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Basara's ending

Basara's Ending!!! >_<
Worthy the waiting!!!
I was hoping something more!
Why did I wait so long for a crappy end???
Basara!? What's that??
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3:42 am, Dec 7 2008
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After so long time; Basara is completely scanlating!!! biggrin biggrin

What do you think about the ending? Is it good?? Is it bad??
Tell your opinion about this series...

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Looking for this!!!

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5:44 am, Dec 7 2008
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It was pretty good. About as good as you could expect. After all, its so rare for an ending that makes you go "OMG!" especially for a series you've been reading for a while. As long as it doesn't make you go "blegh," I think it was probably a success.

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6:14 am, Dec 7 2008
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it's completely scanlated? viz must've done it then sad

Spoiler (highlight to view)
i've read the raw before, and from what i've understood, the ending is PHENOMENAL! gosh, what i would give to read the dialogues of shuri after his arm was torn off! the plot ended in such a sophisticated way, tying up all the loose ends and justified the motives of everyone! i'm glad to see that shuri had to go through such pain and hassle in order to gain acceptance from kikujin (the old guy)...anything else would be far too ridiculous and unrealistic, considering the deep hatred for shuri that blossomed from the beginning of the story from the survivors of tatara's village...i felt that the character development was so great and fulfilling that you can't help but love and sympathize with initially evil characters like asagi...i also felt that ageha's end was appropriate, though i did shed some tears, since he had been hinting from the beginning that he's still searching for his soulmate, someone he would die for, and that being sarasa...all-in-all, he ending was one of the rare, highly satisfying conclusion that was fair and justified for its marvelous storyline...

i particular enjoyed volume 27, since it talked about how shuri and sarasa coped with the aftermath of the war, and also what all the other characters decided to do after the finale...

my most favorite character through the series must be ageha...asagi would come in second...i've always been attracted to the underdog of the story xD

sigh...such a deep, original, exquisite, and epic manga rarely ever graced the shoujo genre...addictive from the beginning to the end.....

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6:14 am, Dec 14 2008
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yeah, i couldn't wait so i bought the last 5 volumes, and i was seriously disappointed with it...i mean it was good but i thought it could have been better

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10:40 am, Dec 30 2008
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Seriously, Basara is one of the manga that have greatest ending ever!!! Well, at least to me. Sarasa x Shuri FTW !! but I'm little sad about Ageha though.

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3:14 pm, Jan 1 2009
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If there was no volume 27 I would have really resented reading this manga. Although I liked how the author tries to finish the loose ends of SOME of the characters there were still HUGEEEEE gaps and questions dying to be told. Also why did she wait till the end to clarify some of the minor character's pastconfused I don't give a crap about them!!! seriously the pages wasted would have been better used to explain the cliffhangers better!!!!

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9:43 pm, Jan 11 2009
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Yep, the ending was good. It was interesting to know what happened to some of the side characters. However, I'm sure she'll maintain better focus and improve her pacing on the cast in 7 seeds this time round.

Yep it was a shame about Ageha and some of the side characters but some people have to die for war, don't they? And it's a darn shame we didn't hear about some of the other characters.

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Btw, what happened to Zaki, Cha-Cha's bf? I know he was hurt on the mountain part but there were so many characters, I'd lost track of him.

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6:34 am, Jan 15 2009
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Quote from yuri21
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Btw, what happened to Zaki, Cha-Cha's bf? I know he was hurt on the mountain part but there were so many characters, I'd lost track of him.

Spoiler (highlight to view)
After the floor collapses under Zaki, Tatara rides Yato down to rescue him and brings him to the front. After this, you don't really see/hear Zaki very much though he appears by Cha-Cha's side in several points

I also didn't understand what happened until the mangaka wrote some notes in the sidechat. I had to reread the chapter carefully to understand what happened.

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2:02 pm, Apr 1 2009
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I think the end was perfectly fine, so i will definitely re-read it many times.

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10:43 am, Aug 1 2009
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I can't ask for better. Somewhere in the middle of reading Basara I seriously started to hate characters like Kaku-jii. I thought the girl will break because of her Tatara identity, and who then will be able to pick up the pieces? Nobody. Still, My hopes were on Cha-cha, or Ageha- and, they turned out to be very impotant to Sarasa.
Oh yeah. I believe there are two endings. One for Tatara, great revolution, Kaku-jiis "revenge" and one for Sarasa, her comrades and new beginnings... I respect author for that. eyes

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2:19 pm, Mar 13 2012
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the story is an okay for me..
dunno what hit me, eventhough there's a lot of people said that it was a good one, so i kinda expected more from this.. well, i've read red river and it hard for me to say that this story is on the same level as it..
at the end of the story, it didn't give a big hole in my heart as if i want more chapters..
i'm just glad it ended the way it was..
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
eventhough i'd cried when ageha died..

probably the problem for me, that is this manga doesn't have a lot of romance... i'd only enjoy the story when they were in okinawa.. the earlier volumes really didn't get through me.. the main protags only met a few times then realizing they're both attracted to each other.. well, u can say i'm a diehard romance manga's fan, to me romance and comedy is the only thing that will bug my interest... perhaps my opinion is wrong to others but read my sig anyway...

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11:26 am, May 27 2012
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Imo the best ending so far that made me re-read the story several times. I love how the author wraps up all the loose ends in the final volume and how she makes the villains have the end that they deserve in the end.

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10:48 pm, Nov 21 2014
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I like the ending as much as I like the whole story. It stays true to the line of Basara, it didn't overextend, and it was not , well it was definitely not a poor ending by any means. Basara doesn't give a loose ending and I like it for that. The side stories completes the manga well. the one that I like the most was Kanata
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(of Sarasa and Shuri - I always love arc that involve these two xD)
, and Pajama
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
(Tamon and his fish had me laugh there).

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