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Characters to HATE in Bokurano

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1:26 pm, Nov 4 2008
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Hi, I am starting this thread because there are a lot of characters in Bokurano that simply exude hatred from the reader. For those following the thread please state your hated character and why. Make an argument about it why you hate the character.

As of the moment, my most hated character is Mrs. Tanaka (military officer, biological mother of Jun Ushiro). I believe she was a coward especially in death. In her demise, she ensured that Jun would never meet her as his mother as was what she wanted. She was selfish even under Kana Ushiro's wishes. In my hate for her I do not believe that she needed to die. I hate it that she did die. Because in her death, as a person Jun did not get closure from the fact that his mother abandoned him, made a new life -a good life- for herself, and not once thought of him as her son.

What she did to Jun was unforgivable. She was a horrible person. She chose the "easy way" out. But jumping to her death, made her the worst possible person more.

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1:51 pm, Nov 8 2008
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to be honest, most of the caracters i like(which kinda makes the show hard to watch). i think tanaka-san(as a character) could've had a more meaningful death. what was the point of her chacter? i assume the point was to waste my time.
id like to take a moment to mention seki as well. he was useless.thats all.

also ive got a serious question. are you ready? ok then. WHAT THE HECK WAS WITH KOKOPELLI? he seemed to be a coward, pedo, weak, and from what i can tell a giant able to hold the earth in the palm of his hand(as seen various times). i cant even remeber if he lived or not.

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12:22 am, Jul 12 2010
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(I know I'm roughly 600 days late to the thread, but...)

Tanaka's death was very justified - if she hadn't shot herself, Kana wouldn't have continued fighting. She was pretty much screwed anyway. Perhaps it was cowardly to not tell Jun, but her justifications were fairly good even if you disagree with them. Furthermore, she threw away the good life that she'd built up for herself so that she could support him - that's why she requested to be assigned to the team and signed the contract.

As far as deaths go, hers is probably the most selfless one in the series. If she had lived, either their world would have been destroyed because of Kana's hesitation, or Kana would have been forced to kill her with the enemy using her as a hostage.

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