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Worst Shoujo Cliche!

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From User Message Body
Post #164426
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7:08 am, May 23 2008
Posts: 235

hmmm... I think everyone has listed all the possible cliches for shoujo, but the ones that annoy me the most...
like Lally said, the jerky male lead and the somewhat clueless heroine i.e. Hot Gimmick, Uwasa no Midori Kun, Love Monster, Haoi Airen, can't lose you, you're so cool are a FEW that contain such ones. While my tolerance for such characters can sometimes be high, even I have certain times where I wan't to kick the jerky guy lead and slap the clueless girl. I'd be interested to read a story where the scenario was the opposite (as in, a jerky girl and clueless guy), but I havent found very many of those.

what else? stories where the main girl/ or even guy character is insecre about the relationship/ or moping about a crush. So much so that almost half a story may be dedicated to whining about the guy i.e. peach girl, kare first love and even never give up are ones like these.

Dosen't mean I don't like such stories, if they are good and worth my attention, but the repetition of these scenarios within a story can be quite tiresome. roll eyes

Post #164526
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7:06 pm, May 23 2008
Posts: 14

This one I've seen in non-shoujo works, too..


It's goddamn creepy.

I dig in my heels.
Post #164591
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3:25 am, May 24 2008
Posts: 16

The love triangle/square. God I hate those! Especially when the male lead's ex and some other guy who for some reason fell in love with the female lead are involved. Usually in these cases it's pretty clear that the two main characters are totally into each other and getting along pretty well and then for some reason the mangaka thinks it's a good idea to shove the ex in to the picture and then misunderstandings ensue. In the mean time the guy who's in love with the easily manipulated female lead hovers around her and fills her head with obvious lies about the male lead and then more irritating misunderstandings ensue. UGH! It drives me barking mad! Plus they really aren't love triangles/squares when it's one-sided and it's just such a cheap and lazy way to drag on the story, imo. Also usually there's really no character development. I think only Ai Yazawa is capable of doing love webs...

There's also the guys treating the girls like their possessions as if their girlfriends/objects-of-affection/victims aren't human beings but things. And these girls are usually really dumb/weak/clueless and fawn over the guys like crazy while the guys are just all around made of perfect who moonlight as rapists. dead

Post #165000
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10:57 pm, May 25 2008
Posts: 1308

shoujo cliches I hate are:-

- Girl falls on bishie cool guy who seems to be good in EVERYTHING while for some impossibly odd reason, she cant do a single thing! Thats GOTTA be impossible right?
-Main girl often doesnt have any back bone and is extremely shy and impossibly unattractive...u would think we would want a girl, us gals can look up to once in a while..oh! she is dense and never has an inkling of what is going around her...
- Guy is surprisingly mature, has had hordes of previous ex gfs or at least one super attractive one who always will come back and want her guy back..Honey! I still love u! Please leave ur current girl and come back to me..
-Jealous girls ganging up on main girl, saying "Oh! You dont deserve to be by his side! Look how plain u are!" + rumours or whispering around them "Oh! Is that his gf? cant be, she's soo plain."
- Guy seems to 'yasashi' despite u goin WTF! he offers a hanky for Chris's sakes! Sure, he believes in humanity! Yoh in Koukou debut seems a bit more humane than many guys out there as in he cares for his girl friend as naturally as a boyfriend would and acknowledges that..
- The accidental or forceful kiss or rather being interrupted so many times..accidental is really...come on!! help me here! .....and the forceful kiss, how do u make sure u dont kiss her nose instead?
- The guy doesnt have bloopers. I know it for a fact, Shoujo guys can not be humiliated, commit no mistakes, are always cool even if they poop, never have weaknesses, rarely smile and if they do, female (strangers on street or school girls ) audience go ~Kyaa~
I would like a normal guy as a shoujo hero, u like him more for that- like Dice
- Tom boys are unattractive, y? girls with muscles, girls who arent girly arent that really so? The most popular girl in my well..educational institution when we were 18 was a purely tom girl who couldnt move gracefully even if the Sun rose from the west..n she had more muscles than me, but anyways, she was tall and had a pretty face- not cute..
- main girl has small boobs and has a complex about her appearance- face it! all girls do have such complexes but big boobs is more common in general and I havent met any girl who had a complex about her boobs..
- It always starts from the girl's side....y? dont guys have crushes? though it might defeat the purpose of a shoujo manga...but utter desperation is a turn off..
- Also, come on girls, there are unpopular or simple nice guys who have been ur crushes, havent they? I would like a shoujo on that ..
- why do girls in manga cry so much?
- AND i would like the acceptance of a girl's confession by guys in shoujo mangas a girl's confession not be made out as if he did something so highly great/did her a favour/condescending/below his station..

