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abt the ending (spoiler warning)

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From User Message Body
Post #179765

9:52 am, Jul 16 2008
Posts: 13

It was strenge, but when I was reading the part where Sastsuki said Misuzu had a ' guy, you know' I though she was saying that they would know who that guy was & actually met him so at 1st I thought he would be Manaka after all (though lol yes, her story with Uchiha is what could have been for Manaka & Toujou if she had confessed earlier or Manaka realized she was strawberry panty girl from he beginning so that he didn't confees to Nishino)--then I thought he was Amachi, but then I read the extra chapter (& realized I misread it lol)..I did think that Aya's brother would have made a good boyfriend for Misuzu, but I'm ok with Uchiha, I guess.

Actually, wanted to hear about the future Amachi & Makai (even though I didn't particuliarily care for them that much)...I really wasn't all that curious about Yui's future (sorry, Yui-fans!)

BUT the couple I wanted to get together the most (& become boyfirend-girlfriend) definately was & had to be Satsuki and Amachi...I could see a click between them that I think could have been developped & helped heal their hearts and allow them to grow (if they could see beyond their hopeless loves)--I think their fighting somewhat reminded me about how some couples fight and they looked so good togeher & had qualities that the other one lacked...Amachi ould have also treated Satsuki well & Sastuki could get Amachi to know a different kind of girl who can hold her own...

I think the ending was alright...

Post #188927

1:43 pm, Aug 9 2008
Posts: 7

First thing I've got to say is, I, like many people, got a bit emotional reading this manga(I felt the same when i read one of her other works, Lilim's kiss). I think this is one of my most favorite manga.

I am really satisfied with the ending, though I was hoping for Satsuki and Amachi going together. I can just see them "click" together in the few scenes that they were alone together.

I must say that from the very beginning that I liked Nishino better, and liked her even more because I got frustrated by Tojo's personality. She didn't do much with her relationship with Manaka while she had the chance, and I just kinda "gave up" on her.

I can't believe there's nothing show about Mukai and that scar face guy, though I can tell that he liked her when Mukai got "rejected".

One last thing is that I just can't believe there wasn't much about Yui in the end.

Post #197117
user avatar

11:51 pm, Aug 30 2008
Posts: 45

i truely lost joy when the ending came because i tend to enjoy the personalities of the first girl i meet...

ichigo 100% was one of the worst disappointments i have ever read in my life....

i liked the series the first time i read it and then when i read the ending i felt as if i couldn't just read it any more >> here i am a year later, attempting to reread a story i that just cannot read ...

If it wasnt my attachment to aya, i wouldnt have hated the story or the ending

i truely could not see her lose it was unbearable...

also, although i tend to love shounen romance, i thought the main was TOO much of a wimp and pervert that i couldn't stand it...

however, i have to agree with everyone that nishino was the best choice for manaka. she was a great character and actually did something in their relationship

it was unique

its a rather complex ending if ya think about it and i think, despite my distaste for the ending, i think the mangaka did a great job smile

Its ending was the greatest point about the manga and obviously was unpredictable... >>something that set it aside from other mangas and made it so popular

Last edited by spatel7 at 6:29 pm, Aug 31

"But one day she realized her beloved boxing rejected her...The day she clearly realized she was a girl... However much she wanted it, she couldn't have it. So she had to give it up. And the fastest way to give it up is to hate it, right?"

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Post #199907
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1:06 am, Sep 8 2008
Posts: 94

You can't exactly say Manaka picked the wrong girl. It was sort of...a 50/50 cooperation from both Manaka and Toujou at not wanting to be with each other. Sure, they loved each other I guess, but they were both just such immature and ignorant pricks that they were never actually meant for each other.

With the way the author created both of them as characters, I'm sure that if they fell in love and got married, one of them would suspect the other of having an affair due to a misunderstanding, and they'd get a divorce.

That's just the type of characters the author turned them into.

I'm pretty sure that 90% of people who hated the Ichigo 100% ending hated it purely because of the fact that Toujou was a character who was drawn to be more attractive, and was introduced earlier in the storyline.

Post #200383

3:54 am, Sep 9 2008
Posts: 320

I do have to agree with the above post about the people who hated the manga. Well, there are people who hate harems period, but I imagine if they hate them they won't bother reading this. I too felt sad and emotional at the end. I was a Nishino fan for most of the manga, but I never actually thought she would be picked. So, I guess it was shock that later turned into sadness when Manaka and Toujo said goodbye. Also, I liked Toujo very much, so when I saw her and Manaka going their separate ways, crying, I felt sad.

However, I do think that Manaka and Toujo would have made a great couple. It was evident throughout the manga that each of them had a deep effect on the other, but their full potential couldn't be brought out because they were too timid. If they would have gotten together, first of all, they would have crossed the line of timidness which prevented them from becoming a couple, and that would have been the first step to becoming more open to each other. And if they became a couple, I could definitely see them changing each other to become better partners and better people. Either way, Manaka did choose a great girl. But either one would have worked, in my opinion

Post #200389

4:15 am, Sep 9 2008
Posts: 93

Would have been great if Kawashite had focused on the Manaka-Tsukasa-Toujo triangle and stopped throwing out random new love interests, especially the one toward the end you knew was not going anywhere. And then she kept bringing back the old love interests, like Satsuki.

