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Rosario + Vampire Season II: Personal Opinion (Spoilers)

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Post #237398

12:25 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 16

My Opinion on this Manga and Anime:

While the Manga of Rosario+Vampire is too shounen, I guess older teenagers like Romantic Comedies or seinen with story better than a mix, they aim the Anime more towards a less shounen audience. Makes sense to me... I'm 19 and I can't stand most shounen plotlines, its better that Tsukune is a bitch rather than bring in random bishounens who all some some retarded grudge. Season II of the Manga is almost hard for me to read because of the unnecessary dramatic elements that don't belong in a Romantic Comedy, nor is it stressed enough to belong in a typical action shounen.

Although I respect the mangaka's drawings, I really think he sucks with story, since the Manga has an action shounen plotline while its really a Romantic Comedy in its roots. In other words, the Manga is too serious at times and doesn't bring out the Romance elements at all (except hinting at it), while the Anime is just a mass of fanservice and less serious plotline which is what Romantic Comedies are really about. Think of it as satire with Romance which is enjoyable in it's own right, and should not be shounen. That is probably why its in the Monthly Jump and not the Weekly Jump, it just doesn't fit into either categories, nor is it that good of a hybrid. I'd give him props for trying to create something new though, although unsuccessful.

Personally I prefer the Anime as a time killer rather than having to read the half-baked serious plotline in the Manga, which I can't really take seriously either, so might as well just take it in the direct the Anime is going. If I really wanted to see story I would read some other seinen. Producers aren't stupid, they know that cliche fanservice sells better than an experimental hybrid genre.

If I wasn't such a big vampire fan I wouldn't even have picked up this series, and I've been following this series since Day 1. Even so, I still think the Anime is a lot enjoyable as a joke that it is, and offers more entertainment than the stressful reading of the Manga, especially the direction its been going after it was serialized. Should also note that I really liked the series before they started introducing common shounen themed story arcs with superficial enemies as seen in most shounen Action mangas sometime after Tsukune's birthday.

In Summary... Romantic Comedies should not have Action as its main focus, which is what the mangaka is trying to do, he's also making the plotline somewhat too serious and doesn't really go with the genre hes using. It's fine to be cliche because cliche sells, especially in Japan.

With that said, I think you can see why To-Love-Ru is in Weekly Jump and this is in Monthly Jump. And the reason I posted this is because of the people who were complaining the Anime didn't follow the storyline. I'd say the Anime does a lot better in selling itself than the Manga.

Post #237399
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12:36 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 591

i liked the prequel better than the sequel this 1 is what ever to me hate the anime though

"when i'm sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead."
- Barney Stinson
Post #237449
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Mome Basher

3:16 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 3380

Isn't this like..a rant? Or rather, with this much text, you should've just wrote a review -.-

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Everyday I'm tumblin'
Post #237521
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Still growing.

7:16 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 512

you're taking the series way too seriously. i'm 17 and i like shounen, just good shounen. romantic comedy is good too, but listing rosario+vampire as a romantic comedy without "shoujo" slapped on it seems incorrect. some seriousness is nice once in a while, since it adds to the story; all romantic comedies need a little seriousness to move the plot along.

i think the anime is too pointless to watch, since it's just a bunch of fanservice (though some people may like that). like i said less serious plotlines do not progress the romance, and if you don't take the manga seriously, then why rant about it? and the complainers were right: the anime does not follow the storyline.

and a good example of a romantic comedy with action as it's main focus: tsubasa reservoir chronicles. it did a brilliant job mixing those elements in. i could list others, if i try, but i don't really care, so i won't.
yeah, so that's my two cents.

User Posted Image
Post #237522

7:28 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 16

Actually I posted this here by accident, I was writing a review lol.

With that said, the only reason I posted this is because I'm tired of people complaining about anime not following mangas, yes most of the time its not as good to change things, however this is not the case here, for me anyways. Needless to say that I used to like manga before the serious plot kicked as I have mentioned.

Rather than posting to complain about something I didn't like about the series I just didn't say anything at all. I'm directing this more towards people who complain because yes I can complain if I wanted to, but I choose not to. I read manga as its given, and watch anime as its given, whichever direction the mangaka or producers wants to take it. Despite the claims that fans don't like the anime, I'm sure if it wasn't successful as it is they would've dropped the series from animating already, so I'm pretty sure its just the English community that hates anyways.

