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Coffee or Tea?

What do you like better: Coffee or Tea?
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12:52 pm, Jan 8 2016
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Hot chocolate. :x

Well, coffee I guess, but I barely drink, and it's always sweetened to the point it's more of a sleeping dose... Tho in comparison, I don't drink tea at all.

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8:02 am, Jan 26 2016
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Coffee, the bitter/stronger the better. But my school coffee tastes so bad so to help with the taste, I pour half a pack of sugar and cream for a 12 oz. Anything with excess sugar doesn't help at all to keep me awake.

I drink tea when I want to relax; no cream and no sugar. I was raised on tea (chinese heritage) so I like drinking tea on down time when I'm not lazy or when it's available. I don't have a preference between tea bag and loose leaf.

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8:56 am, Jan 26 2016
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Both definitely both

I like strong coffee that I can sweeten so the taste of bitter is still there but it's still very sweet. More of a pick me up for others
I also like tea so many varieties to choose from makes it interesting.
-I refuse to drink straight coffee or tea w/o sugar added
Both are a nice warm drink to warm up with on cold days and both can be iced so you don't question yourself in 90 degree heat

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An innocent

1:27 pm, Jan 31 2016
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I'm a tea drinker, so it's tea for me.

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9:18 pm, Feb 4 2016
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In taste tea is better for me. Especially when you put some milk in there. Maybe somedays I like frappuccino better

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12:06 am, Feb 5 2016
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Coffee. I like it hot, black and strong.

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1:17 am, Feb 5 2016
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Tea. Favorite: dandelion root, white, green, ginger, chamomile, english breakfast tea, black and earl gray. biggrin

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12:57 am, Mar 15 2016
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I kinda need coffee to function, but nothing beats a spiced milky tea.

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3:14 am, Mar 15 2016
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Tea! I really like the fruity variations.
Coffee is pretty undrinkable to me, too bitter.

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12:49 am, May 22 2016
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Test. Coffee.

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An F to judge M!

3:40 am, Aug 14 2016
Posts: 383

I like both.

I make coffee in the morning by habit, but if I'm being offered one or the other, tea.

I think I only make coffee in the morning because there's a much bigger market for it where I live. I can't get good tea unless I go to a specialty shop.

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6:29 pm, Apr 14 2020
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I like both of them but I like coffe more than tea.

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4:07 pm, May 10 2020
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Coffee is nice ,but iced tea is the second best drink ever 😁

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4:36 pm, May 10 2020
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Chamomile tea has the best taste in my opinion.

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6:32 am, May 12 2020
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Koi Wa Milk Tea~

Meh. I'd prefer any drink that has a good amount of caffeine in it. But a beverage like tea soothes my constantly working mind and body. Either milk tea or just tea on it's own with no sugar or milk. If you leave it like that, you can really tell what's there in the tea leaf.

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