Manaka's finest moment (IMHO) was when he finally got the nerve to tell Satsuki that they're just friends. Was a tear-inducing moment for Satsuki fans, I'm sure. But also a YES! moment for the haters of the spineless shounen romance protagonist.

The final pairing was also fine with me because you would have expected him to go with Toujo. A rare example of 'first girl doesn't win'.

Post #203417

4:44 pm, Sep 16 2008
Posts: 12

The ending was great, I had hoped to read a bit more about Nishino & Manaka than just seeing their reunion. Still, I was moved by the ending. Satsuki is my favorite but Nishino isn't far behind at all, also Misuzu was quite hot at the end in "First love in Kyoto". I liked her long hair especially.

Playful girls like Nishino & Satsuki who dare to explore a little and reveal a bit of themselves (not in a physical way, but physical revealing is bonus ^^) are the ones I favor.

Post #203420
user avatar

5:17 pm, Sep 16 2008
Posts: 70

I was originally shocked at the ending. But i had felt that Nishino as the ending woman was the best possible ending. Nishino was always there for Manaka and did everything in her power to make sure he remembered her. Through blood, sweat, and tears she earned her prize.

We are all more afraid than we are willing to believe but we are also more braver than we could have ever dreamed.
Post #203434
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The Gorilla Killa™

6:44 pm, Sep 16 2008
Posts: 3229

I actually liked and hated the ending.

The reason why I hated it was because I did want Manaka to get with Aya. They seemed right for each other, and the relationship he had with Nishino was hollow no matter what. The only reason why Nishino was even in the story was because of Manaka being pressured into asking her out. If he would've done the smart thing by not falling into peer pressure, he and Aya would've been together (Or at least at some point. Manaka and Aya were too dumb and shy in not telling each other their feelings for most of the story.).

The reason why I liked the ending was because it broke the rules of any romance story. Usually, the protagonist ends up with the 1st person they meet, the last person they meet, or just end up alone. Manaka ends up with the 3rd girl that he meets (Yui was 1st, and Aya was 2nd). But I think that's one of the reason why most people (myself included) didn't like the ending. We're all so used to the rules of romance I mentioned above, so when something like this happens, we would get mad about it.

If I was in the story, I would've picked Aya or Satsuki. They're hotness personified biggrin

Last edited by loosecannon504 at 6:54 pm, Sep 16

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The cool part is that I never get tired of being deceived

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Post #203439
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Local Prig

6:52 pm, Sep 16 2008
Posts: 1899

Regardless of whether or not you liked the ending, the author clearly did something right for people still to be talking about it. In that sense, it's an amazing ending because of its longevity.

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Post #203443 - Reply to (#203439) by Crenshinibon
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The Gorilla Killa™

6:57 pm, Sep 16 2008
Posts: 3229

Quote from Crenshinibon
Regardless of whether or not you liked the ending, the author clearly did something right for people still to be talking about it. In that sense, it's an amazing ending because of its longevity.

Lol that's true. The topic starter posted this EXACTLY 2 years ago and here we all are, still debating

Quote from Klapzi
The cool part is that I never get tired of being deceived

Quote from tactics
Just because someone's head was chopped off doesn't mean they're dead. That's just silly.

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Post #213597
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2:47 am, Oct 11 2008
Posts: 75

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed on who Manaka chose, though it was refreshing, it was a pleasing disappointment. Most of the shounen mangas I have read would have pairings that seemed destined to be with each other and would most probably be generally accepted but, as the story went on, the value of each character became clear. I'm still having trouble accepting how it all concluded with regards with the romance but, that seems to be the beauty of it. To even get a typical reader like me to be troubled about it.. (^_^ )

"Everybody gets what they deserve.." -me
Post #213599
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3:09 am, Oct 11 2008
Posts: 591

i liked the ending it was an enjoyable manga biggrin

"when i'm sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead."
- Barney Stinson
Post #222125
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2:20 am, Oct 29 2008
Posts: 85

I must admit that Nishino is most developed character, and most of it because Manaka help. And most of Manaka character development is hapen due Nishino. Honestly it's unfair that this mutual relationship must end because comon rule of romantic genre.
I sad about other girl but the end they accept it and continue their live. I think why Ichigo 100% deserve as one of legendary manga because it have a good stories and closed by impresive ending

Post #234664
user avatar
Is a female

9:50 pm, Dec 5 2008
Posts: 3425

Due to me being an idiot, I had already known who he was going to choose.

So when I was reading the manga, it sort of made sense why he chose her, I mean, they did so much together and grew closer.

I have to say, even though I knew he was gonna choose i was still like WHY?! I swear, near the end I was rooting for Toujou, when she was in tears i was like god that sucks! She so should have gotten in there before XD But you know, it wasn't predictable, and the manga overall was well done, so i don't mind.

Tbh, I was totaly rooting for Satsuki...omg she was amazing. Def. a thumbs up for her, and I'm a girl haha XD

I got annoyed at Manaka sometimes. Ok he was good hearted in not going for all the girls, but man he could have shown something back to them, like Satsuki...poor girl XD

Nah I liked it. It took me about a week to read. Disregared a lot of my work for it but hey what can ya do. That's what manga does to me eyes

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