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Do you read fanfiction?

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Do you read fanfiction?
Huh? WTF is that?
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From User Message Body
Post #441800

4:30 am, Jan 22 2011
Posts: 32

It's a guilty pleasure of mine.
I usually go to the manga that have big fandoms because I'll be sure to find fanfics of my favorite couplings. And I'm a sucker for a good romance at any time.
Other than manga, I'll read ones for Glee, Friends, and Harry Potter.

Post #441803
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Slumbering Remnant

4:38 am, Jan 22 2011
Posts: 657

only when I have no manga to read..
some of them are quite interesting

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Post #441805
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4:39 am, Jan 22 2011
Posts: 672

I read Naruto fanfiction ONLY. With a few exceptions here and there. I'm not sure why though, but I do know that I adore Hinata♥

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Post #505815 - Reply to (#440870) by PhoenixRe
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LnoE RDeiR

1:47 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 116

Quote from PhoenixRe
Quote from Jennifer31
Never read any.not sure if i want good are they?

Well there is a wide range of quality but to be frank, IMHO it goes something like this:
(this from my own experience, maybe I was lucky or unlucky)

~3% {+-2%} Really really good ones, excellent stories comparable to reads from professionals writers and usually as good story as the one from which it originated (I also found one that was better but the source from which it drew on was just above average bigrazz ) Here usually there is also excellent writing, spelling, grammar and format. (Well by default in fanfiction you can't expect everything to be flawless even with beta. There is a large percentile of writers that English isn't their primary language). Many original plots and interesting twists on them or existing ones (found also on other stories) and smartly written... I could go on but, to be short, these are stories that it is my belief could be published (if there weren't fanfiction that is).

~7%{+-5%} Good ones, you will appreciate them, many of them maybe as much as the original, and it's a nice little escapade from the real word and/or from the source's world (If it's a very AR story). Highly enjoyable. Also original themes but mostly there are usual themes that are found also on other stories of the same category but there original twists and/or are written really good so you will enjoy them nonetheless. The same reason you will read a fantasy story with a similar setting and story you have read in another book. Just because you have read LOTR doesn't mean I will never read another fantasy book with dwarfs epic wars and wizards again, right? I also found stories in this percentile that was my belief that they could be published. (Not all published books are the same quality). Usually minor errors in spelling and grammar.

~15{+-5%} So-so to decent ones. They are okay. You will most likely enjoy them but most often than not you will read them in a hurry or half-hearted and in times you JUST want to read SOMETHING/ANYTHING (Think of I want to eat something because I want to chew something and I have nothing else to occupy my time). In here you will not find original themes (except rarely). There is much repetition but usually with minor original details here and there. Not that there is not repetition of themes on the above percentiles BUT there, there are original twists and/or are good enough written that even the repeated themes will not mind you (if you take notice of them). Here you will find more grammar and spelling errors and/or even weird writing formats but as always there are exceptions and I forgot to mention it above but this also depends on whether the writer has a beta or how much English he knows.

~75%{+-15%} Crap to maybe readable ones. Really lame plots to passable but even if they are passable ones, there is so much bad grammar and spelling that the text is rendered unreadable... figuratively and realistically. This is the bulk of fanfiction unfortunately. Here you will find gray-cell-killers born from boredom, disgust, anger e.t.c.

So something like this. The above is mostly applied to English-written fanfiction since it is the only language except of my own that I can read. And also I must note that as always there will be exceptions in each percentile. For instance I HAVE found an excellent story but with grammar and spelling errors because the writer had no beta (thankfully not so much that I had to abandon it because I couldn't bare to read it - it was a good plot) and of course there are flawless writings in regard to spelling and grammar but with no plot whatsoever...

This is my take based on personal experience and three websites and it's a rough estimate that may not reflect opinions of others.