Last edited by BimboSilly at 4:09 pm, May 26

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Post #165531
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1:55 pm, May 28 2008
Posts: 138

Uhh, when the girl is stuck in a sticky situation ie. a bunch of gangsters hitting on her, and she can't defend herself and she wants someone to help her, mainly screaming for the guy she likes and he always comes to the rescue in the end. I can't stand that!! >.<

Post #167750

2:51 pm, Jun 6 2008
Posts: 14

Haha. It's just annoying sometimes.

Post #167988 - Reply to (#165531) by aoi_tenshi
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3:30 pm, Jun 7 2008
Posts: 11

Quote from aoi_tenshi
Uhh, when the girl is stuck in a sticky situation ie. a bunch of gangsters hitting on her, and she can't defend herself and she wants someone to help her, mainly screaming for the guy she likes and he always comes to the rescue in the end. I can't stand that!! >.<

haha, true. but the funniest is when the heroine doesn't yell his name, and he still comes out of nowhere.
it's like, *poof* "SHOJOMAN IS HERE!".

woooooah. water.
Post #168093
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1:47 am, Jun 8 2008
Posts: 181

basically all shojo is cliche because love is really cliche in itself all it has are different story/ circumstances only thing that can ever have an original story would be in shouen but some follow cliches like some tournament or a series of killing /beating super baddies...

Post #169730

7:46 pm, Jun 13 2008
Posts: 13

The cliche i hate the most, is when some one is shot, someone falls, is hit by a car and so on and ends up in hospital. And when she/he wakes up, she/he have forgot all his/her memory about the one she/he loves, but still remember everything else. I mean.. does that really happen in japan, or what?

Post #170187
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4:33 pm, Jun 15 2008
Posts: 15

Fushigi Yuugi Syndrome: Everyone falling immediately in love with the main character a la Miaka Yuuki, despite them being extremely annoying.

Post #170198
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7:01 pm, Jun 15 2008
Posts: 27

fushigi yuugi ...... that reminds me.... how many "Tamahome" did she said in the whole series?.... lol...

User Posted Image
Post #170200
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7:32 pm, Jun 15 2008
Posts: 49

...when a guy does anything for a cute girl. yecch.

Post #170209
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8:29 pm, Jun 15 2008
Posts: 53


"Your love is the dream that i have waited for all my life, so please dont ever let me wake from it and see your not by my side."
Post #176709
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5:46 pm, Jul 7 2008
Posts: 16

Shoujo is one of my guilty pleasures. I don't really like to <i>admit</i> that I like it, but the truth is deep down inside under all this denial, I really do read sappy shoujo sometimes. I have to say that the most annoying shoujo cliche, in my opinion, is the entire storyline suddenly becoming how the girl will tell the boy that she loves him. I also find this annoying because well, usually they're around freakin 15. Nobody loves at fifteen.

Chips?! In a tube?! That's just crazy!
Post #176714
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5:59 pm, Jul 7 2008
Posts: 18

Lol, one thing that comes to my mind is when the guy that falls in love with the main character; just so happens to be the most popular/best looking guy in school. Or the best fighter in the school, I mean come on people let's try to throw at least some reality into the story. I'm not sure if it's a cliche but I know it's something that just so happens to be in a lot of shoujos! roll eyes

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