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6:11 pm, Dec 29 2008
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What was everyones takes on the ending?
I felt that it was disappointing compared to how good this series was from beginning to the end. it was like the mangaka just skipped from the last match to the ending of the school semester leaving out the match with Fujiwara Academy. What was the point in all that training when they didn't even get to play... Was this series ended early in japan due to popularity?

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6:35 pm, Dec 29 2008
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That ending felt so sudden. I didn't expect it to end so soon. If they don't intend to continue the series with that type of ending, that'll be stupid. However, like any manga like it. That type of ending was sorta expected...

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7:02 pm, Dec 29 2008
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I agree. It was a good sereies, kind of disappointing to see it end the way it did...

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7:29 pm, Dec 29 2008
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The ending was disappointing, the mangaka just skipped the whole match with Fujiwara sad
It ended too early, must've been because of unpopularity, even though the series was pretty good since the beginning.

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2:02 am, Dec 30 2008
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What the hell honestly they spend so much time building it up and like an entire volume just getting chris on the team for what...a reminiscent last chapter not depicting who won or lost the match, I mean come on at least give us who won the match even though it seemed as though they were hinting that st. M won the match

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4:50 am, Jan 3 2009
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pretty surprising conclusion..too soon. was this really that unpopular in japan?kinda reminded me of what happened to Mx0. sudden ending! mad

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7:59 am, Oct 30 2010
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I was thinking there will be the final of the preliminary matches, then something like a national tournament or something. The ending was really very unexpected. Even Mx0 had better ending and eventually had the possibility to be continued.

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