... Thankfully I obtain money sparingly so I don't go on shopping sprees all the time.
Favourite food: No real favourite, I like a lot of different things and I love to try exotic foods (to a degree, I definitely said no to durian when I was in the Philippines a few years back.)
Height: Approximately 5'6
Eye Color: Blue.
Hair Color: Strawberry blonde.
Favourite band/musician: No real favourite. I listen to a lot of oldies, like Three Dog Night, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, etc. I like female singers like Stefanie Sun and Rie Fu. I love instrumental music and can listen to the piano for hours.
Favourite English Tv Show: I like criminal-related shows mostly. Stuff like psych, The Mentalist, Breakout Kings, etc. I'm a big fan of the idea of a criminal, and I like the interaction of criminals with law enforcement in fiction.
Favourite Movie: Cat Soup
Favourite English Cartoon: Does Happy Tree Friends count? If not, then maybe Ahhh! Real Monsters, that was pretty awesome when I was a kid...
Most Visited Website: If you don't count stuff like my email websites, or this one, then perhaps Not Always Right or Empire Attack? Hmm, there is a decent amount I visit every day for updates, those two are the only ones I've visited the longest.
Favourite Actress: -- I watch a lot of stuff, but I don't really prefer people.
Favourite Actor: -- Ditto, though Misha Collins is pretty darn awesome because of his Twitter.
How many Siblings: One half sister, two half brothers, and three ex-step-sisters (step-father and mother divorced)

My genre opinions:
I read a lot of BL online, but usually only read shoujo offline. I love mystery, tragedy, and angst. Not the usual shoujo angst, I prefer stuff like Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan or Mars. I love genderbender comedies, such as Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and Coffee Prince. I used to dislike sports manga because they aren't usually drawn in an aesthetically pleasing way (such as Apache Yakyuugun) but lately I have been reading a few about sports and have been pleasantly surprised despite my ignorance when it comes to any and all sports.

The manga I wish to see completed the most (BL and gore warning for most):
Innocents Shounen Juujigun
Litchi Hikari Club
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru
Yakusoku Siren
Kogan no Mouten

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2:21 pm, Jun 1 2012
Posts: 17

Gender: Female
Age: 20ish
Country/Continent: Australia
Race: South East Asian

Main Personality Traits: I'm a pretty laid back sort of person, slightly temperamental, lazy, introverted but weirdly self confident. My personality tends to change a lot based on my mood and who I'm with.

IQ: Above average. Naturally smart but super lazy so I feel that my intelligence has downgraded through the years =S

Otaku or not: Not. Would've been questionable 'bout 5 years ago though. Not close to the ranks of normal people if you've even seen me fangirling at a con...

Favourite food: Noodles!
Height: 163cm
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: currently brown with black roots =[

Favourite band/musician: english - lady gaga, taylor swift, one direction (yeah, unfortunately I enjoy mainstream pop); japanese - perfume, acid black cherry; korean - ft island, big bang, after school, IU, etc etc

Favourite English Tv Show: merlin, castle, revenge, sherlock, grey's anatomy (till s5ish), boston legal

Favourite Movie: tangled, mulan
Favourite English Cartoon: adventure time, my little pony
Most Visited Website: facebook, ontd

Favourite Actress: have tons I like but not really sure bout favs. I guess rachel mcadams
Favourite Actor: keanu (hes a pretty bad actor but cool guy so..), danrad (same), matt bomer, the merlin boys.

How many Siblings: youngest of 3

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2:39 pm, Jun 1 2012
Posts: 15

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Country/Continent: Canada
Race: Tamil
Main Personality Traits: Shy, lacks self-confidence, hardworking
IQ: Average to slightly below average
Otaku or not: Otaku
Favourite food: Chicken Nuggets
Height: 5'11
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favourite band/musician: Linkin Park, Eminem, Taylor Swift
Favourite English Tv Show: Friends (All Time), How I Met Your Mother (Right now)
Favourite Movie: Spiderman, Remember The Titans (Assuming Anime Movies do not count)
Favourite English Cartoon: The Simpsons
Most Visited Website:Animetake, MangaTraders, Facebook
Favourite Actress: Jennifer Aniston
Favourite Actor: Will Smith
How many Siblings: 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister

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4:34 pm, Jun 2 2012
Posts: 32

