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How do YOU pronouce manga?

How do YOU pronounce manga?
manga (the whitenized way)
monga (the Japanese/"real" way)
other (please specify)
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Post #411330 - Reply to (#242354) by Yavanna
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4:23 pm, Oct 1 2010
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Quote from Yavanna
I pronounce it like まんが bigrazz that is /ˈmɑŋgə/ in English;
in my native language it sounds the same as when pronounced in Japanese smile

I'll just steal those words. wink

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9:29 am, Oct 2 2010
Posts: 221

I used to say 'manga'...until I heard my friends saying 'mahn-ga', I adopted that.

Personally, I think 'monga' sounds really weird...

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straw hat pirate

9:42 am, Oct 2 2010
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i just pronounce it my way (it might be the right way and i just don't know bigrazz ) and thats ma-ang-ga manga or somthing like that

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9:52 am, Oct 4 2010
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I just simply say main-ga. Everyone in my school pronounces it like that so yeah...

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Post #412201
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10:50 am, Oct 4 2010
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I pronounce it mahn-juh, although I believe its pronounced mahn-guh. Then again, I've never heard anyone say the word besides me since I live in a tiny town full of hicks.

Post #412203
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11:18 am, Oct 4 2010
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Ma-nn-ga. Almost the same as in Japanese (まんが). At least ever since I watch anime and have heard this word countless time. Before that I don't remember but probably with a french accent so
manga (reading man as ment in french (verb mentir), couldn't think of a word in english laugh and ga as in... ga, it's the same everywhere anyway right? smile )

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Post #412210
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12:17 pm, Oct 4 2010
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Despite being asian, I say it the whitinized way. It just flows better when I say it in english. Every time I say it the proper way I feel really wap inside. sad

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12:22 pm, Oct 4 2010
Posts: 167

Well....i said like "Man-ga" like in french accent biggrin

Post #413787
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HanaTsuki Hime

3:13 pm, Oct 8 2010
Posts: 259

i say it well, "manga" the way you read it in English except that the 2nd a ---> mAnga i pronounce not as in English but with the sound a, like when you say Apple with that A...wink cuz i read, pronounce manga in Latvian it's sounds something like that...^^

ah, i know, you can hear the way i pronounce it in Utada Hikaru's song Beautiful

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Post #413792
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3:21 pm, Oct 8 2010
Posts: 364 my native language mango also pronounce in the same pronunciation, so it sometimes confuse people when I say "I like Man-ga", they thought I was talking about mango.......

Post #413796
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insomniac Kagehime

3:33 pm, Oct 8 2010
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the german way. in fact it sounds almost like the japanese.
Manga: M like in Monster A like in Akira N like in Naruto G like in God A like in Akira in 2.21 it is spoken

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3:51 pm, May 15 2011
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i am lazy and used to it so i pronounce it the 'whitenized' way

Post #469128
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Certified addict

4:19 pm, May 15 2011
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The white way. I know the way it's 'supposed' to be said, but I'm already too used to the white way to be bothered changing now. Besides, it's not like it matters.

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Post #469130
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Ginga Bishounen

4:25 pm, May 15 2011
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How it's supposed to be.

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4:44 pm, May 15 2011
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Simply call it Manga

and considering it's spelt 'MANGA' by every american publishing company that is it's CORRECT english saying wether you like it or not.

and if you insult anyone or say they're wrong just because the dont pronounce it like the japanese people do then your an idiot.

we don't walk around calling Japan it's proper named either which is 'Nihon/Nippon'

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