I would like to say that what I like about fanfiction except the ingenuity and imagination of others is that even from a series/anime/manga/movie/book that you don't like/care about or loath there is a possibility that a fanfic may emerge that is to your preference (and in very rare cases may even surpass the originals that you like)

Post #505816

2:19 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 2

Yes, yes I do. It's mostly for the sake of shipping, though. (Though there was a time when I read Gorillaz fanfics just to figure out what the story was up until then, but then it ended up with me only reading Noodlex2D fics. :rollsmile

Like, if a story ended without a proper kiss, I'm waiting for an incomplete manga, or I'm just in a just-finished-something-really-good depression and I'm not ready to let go yet, that's when I turn to fanfiction.

I don't really like smutty fanfictions, but I don't like sugary, I-love-you ones either (well, only if it's in character. biggrin) I like them to have a certain level of hotness without being porn. >biggrin

Post #505842
user avatar
Angel of Sin

4:37 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 314

Mm... I read it every once in a while, but I generally prefer originial stories. I'll only read fanfiction if I'm really desperate to read about a non-canon pairing (or if it's Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. Then I'm hooked). Same thing with manga; I don't usually enjoy doujinshi that isn't by the originial artist.

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Post #505847
user avatar
Ancient Alien

5:08 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 310

Lol I read the "lemon" ones. If I like a couple in some manga and they don't get together or have sex I read fanfics where they do biggrin

Post #505871
user avatar

7:32 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 797

Haha. I used to. I used to write fanfiction too. I have fond memories of it but I can't say I'm very interested in getting back into it.

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Post #505878
user avatar
Lawless Resolute

8:34 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 138

Not as much as I did when I first found the site a few years ago. I find that as I get older and sit through more English classes, plot holes, grammar issues, bad character development, poorly written dialogue, unrealistic reactions from characters, oh god the OC's, and overall suckiness annoy me much more then they used to. Sometimes so annoying that after skimming two or three in a row I'll just leave. I do understand how hard it is, having tried to write one myself once, but that doesn't excuse posting crap. However, sometimes I'll find a really good one that restores my faith and keeps me coming back. eyes

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Post #505879
user avatar
Mad With a Hat

8:43 pm, Nov 6 2011
Posts: 4767

I've enjoyed some Gintama DJs by Kyuugo (even though I've never read more than a chapter of the series itself).
And... That's pretty much it.
I still can't find it in me to enjoy anything that's related to a story which isn't written by the original author.
I accidentally stumbled on a fanfic of a tv show I follow the other day, and it was pretty, erm, weird.
Smut is fun, but I'm a puritan. I must have things as they were intended by the original author.
Even though the person in this case is pretty inconsistent himself. ~_~

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Post #508325
user avatar
meow meow

9:33 am, Nov 20 2011
Posts: 38

Never tried.but their was one but I got disappointed at it,so I dropped it.<no offense>

Post #508335

10:45 am, Nov 20 2011
Posts: 65

Hell no, 0,1% of the fics are good. The rest is sooooo poor made that I could write better things high on acid. The problem is that most of the fics seens like they were made by 12 twinlight fan girls (I have a 12-years old relative that, in fact, writes fucking fics). The only exception is the erotic ones, and, even the ero one, few are good, cuz they normally are yaoi writen by 16 years girls (even my girl friend made one when she was 16, still does, and read a lot. All lemon basically), so it's a total inhuman mess. Nothing against yaoi, I actually wrote 3 yaoi in my amateur writer life...

That is what happen when you want to write down some sugar-wish XD, no blaming the poor children, but it is just bad.

Post #508341
user avatar
Free Like A Bird

11:22 am, Nov 20 2011
Posts: 196

Sometime, but along ago................ eyes

I Love You
Post #508407
Ramen Waffles

9:22 pm, Nov 20 2011
Posts: 38

Yeah, I read fanfiction quite a bit, almost as much as I read manga. A lot of the time, though, is just spent sifting through bad stories with crap grammar that make me want to bash my head into something.

It's usually worth it, though, when I finally find a good one. It makes me so sad when I get done with a nice, long twenty-some chapter story and have to go sift through more crap to find the next thing worth reading.

User Posted Image
Post #508410
user avatar

9:44 pm, Nov 20 2011
Posts: 360

Yes, when I am bored with life, I'd read one. The thing I don't like with fanfics is that the characters are far off OOC. But yea, guilty of reading it.

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