Gender: Female
Age: A teenager
Country/Continent: Asia
Main Personality Traits: lazy.....and lazy
IQ: Average or above that
Otaku or not: well, I like to read/watch/draw.
Favourite food: chocolates
Height: 167cm/5'5
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Favourite band/musician: paramore, bruno mars, linkin park, david archuleta(I like his soothing voice), etc. all the good stuff i guess..
Favourite English Tv Show: How I met your mother, glee (in some ways), Man Vs Food (FOOOD), Cake boss
Favourite Movie: ---
Favourite English Cartoon: adventure time xD, Danny Phantom, Fairy odd parents T.T,etc.
Most Visited Website: MU, tumblr, 9gag, fb, manga sites, youtube
Favourite Actress: ---meh
Favourite Actor: --dunno
How many Siblings: 2
Preferred Genre: Shounen/Shoujo, Comedy, Slice of life <-- basic combo, like Barakamon
Comedy, Sports, Drama <-- sports combo, like of course, Slam Dunk and Kuroko no Basuke
Shounen-ai, /Slice of life, /drama <-- my romance combo (I dunno...I just don't prefer heterosexual xD) I recommend Hana wa Saku ka and Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki (it's cute!)
I can go on and on and on on recommending but I guess that'll take this post too long xD

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8:34 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 4

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Country/Continent: USA
Race: Hispanic
Main Personality Traits: Spontaneous and Friendly
IQ: Above average, but i'm lazy as shit
Otaku or not: kinda
Favourite food: Seafood
Height: 5'7
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color: Black
Favourite band/musician: A Day To Remember
Favourite English Tv Show: How I Met Your Mother
Most Visited Website: 9gag, youtube, facebook, mangaupdates, memebase, and Reddit
Favourite Actress: Jessica Alba
Favourite Actor: Robert Downey Jr
How many Siblings: 1 younger sister

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10:17 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 18

Sex: Female
Age: 26
Country/Continent: Europe
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: Silent and shy but warm-hearted and caring
IQ: Don't know but below average I guess
Otaku or not: No
Favourite food: Rice, ice cream, sweets
Height: 159 cm (5'2)
Eye Color: Lime
Hair Color: Chestnut
Favourite band/musician: Kalafina
Favourite English Tv Show: Usually I don't watch TV but... Game of Thrones
Favourite Movie: I don't watch movies
Favourite English Cartoon: The Rescuers
Most Visited Website: Facebook, Tumblr, deviantArt
Favourite Actress: Jewel Staite
Favourite Actor: ex aequo Christopher Lee and Peter Dinklage
How many Siblings: 1 (younger sister)

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11:23 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 40

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Country/Continent: New Zealand
Race: European
Main Personality Traits: Lazy, Unmotivated, constantly tired
IQ: I have never taken a test but I am doing most of my subjects at accelerated levels (so, above average)
Otaku or Not: Yes....Probably.
Favourite food: Lamb Shanks
Height: 178 cm (5'' 10')
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Favourite Band/ Musician: Muse, Plain White Ts
Favourite English TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
Favourite Movie: N/A
Favourite English Cartoon: Adventure Time
Most Visited Website: Baka Updates/ Manga Reader
Favourite Actress: Don't really know any
Favourite Actor: Don't really know any
How Many Siblings: 2 Brothers (I'm the middle brother)
Preferred Genres: Shoujo, Gender Bender, Romance

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Chuunibyou Lvl.2

11:39 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 102

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Country/Continent: New Zealand
Race: Chinese background, born in NZ.
Main Personality Traits: Computer and book addict. More or less an introvert.
IQ: No idea. Above average for math, I guess. >.<
Otaku or not: Yes...I think so...
Favourite food: Oranges and mandarins.
Height: 163 cm
Eye Color: Dark brown
Hair Color: Dark brown, often mistaken for black
Favourite band/musician: Mozart (sorry, I'm not modern in the musical sense)
Favourite English Tv Show: ...Wipeout... (don't watch many)
Favourite Movie: No interest.
Favourite English Cartoon: No interest.
Most Visited Website: Gmail
Favourite Actress: No interest.
Favourite Actor: No interest.
How many Siblings: 1
Preferred Genre: Comedy, Shoujo, Supernatural, Horror

I'm lazy.
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11:52 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 14

