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Be honest..

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Free Like A Bird

11:24 pm, Dec 2 2011
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No, this is too good!

I Love You
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2:58 pm, Dec 27 2011
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sadly, i've DONE that!
but i might watch the last season of the anime without reading the manga..
to me, the manga already become too incomprehensible for me to read it... but i am still curious bout the overall story of the manga.. so, i'll ONLY stick to the anime.. which is i think will be a much faster way to understand it... biggrin

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Post #517442 - Reply to (#244015) by riney25
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12:11 am, Jan 16 2012
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I feel this:
Quote from DarkBlade
No and I dont plan to. I am honest Vampire knight is one of the best Manga I´ve read.And i never drop a serie anyways...ok one but this was a specil case

And this too:
Quote from riney25
No, and I don't plan on too, but I've become less and less enthusiastic on reading the newer chapters. sad

In the end, I won't drop it and I'll continue to buy the manga volumes as they are released. Vampire Knight is still one of my favorite manga. It's gonna take a lot more for me to drop the series. roll eyes

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12:40 am, Jan 16 2012
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Its shitty now. The author really isn't making that much progress. If this manga has an action tag, take it down. Everytime you reckon there's gonna be freaking action, bam. It's just another fucking disappointment. The only reason I still read is because I'm hoping she will end up with Zero. smile

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1:43 am, Jan 16 2012
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I haven't dropped it, but I'm growing tired of it like I do Skip Beat. I just want it to end at this point. I wait a few months, read a few chapters, and repeat the process.

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Homo milk

5:52 am, Feb 1 2012
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Quote from caozhi
It's STILL going on??
it should've ended at 7 volumes, now I just want it to die. Might go back for the art though

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8:04 am, Feb 20 2012
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I did. A long long long LONG time ago. *sigh* It was quite selfish of me, I'll admit.

I really fell in love with Zero, and when it started to seem that the author was pinning that Yuki (blindly) was going to end up with Kaname, I bolted. >.>

I know, I know! How childish, running cuz the story's not progressing as you'd like with the pairings. I would like to pick it up again, but...can I just know? There are definitely people out that that have quite the strong inkling of what the author’s planning. Is there a chance that Yuki will not just eventually mend things with Zero, but choose him over Kaname, or is it already too late? I must KNOW!


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6:06 pm, Mar 23 2012
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Dropped it today. The latest chapter was the final straw.
I've long lost any understanding of what's going on, none of the chapters make any real progress, nothing is ever explained. If I want to see pretty characters drawn in a cool pose, I'll get the artbook. And btw, none of the characters ever make any kind of facial expression; and no, don't give me that sorry excuse of them being vampires. BS.

As with almost all shoujo series that are popular, neither the author nor the publisher know when to stop. This ruins every good story.

Post #555180 - Reply to (#244015) by riney25
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7:18 pm, Jun 7 2012
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Quote from riney25
No, and I don't plan on too, but I've become less and less enthusiastic on reading the newer chapters.

I agree, this new chapter, 84 though, may pick up the series and give it a good plot again, I hope.

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2:11 am, Oct 26 2012
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I'd never drop it! I love vampire knight!

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9:07 pm, Nov 9 2012
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There's no way I could ever drop it, I've been reading the manga for years wink I love the art & the mystery of the story too much ^^ Last chapter was just too suspenseful... Hino really knows how to keep a story going. I AM getting a bit tired of Kaname's disappearing act.... ( yea, that's what he's been doing lately... disappearing often like he's Houdini or something >.>; Needs to just stick around already! ) But the moment he chose to return this time was really shocking! embarrassed I won't spoil anything... but the story ( and art) definitely gets better as it progresses, trust me. ;3 The characters mature, and bit by bit we get flashbacks of their past revealed, and mysteries are beginning to be solved.... but the biggest mysteries are the ones involving Kaname's plans... and I think the author will drag those out til the very end...>.<

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6:20 pm, Nov 10 2012
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I am very tempted to.. With the last few chapters I am just confused and feel that the story is (purposely and unnecessarily) dragged on... But as of now, it is still in my "Reading List" (or at least my "On-hold" List). However even if I do drop it, if it gets interesting (and understandable) again I would not hesitate to pick it up again.

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Post #576662 - Reply to (#244003) by yougotmebavb
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a possessive lover

1:19 pm, Nov 11 2012
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Quote from yougotmebavb
Has anybody dropped this series yet?

yes, right after Kaname kill hanabusa's father.
I still think that this series should ended after the battle with Rido, and let the ending be a happy life ending between Kaname and Yuuki.
I dont like the idea yuuki ended up with zero :/

but I think I will pick it up again, if it ended already.

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4:32 am, Jan 24 2013
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I did drop it a while back, because the plot became so boring and predictable. But a few months back I gave it another go and found (to my great enjoyment) that it got so much better.
The characters are more thought of, and are not so simple minded like in the beginning of the series. I am now waiting each month till the series is completed. smile

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Amethyst Angel

11:25 pm, Mar 17 2013
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I dropped it before I even started reading it, I was eager to read this but when I spoiled myself
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
that Yuki is an vampire and Kaname is her "brother"
didn't want to bother getting into it anymore. and from the looks of things, I made an wise choice. I'm still rooting for Zero from what little I've heard. eyes

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