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Filling in the Plotholes

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7:48 am, Nov 13 2008
Posts: 406

So I randomly decided to reread this series, but I am still not sure whether I'm getting the story straight...

My interpretation is as follows:
Spoiler (highlight to view)
So somewhere near the end of the series, we discover the identity of the most essential character of the story...
Adrian Dubon--an angel who came down to earth to welcome a new angel (Eva)

And so, my understanding is that he came down to the earth centuries before even meeting Eva, meets Michael, gets to close to him, causing him to become obsessively in love with him which leads to him trying to kill himself. After which, Adrian saves him from dying by giving him eternal youth as a vampire...

And, around the same time he meets a little girl who can see the angels around him saying that they will disappear when he meets the girl with two souls, Eva.
--so this part was revealed (I'm guessing) to show that the reason why Eva feels the need to get her son, Ken, to become a vampire. [Since Eva met and fell in love(?) with Adrian and conceived his soulless child--probably resulting in the loss of the angels--she felt she needed to give Adrian something back in return to keep him company for eternity(?)]<--okay so I can pass this off as skewed logic due to blind love, but then again, can angels really love?

Which is a really weird way to look at things to give Eva really really skewed logic. But Michael had said Adrian kept something from Eva--which I forgot and can't seem to find, so I'm sticking with my skewed logic above...

So the thing about two souls confuses me a little too. The thought of two souls actually made me think about this episode in the Simpsons in which Bart sells his soul to Milhouse and then in his dream of the afterlife he didn't have anyone to row a boat with (Not being religious or anything I don't know if this has any significance or relation). So assuming Eva is special just because she's Eva, and everyone has two souls, Michael who had almost died and was then turned into a vampire had lost one of his souls in the transaction(?)[is that even important?]

Okay, well considering that Michael can't live normally since he doesn't have two souls, Eva and Ken must have only been able to since they were being protected by ('the mysterious force') Adrian. So Adrian sacrificed his angels to produce Ken, and turned himself into a ghost in the process... by giving all his powers to Ken (which he later comes by to suppress, by giving him that necklace).

So why did he father Ken anyways? It wasn't clear whether or not he loved Eva. Could it be that he fathered Ken as a means of somehow correcting the mistake of leaving Michael with loneliness? It seems, from the story, that Michael is the only vampire in the world. A vampire Adrian created, by unintentionally getting too close to a human.

*getting sleepier, reasoning declines*

So, because Adrian made Michael fall in love with him, Michael turns into a vampire, and although he has the ability to beget more vampires (like making Ken into one...) he doesn't because he lost the ability to love anything enough to want to keep company? So, Adrian fathers Ken with Eva, causes them to meet Michael somehow, trying to keep his offspring happy and teaching them to love? And in the process he keep an eye on Eva preventing her from dying a lonely death so that he can welcome her back to heaven? (killing two birds with one stone--fixing his mistake with Michael, and continuing his original duty of welcoming Eva to heaven?)

ya.. that's all I've got.. I don't really understand how Eva and Michael 'first met' they only showed their 'second meeting'--that was weird...

Oh, and so in the end, to prevent Michael from dying in the sun, I assume Jae went back and 'risked her life to save him' by giving him her blood--likely to the point of no return which caused him to have to turn her into a vampire and thus they lived happily ever after?

One of the problems I had with the story was that everyone was so androgynous and looked alike; that and the scenes were choppy, so it was hard to tell who was in which scene and where it fell into place with the timeline.

The story was good, but so intricately woven that it was almost impossible to discern. I'll probably read it again, and still not understand much more than what I understand of it now.

Something new I did learn after rereading it this time is that that little girl was not Eva... for some reason I had thought that it was her, until I took in the details of the background and the wording... truly confusing.

*sorry its so long O_O*

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Post #229084

5:29 am, Nov 19 2008
Posts: 66

That there was indeed a very long post laugh

I think I know what you're getting at. My biggest problem with the plot, like yours, was the story behind Eva and Adrian. Upon rereading the manga, I thought that the ghost-like apparition, who claims to be the second guest's brother, was actually Adrian albeit in a different appearance. I thought that Adrian came back in a different form in order to test Eva? Later on, the ghost-like guy disappears and Adrian, in his true form with long black hair reappears.

Later in the manga, when Michael's backstory was delved into, I agree with you that Michael was in love with Adrian. But I thought that both of them were monks? I got the feeling that Adrian was always weird and obsessed about his youth. That was why he left Michael and "died" and became a vampire. Due to that occasion, Michael became heavily affected and he, too, started to become obsesed with his youth. So Michael too became a vampire.

It was only towards the end of the story that I got really confused. I'm pretty sure that when Eva was a supermodel she met Adrian and she conceived Ken. I don't remember Eva meeting Adrian any earlier than that. Which part of the manga did the little girl appear?

In regards to Ken, I have no idea about the "2 souls" thing. I always thought that the reason why Eva wanted Ken to turn into a vampire was because in his current state, that is without a soul, he would not have long to live.

My question is did Ken turn into a vampire? I have this vague recollection of Michael agreeing to do the deed and then plunging his fangs into Ken's neck bigrazz

And at the end, I didn't get why Eva died - was it because she wanted to be with Adrian? But then Adrian is a vampire and immortal, and therefore can't die? I'm really getting confused as I type this laugh

I'm hoping other "Model" fans can help me and lilchoconut!

Post #235003
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8:48 pm, Dec 6 2008
Posts: 406

I figured that Adrian was an angel to begin with... like a really powerful one.. who took a misstep (because he got too close to michael)
and then because angels can't conceive children or whatever.... =/ uhhh to beget ken.. adrian gave up some of his power... and eva gave him half of her (pre-)angel's soul
but i think the thing is that eva didn't know she was an angel... and she worried that ken would die without a soul... so that's why she wanted him to be a vampire? who is souless but can live forever?

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Post #285491
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9:57 am, May 7 2009
Posts: 2

regardin Adrian and Eva's first and second meeting
I think the little girl who saw angels around Adrian was Eva and that was their first meeting and Eva just forgot since she was too little.
and when they met the second time she couldn't see the angels anymore because if I remember correctly Adrian said that she'd lose that ability when she gew up

about the "two souls"... I didn't really get it shy
but if we ignore it and just suppose Eva had only one soul that she shared with her child, it kinda makes sense why she died young, since she shared her soul, her lifespan was halfed or something... roll

Post #511914
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7:41 am, Dec 11 2011
Posts: 136

ok here i go... IMO : roll eyes
agree with adrian being an angel, who sin and do all that mess with michael, but about the two souls i think michael say something abouth one is the "force" to live the other is the "will" to live and when this souls are divided in two people the lifespan of both is shorter..
@Michael and Eva: they met first when he sent her the roses, but after that she met adrian, fall in love, ken is born, so now she look for michael and start living with him, knowing he's a vampire, and, as that, can give eternity to ken.(saving his life)
@Ken: he end being "more than humans, but not vampire" 'cause adrian wants to prevent all that from happen, that's the reason why appears when he know the life of ken and eva is about to end, using all his remaining power to save Ken, doing things "right this time" (not like when he turn michael into a vampire)
@ Jae: i don't know if she really ends like a vampire or not at the end...confused

that's it!! *sigh* im still confused!!!
no no

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