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Country/Continent: Poland/Europe
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: Shy but can become chatty and perverted too when becoming closer friends with someone.
IQ: (if you don't know just be honest and write how smart you are compared to the people you hang with): somewhere around average? I took one in elementary school and got around 130 I think. Since then never. Just took the Mensa Workout for fun and got 27/30 because I skipped 3 questions based on English words (my vocabulary is not that strong, never really learned English seriously, my bad, maybe I should really work on it).
Otaku or not: maybe?
Favourite food: don't really have any. Maybe pizza lol
Height: around 5'4"
Eye Color: Blue/green/gray depending on light and sometimes they change however they want. Started as beautiful blue then changer to green. Since then they vary.
Hair Color: Blond
Favourite band/musician: Don't really have any. I love kpop (fav bands DBSK and Super Junior). Also love rock and metal (mostly symphonic metal). It's hard to choose just one favourite.
Favourite English Tv Show: Don't really watch English/American shows beside Supernatural, Merlin, Sherlock.
Favourite Movie: Dunno. Hard to say.
Favourite English Cartoon: Don't watch.
Most Visited Website: MU, Tumblr, Twitter, various manga readers.
Favourite Actress: None
Favourite Actor: None
How many Siblings: 1 younger brother

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8:26 pm, Jun 11 2012
Posts: 199

Okay, my turn.

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Country/Continent: Malaysia
Race: Malay
Main Personality Traits: I'm serious in almost all things but when i'm stressed out or bored, i could be crazy, noisy, perverted, inconsiderate and others.. (i had my times)
IQ: I'm normal
Otaku or not: i don't think i'm at that level yet
Favourite food: potato wedges (does that count?? bigrazz)
Height: 154 cm
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Favourite band/musician: Maroon 5
Favourite English Tv Show: The Nanny, Merlin, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, Sherlock, Man vs Wild and so on... i have too many
Favourite Movie: The Lake House, Titanic
Favourite English Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants (lol)
Most Visited Website: >here<, Facebook and Google
Favourite Actress: hmm.. i love them all, no more no less..
Favourite Actor: Johnny Depp <-- a superb actor
How many Siblings: I'm the third in 4

This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.


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8:59 pm, Jun 11 2012
Posts: 237

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Country/Continent: Canada
Race: Native/Ojibwe

Main Personality Traits: Extremely shy around people, but when i'm around my family members, they classify me as weird and funny person.
IQ: Average

Otaku or not: In the middle
Favourite food: Bannock
Height: i have no idea but i'm pretty short
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Favourite band/musician: SafetySuit, Three Days Grace
Favourite English Tv Show: One tree hill
Favourite Movie: Spirited Away
Favourite English Cartoon: Anything Retro

Most Visited Website: Youtube
Favourite Actress: Sophia Bush
Favourite Actor: Johnny Depp or Leonardo Dicaprio
How many Siblings: 1 Brother

lιvιɴɢ ιɴ α yαoι woɴderlαɴd
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10:06 pm, Dec 31 2012
Posts: 5

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Continent: Europe
Race: Caucasian
Main Personality Traits: introverted, open-minded, friendly, smile a lot smile
IQ: average
Otaku or not: No
Favourite food: Potatoes
Height: 163 cm (5'4)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark blond
Favourite band/musician: Don't have a favourite
Favourite English Tv Show: How I Met Your Mother
Favourite Movie: Titanic
Favourite English Cartoon: The Simpsons
Most Visited Website: Youtube
Favourite Actress: Don't have a favourite
Favourite Actor: Don't have a favourite
How many Siblings: 2 younger sisters

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10:23 pm, Dec 31 2012
Posts: 21

Gender: Male
Age: 31 (+1 come March)
Country/Continent: USA
Race: White
Main Personality Traits: Inconsistent, depends entirely on who you ask
IQ: 186 (yes, it really is that high)
Otaku or not: Probably
Favourite food: The edible kind
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Favourite band/musician: I grew out of the whole "follow the band" thing, favorite genres are Electronic and Oldies
Favourite English Tv Show: Don't really watch TV
Favourite Movie: Impossible to pick just one
Favourite English Cartoon: Seriously?
Most Visited Website: It's against the rules to post manga reader sites
Favourite Actress: Don't have one
Favourite Actor: Don't have one
How many Siblings: 1 and two halves
Preferred Genres: Battle Harems, though I'll read just about anything worth reading

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11:16 pm, Dec 31 2012
Posts: 313

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Country/Continent: Argentina
Race: Kind of white
Main Personality Traits: A little bit shy but blunt if it's necessary
IQ: quite smart compared to people from my own age but not as smart as older people
Otaku or not: just when I turn on my computer
Favourite food: sweets!!
Height: quite small 1.5 m
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
Favourite band/musician: Keane
Favourite English Tv Show: CSI/House
Favourite Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia
Favourite English Cartoon: Avatar, The Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra
Most Visited Website: mangaupdates obviously
Favourite Actress: Keira Knightley
Favourite Actor: Matthew Macfadyen
How many Siblings: 1 sister

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