I think stuff like Bleach stick too much to the original manga that I find it pointless to watch, seeing I know what will happen and rest is just getting slower and slower... perhaps 15 minutes of actual show time if you minus the intro, outro and the overlaps of previous episodes. I much rather watch pointless fanservice than that.

I'm not taking this seriously, but I just find it very annoying people complain all the random things rather than just leave it along and post some comments that aren't complaints. And no I'm not being a hypocrite just because I'm doing the same thing right now, but seriously, its so common that's its getting annoying to have to have to hear about or read comments like such EVERY single anime that's not agreeable to the fanbase. Its like how you found it annoying to read this... same thing.

Post #237523
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Still growing.

7:36 am, Dec 14 2008
Posts: 512

meh, happens everywhere. it'll never, ever stop so just learn to ignore them.

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dark mage
Post #237841

8:23 am, Dec 15 2008
Posts: 530

I really like this manga because some seriousness is needed in good romance-comedy shounen in my opininion and also the anime for Rosario+Vampire is fulla crap.

Post #240691

6:27 am, Dec 25 2008
Posts: 16

Seriousness is only good if its done right, something like Yakuza Girl where people actually die? Heads actually get cut off? That kind of thing is the action that actually works with it.

Romantic COMEDY, notice the comedy, this is actually what the focus of said genre is suppose to be bringing in, as well as focus on romance at the core. Rosario+Vampire doesn't have the quality shounen action like in Bleach, nor does it bring enough comedy to be considered a romantic comedy.

Like I said, after Tsukune's birthday chapter when the series started getting way too shounen, I lost all interest in it, and probably only follow it for the sake of seeing whats happening.

Last episode of Season 2 of the Anime was something that I think the Manga seriously lacks... character development... I personally think it hit the nail and brought in non-serious fighting, resolution to a relationship as well as introduction to some back story. Way better handled than the Manga counterpart. Like the Mizorie getting kidnapped and "tainted" was just like wtf when I was reading it... seriously shounen type of crap you see in every series.

I think the mangaka copies Hellsing too much.. and totally misses the whole point as in why Hellsing is good... the action is gory and dreadful, not shounen playful fighting with only determination and no real experience.

I will pick Alucard over Tsukune ANYDAY, the only decent character in this Manga is Moka anyways... and they barely expand on her inner character who is actually interesting and different from cliche characters.

Enough ranting, I'll probably drop the series if it keeps turning more shounen like it is right now... especially with the new older sister and assassin crap...

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Last edited by blakraven66 at 6:54 am, Dec 25

Post #240698
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6:49 am, Dec 25 2008
Posts: 340

As the saying goes... "If it's not broken... why fix it?" Obviously, the fanservice stuff is working out for the creators if they made a second season. But in all honesty, trying to pack a harem, action, comedy, and romance together was a bad combination to start off with. I haven't seen any series that can pull off that combination well... well... except for maybe Code Geass... I guess, lol.

Post #252699

11:58 pm, Jan 27 2009
Posts: 1

Just thought I would throw this out there, but one HUGE reason the anime never took on the same more action based plot of the manga was due to budget issues. While action packed anime are more costly to make, romantic/comedies are cheaper and quicker. And with any kind of fan base, it would allow for a 2nd season.

And on another side note I will also agree with you on the fact that inner moka should brought more into the light. More appearances and more explanations.

Post #270878

9:13 pm, Mar 26 2009
Posts: 163

Would just like to point out that Rosario vampire season II is not a comedy manga, notice that it doesnt even have a comedy tag, channel 49 I wonder why you assumed that R + V was a romantic comedy to begin with, I have read the first season of the manga and althought there are some comedy elements early on this can in no way be interpreted as a romantic comedy. The fact that this show is serious is what makes me enjoy it. Now a REAL romantic comedy would be something like Ayu Mayu or Love Hina where most of the comedy is based on the actual romance between the characters and the situations that they face due to that romance. I will agree with you on some points though, I agree that there is a serious lack in character development in this manga, even though I enjoy reading the manga its about damn time that someone takes their relationship to the next level, or at least throw in some angst or something to create conflict between the characters.
Well in conclusion I would like to say that this is a great manga and I hope to see some good development in the futur.

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Post #270880
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10:13 pm, Mar 26 2009
Posts: 137

I like the manga and the first season of the anime, but it would have been nice had kept the second season of the anime along the same lines as the manga.

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